Caption Competition 232: What’s on Albon’s album?

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Alexander Albon has a reputation for being one of the Formula 1 drivers with the best sense of humour on the grid.

But what did he have to show the McLaren team mates of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri in the press conference of the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka last season?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below. 

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up. 

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Caption Competition

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21 comments on “Caption Competition 232: What’s on Albon’s album?”

  1. ” Ya, ya, its Helmut Marko wearing dress socks on the beach”

    1. This is one where I stayed within track limits

  2. “I found Max’s phone in the toilets.
    Look at his browser history!”

  3. And when Sargent asked me who the new team principal would be, I just texted him: “Logan, this is James!”

  4. This is where I’ve hidden Logan’s shoelaces.

  5. notagrumpyfan
    20th January 2024, 12:31

    Look, here I actually stayed within the white lines!

    1. notagrumpyfan
      20th January 2024, 12:34

      Oops, please ignore; I see this was posted already.
      (Missed it because it was a reply)

  6. And that’s our wind tunnel!

  7. Albon showing the 2024 rules where teams will be forced to race their early 90’s cars making Mclaren and Williams instant favorites for the titles.

  8. So then I call the bar, and ask the barman if I can speak to Mike Krack”

  9. See this news, Max is unable to race this weekend.

  10. – And that’s Bernie Ecc in the nude!

  11. So, just like Yuki told & showed me before, this is how you say ”I respected track limits” in Japanese.
    I couldn’t resist using the opportunity presented by location reference.

  12. Derek Edwards
    20th January 2024, 23:13

    I actually managed to zoom out far enough to get the whole 2024 calendar on a single screen.

  13. “… and this was my entry for Racefans Caption Competition 214”

  14. Look for yourself, we really do have to provide our own phone for the car’s display. They only provide us with a USB dock and an app.

  15. I searched bullet. Shinkansen was most popular result, followed by hundreds of adverts for these battery powered things.

  16. Look, Alpine have re-signed their Twitter team from 2013!

  17. So Horner texted me earlier to see if I was interested in coming back to Red Bull. This is my reply.

  18. Seriously someone in the US asked me if Serena & Venus would be at the launch!


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