Williams' 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

Williams reveals special livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix, joining four other teams

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Williams has become the latest team to reveal a special livery for this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix

Half of the Formula 1 grid has now announced they will run revised liveries for this weekend’s new race at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, which is the third round of the season to take place in the USA.

Williams is US-owned and runs the only American driver competing in F1 – Logan Sargeant. Their special livery is designed to invoke the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign and the city’s distinctive lights.

The team won one of the two previous F1 races held in Las Vegas. Alan Jones won the inaugural Caesars’ Palace Grand Prix in 1981 on a day of mixed fortunes for the team as its other driver, Carlos Reutemann, lost the world championship to rival Nelson Piquet.

Williams joins four other teams in modifying the look of their cars for F1’s newest race. Ferrari have already revealed the revised livery they will use for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Alpine have subtly revised their look, Red Bull will sport the latest in their series of designs customised by fans and Alfa Romeo will present a special livery on Wednesday.

Picture: Williams’ Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

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18 comments on “Williams reveals special livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix, joining four other teams”

  1. Again special US livery? I mean, they way this is going, the most special livery they could use would be their standard livery. It would be more surprising…

  2. Call me an elitarian European, but it’s just as ugly the rest of the desert disaster known as Las Vegas.

    1. It is, but apparently, F1 still doesn’t get that American fans like F1 because of its European aesthetic and exactly because, unlike NASCAR and other “heartland” sports, F1 cars and events, aren’t plastered in ugly and cheesy (sometimes literally) graphics like American flags, XXXL Monster Energy slurpies, flames and Extendzz ads. That or Williams is mocking Americans and the livery is for Europeans to laugh at us.

      ps – drive 40 mins south east of Vegas and you’ll start seeing some of the most dramatic and beautiful desert and canyon landscapes in the world. Too bad the race couldn’t be set to that backdrop with only 5,000 fans allowed.

      1. Great post, nice perspective and great tip (if I ever make it to the area, which is unlikely to be due to F1, but my parents did a tour of the US years ago, and also passed south of Vegas and those pictures were fabulous!).

    2. I agree but I’m just a typical anti-corporate American dirtbag.

    3. It’s exactly the right type of tacky for Vegas, so it’s ugly, but perfect!

      1. I’ll admit it is not a bad fit for the event at all.

        Which perhaps also tells you something about my opinion on the event.

  3. Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    I’m in France and all the way over here I think I just heard Sir Patrick Head spluttering.

  4. Anyone else feel a bit sickly from this overhype by F1 and its teams? Honestly, i’m done with this race before it’s even begun.

    I swear every other race is a “SPECIAL LIVERY” for every other team. F1 is really losing its way.

    More isn’t always more.

    1. It’s embarrassment to both F1 and Americans as many Europeans will think Americans will like this aesthetic (not just Williams, but other stuff I’ve seen). I cited US F1 fans as liking F1 for its European aesthetic, but even average Americans wouldn’t like this stuff. It looks like a fast food ad from the mid-90s.

    2. I find all the hype manufacturing incredibly boring and trashy. I don’t care about Las Vegas or vapid American celebrities I care about Mercedes v. Ferrari, if Lando Norris finishes P4 or P7 in the WDC, or how Alonso fares folllowing the downgrades.

  5. An unpleasant reminder of Williams liveries from the late 90s.

  6. Why not add a Walrus Tusk nose?

  7. I bet it’s called the “Las Vegas special.” How original.

  8. Blerk.

    Make this stop.

  9. The thumbmails look quite smart, but when you can see the detail, it made me think of half-unwrapped sickly sweet candy bars.

  10. Yes, PU cover & rear wing, like at COTA.

  11. I love it!

    Vegas is gaudy and brash, as is the livery. Williams have nailed it.

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