Frederic Vasseur, Mattia Binotto, Ferrari, Monza, 2023

Caption Competition 222: Binotto’s back

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The Italian Grand Prix is the most important race of the year for Ferrari and the team’s devoted fans.

Last weekend, former Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto returned to the paddock. But what did he want to show current Ferrari leader Frederic Vasseur on his phone?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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42 comments on “Caption Competition 222: Binotto’s back”

  1. “…so the list says Mattiacci, Arrivabene, Binotto, FV? Probably nothing in it though…”

  2. “Look, Frederic, I found this awesome game on Steam – it’s called Motorsport Manager! Wow … you can set up strategies and everything!”

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      9th September 2023, 10:42

      I’m not even bothering to write my comment now this is absolutely brilliant haha.

  3. Coventry Climax
    9th September 2023, 10:47

    And this is my preferred car, a Jaguar.

  4. Binotto: “Apparently, this is what a well executed race strategy looks like.”

  5. Here is my pay offers from Alpine and Andretti.

    1. According to this Ferrari F1 strategy guidelines there has only ever been one plan. They never got beyond A

  6. ‘It’s not technically an active suspension, okay? Just hear me out…’

  7. And this is the question button

  8. You think you are doing fine, so did I, but then one day you get this message.

    1. Ahaha, I like it!

    2. And you can see vasseur looks quite worried upon reading it!

  9. Great work Mattia!
    The complete Haas specs with HD images!

    If we implement these changes correctly, we too can be beaten by a customer team.

  10. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    9th September 2023, 13:00

    I think I know how to save Ferrari. This article says Max has a sister!

  11. It might be tough now – but look at this severance pay!

  12. I told Carlos you were letting the guys race and he just couldn’t stop swiping right.

  13. Mattia – “And I go to ChatGPT and type in ‘how to win an F1 race’ … and Voila!”

  14. “and this is what I like to do now that I have my weekends free to myself”

  15. See, here’s the app that shows how long you have left as Ferrari team principal.

    1. Good one! :)

    2. Ahah, I liked it too!

  16. Toto’s posted in the wrong group chat again. Don’t tell Susie.

  17. Here’s the resume of our strategies in the app

  18. Jonathan Parkin
    9th September 2023, 17:04

    Do you want to see my Guinness World Records certificate for visiting every Paris Metro station in a day?

  19. Binotto: “It’s Horner’s phone. He forgot it in the cantina.”
    Vasseur: “Look, he’s got a karaoke app on it! Any good tunes?”
    Binotto: “I know this one! Let’s have a go before we hand it back.”
    Vasseur: “Yup, that one’s a classic at Ferrari parties. 1-2-3-4…”

    Both singing together:
    “Tell me what you want, what you really really want
    I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want
    I wanna (Hey!), I wanna (Hey!)
    I wanna (Hey!), I wanna (Hey!)
    I wanna really, really, really want a strategy, aaaah”

  20. This is divine intervention. I will guarantee you this is from the sky. It is Don Shula from the heavens.

    Our historic undefeated season is on the brink of disaster. You beat Red Bull, you get the remaining Miami Dolphins season’s tickets. Premium box seats.

  21. And that is my LinkedIn account!

  22. So let’s see here, 1 year of cheating plus 1 year of severe underachievement plus 1 year of initial promise with expected failure equals 3 years of “ferrari is back” and about this much severance.

  23. Mattia: Look at this severance package I got Fred!

    Fred: can you text me that?

    1. That’s all we want to change, Fred! This tiny part between the driver and the gearbox. Would you vote for us?

      1. Sorry… below 👇

  24. That’s all we want to change, Fred! This tiny part between the driver and the gearbox. Would you vote for us?

  25. Nah, Fred mate, I’m doin’ fine, honestly. But as I was sayin’. You can take that phone you got there for an even ‘undred Euro, but for just anuvver fifty, this one ‘ere is the deluxe mate. Just look at the resolution on that screen.

    1. Oh yes – gets my vote @cairnsfella ;)

  26. Binotto has finally found the undo and reset button in the Ferrari strategy-app and proudly tells Fred he has been trying this whole year.

  27. 30 minutes to race start and I’ve hacked Aston Martin’s pitcomms server.
    Now, watch me troll Alonso:

    “Fernando! Lance is faster than you, do you understand the message?”

    aaaaand … SEND!

  28. This is the Bumbler app. It matches unwanted professionals with struggling F1 teams.

  29. You have to see this, Fred! It’s amazing!
    The little dog is actually riding on the skateboard!

  30. “So, we put the shrubs that used to be on the back of the house to here on the side, next to the maple right here.”

  31. After countless hours of Sid Meier’s Civilization, having developed the technologies “the wheel“, “astrology” and “siege tactics“, F1 was finally persuaded to welcome its 11th team: Scuderia Vasseur-Binotto.

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