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Rate the race: 2023 United States Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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19 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 United States Grand Prix”

  1. A decent race, although more on the strategic side, but some good racing too.

    1. Yeah, a bit stale, but at least we got a bit of variety with the strategies. Nice try with McLaren being the first to call that last stop to try and get max. That really got things moving again IMO.

  2. Better than the sprint thing…

  3. Nice one. Some great surprises in tactics, do wonder if Mercedes could have played it slightly different and they might have had an even better chance for the win.

  4. 2/10

    Extremely boring. These heavy, massive and quiet cars are about as exciting a Brundle grid walk.

    1. Genuine question. Why watch a race that you rate so low when the contributing factors you mention were always going to be a part of the show.

      It’s a bit like eating food that I know contains ingredients I dislike, then complaining that it’s poor dish and tastes bad.

    2. Quiet cars? you get eardamage just by sitting on the tribune but you mean the difference of the high piched high rev engines (V8-V12) compaired with the low frequentie brumble sound of the Turbo hydribe V6 both are still too hard but a difference ambiance indeed.

  5. interesting from start to finish, only ruined by the usual drs nonsense

  6. Looking at these scores i must’ve watched a different race. I thought it was dreadful. One of the worst this year. The whole weekend.

    1. Agreed. I voted a six, just because it was nice to see three drivers in with a slight chance of a win. Otherwise just really dull from start to finish. Of course, having a sprint race on the Saturday never helps.

  7. It was alright, I generally prefer races like this that aren’t skewed by things like red flags and safety cars which keep bunching the cars up and results in them all going on the same strategy. That said it wasn’t particularly exciting, but the chasedown from Ham on Max towards the end was sort of interesting as it looked like Max was going off a cliff with his pace. The Lando strategy seemed a bit odd to me, all they achieved by doing their second pit stop so early was ensuring Max would finish ahead of them.

  8. This was a very good race, very enjoyable. The outcome wasn’t predictable until late in the race.

  9. Best one so far this year…

    I only wish those come backs on softer tyres would ever work and lead to an actual lead change right at the end of the race :D

  10. Some people will never be satisfied.

  11. Looked entirely forgettable on the highlights, although it seems from the comments that there was some strategic uncertainty. If there was, they failed to capture it.

    Of course Verstappen running Leclerc all the way off was totally a-okay in modern F1. Then add in a general reluctance from drivers to even bother defending, and it reduces the already uninspiring DRS fly-bys even further.

    Not sure why F1 comes to this track now that it has a taste for American street races. It’s such a dull place.

  12. Usually I am a bit surprised by the low average scores, but I am surprised at the high average (at this point) for this race.

    I mean IMO it was alright, but it makes me wonder if the ratings reflect the current state of F1 as opposed to how the race really rates over the whole history of F1.

  13. The other thing I wanted to mention is track limits.

    I have, I fully admit, been a strong supporter of the strong enforcement of track limits. And whilst I haven’t changed my mind – ‘yet’ – and ultimately there was not a significant impact to the race in the end, I did find myself constantly concerned that there would be a whole heap of penalties forcing us to calculate true positions on the fly.

    The thing is I am definitely not a fan of halfway-house, or constantly revised/variable solutions. So I guess I either put up with this, or hope that they are scrapped altogether!!!

  14. The end was very exciting, especially as I’d noticed Lewis was gaining before Crofty and it was from about lap 52 for me. Generally a good race, not many battles but kept us guessing

  15. Pretty enjoyable at the time but tainted now by the booboo’s of Ferrari and Mercedes

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