Gasly ‘doesn’t fully understand F1’s rules’ after Magnussen scrap

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In the round-up: Pierre Gasly was left at a loss to understand Formula 1’s enforcement of its rules after the Singapore Grand Prix.

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Gasly queries penalty inconsistency

Gasly said Kevin Magnussen overstepped the mark with his driving in the Singapore Grand Prix and made moves which he felt were not permitted by the regulations. He told media including RaceFans he didn’t understand why the stewards had not taken action against the Haas driver.

“I just ask ‘okay, if you can push someone off the race track when I’m going to pass him, I’m just going to give him like a little nudge and do the same’,” said Gasly after the race. “I’m not going to open the topic, it’s just, make it black-and-white because I was pretty surprised last night, and again today. Like I don’t fully understand the regulation.

“I read the regulations, I understand and know the regulations, but then it doesn’t always translate to what happens on the track. But to be fair today it didn’t change my race, I got the best out of it so it was fine but couple of times it’s just unclear to me.”

Noda picks BOSS GP over Euroformula return

Juja Noda has swapped series following the controversy over Euroformula’s revision of its weight rules which previously allowed her to run at a lower minimum weight than her main rivals.

The Noda Racing team withdrew from the series when it finally scrapped the rule on the eve of its most recent round at the Red Bull Ring. At the time, team boss Hideki Noda was undecided on whether to return or not.

Euroformula races at Monza this weekend and Noda will in action at the track, but not in her former series. Instead, the Japanese teenager will race an old Formula Renault 3.5 car in the supporting BOSS GP races.

F1 announces latest sustainability landmark

Formula 1’s switch to biofuel-powered trucks to transport its own event infrastructure around Europe has led to an 87% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 2022 when standard fuel was used in trucks heading to and from its European races, the series claims.

“Across the nine European rounds, the new 18 trucks were powered by HVO100 drop-in fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and travelled over 10,600km, transporting an average of 300 tonnes of freight per race,” said F1 in a statement.

Biofuel trucks will continue to be used for the European races in 2024, but a different solution is required for the 14 flyaway rounds next season. F1 has set a target to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2030.

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Comment of the day

Ferrari’s victory in last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix was a special one as it was their first of 2023 and the very first for Frederic Vasseur as team principal. But had they achieved the feat a race earlier, it would have meant victory on home soil at Monza.

Nothing beats Monza in that sense. But East-Asia accounts for almost a third of Ferrari’s global sales, and without a race in China, Singapore is also a great place to win for them.

Next year will be much more telling of Vasseur’s leadership, given he was only brought on board after Abu Dhabi last year and didn’t have much say over the car development. So far there have been a bunch of good replacements, although fewer than I had expected (I’m particularly surprised that Leclerc’s engineer Xavi is still there), but there’s still room for improvement. If they want to take the fight to Red Bull, they need every part of their operation to run smoothly.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Americantifosi, Aus_Steve, Calum, Deadman, Geemac and Saints!

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5 comments on “Gasly ‘doesn’t fully understand F1’s rules’ after Magnussen scrap”

  1. Their battle was hard & fair, with both forcing each other off once, but overall, nothing wrong in their long-ish battle, which Gasly ultimately won anyway.

    1. @jerejj There was some stuff i saw on the OnBoard-Mix that looked more marginal that wasn’t shown on the world-feed.

      Was one instance for example where Kevin locked up and went off at T1, Gasly got by him while Kevin was in the runoff and then as Kevin rejoined the track after going around the polystyrene marker they had to drive around he had a better run coming off the runoff and drove straight past Gasly as soon as he rejoined the track at T3.

      That one definitely should have been looked at.

      1. I suppose he wasn’t instructed to give that back then like Lewis? Or did he get a penalty?

  2. Not a chance Webber drove that Porsche over ‘Big Red’ (or indeed across the Simpson Desert); but, entirely possible it drove on the flat out of Birdsville to get next to it.

    I didn’t see two spare tyres on that thing, so presumably it was followed by a truck loaded with spares along with the rest of the support crew. If you’re leaving the bitumen in outback Australia, two spare tyres are a minimum.

    I’m all for EVs but suggesting that thing is an outback-tourer is misleading at best, outright dangerous at worst. I love Webber, but he’s been in Europe a very long time and wouldn’t know the first thing about outback travel.

  3. It’s good that F1 is trying to be net zero, but how are they going to do it? Flying hundreds of tons all over the world. I’m not sure about biofuel anyway, if we can grow enough crops and then all the inefficiencies, all the steps between the sun’s rays and actual motion. And eventually F1 IS going to have to go electric and do something about the noise.

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