Oliver Bearman, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2023

Ferrari junior Bearman has first Formula 1 test at Fiorano

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Ferrari Driver Academy member Oliver Bearman drove a Formula 1 car for the first ever time today at the Fiorano test track ahead of his practice outings with Haas at two upcoming grands prix.

The Formula 2 race-winner drove a Ferrari SF21 from 2021 at the track owned by the Italian car manufacturer.

Bearman is currently in his rookie F2 season, and four wins and three poles to date from 12 rounds has put him in contention to be championship runner-up with two races to go. Last year he took one win en route to third in the standings in his sole FIA Formula 3 season, and in 2021 won the ADAC and Italian Formula 4 titles as well as claiming a victory in GB3.

The 18-year-old will make his first appearance in an official F1 practice session with Haas at the Mexican Grand Prix, and return for them at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. His appearances will ensure the team meets its quota of running inexperienced drivers in two practice sessions across the season. There were several months of rumours connecting Bearman to such a role with Haas before the team finally confirmed it last week.

Haas use Ferrari engines, and a close technical relationship exists between the two teams although they do not have a history of sharing drivers.

While his F1 commitments are expected to increase in 2024, Bearman has already confirmed he will be spending a second season racing in F2.

Oliver Bearman, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2023
Oliver Bearman, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2023
Oliver Bearman, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2023
Oliver Bearman, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2023

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9 comments on “Ferrari junior Bearman has first Formula 1 test at Fiorano”

  1. For me, despite his down days/bad luck, Bearman has been the standout driver on the f2 grid this year – especially as a rookie. His pace when he is on it is untouchable, has shades of Leclerc. Excited to see him in F1!

    1. I can somewhat agree with that, but he’s semi-Leclerc every fifth race; I wouldn’t draw comparison just yet. And the competition in F2 is quite weak recently. True, he’s a rookie, but great talents usually come and conquer. That’s why no one cares about the F2 champion Drugovich. But if he becomes much more consistent next year, then who knows… Definitely a better talent than Sargeant, Lawson too I think.

      1. Which is better: semi-Leclerc or Arthur Leclerc? (sorry)
        The calendar doesn’t help – even a standout talent would do extremely well to wrap up the F2 title before all the F1 race drives are taken.

        1. I guess Arthur is a quarter-Leclerc? He did show good pace in F3 though, but at some point he just gave up on everything else, even pace. I don’t like dynasties in sport anyway.
          True, that’s a crazy thing about the calendar. Sadly, F2 is treated like a feeder series only (I’d prefer it to be more competitive than that, more like B championship), and the champion can’t compete after winning his title. Yet the whole system is designed to make it hard to reach F1. Like they want their F2 champs to lose their careers entirely, so all that is left is 20+ Nissanies and Daruvalas at best.

        2. I shall say this only once. Am I the only one who keeps wanting Charles to come on the radio and say “It is I, LeClerc”?

  2. Putting a driver that young in the car can lead to a grizzly situation

    1. You’re right.. it could get hairy

  3. Hopefully lots of celebratory beer and grills coming up.

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