Extending career to Madrid GP may be ‘a challenge’ for Alonso – Domenicali

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In the round-up: Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali admits Spain’s two-times world champion may no longer be on the grid by the time the country’s new race is added to the calendar.

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Domenicali unsure Alonso will race in Madrid

After confirming yesterday Formula 1 will return to Madrid in 2026, Domenicali admitted he is unsure Fernando Alonso will still be racing by the time F1 races at the new Spanish venue.

He told AS it may be “a challenge for Fernando” to extend his career until the race in 2026, when he will turn 45. “Can you imagine Fernando winning in Madrid? I can only think that that can happen here in Madrid,” Domenicali added.

Alonso said last year he: “will be happy to race in Madrid if I’m here in 2026. If I’m not here, I will watch on TV and it doesn’t change much.”

Alfa Romeo boss rules out Le Mans

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has poured cold water on suggestions the manufacturer could move into the World Endurance Championship following its departure from Formula 1. He told L’argus he is “not convinced by the economic equation” of returning to Le Mans and believes there is a “trend towards inflation of expenses” in the series, which has seen several new manufacturers join in recent years.

Andretti’s Indy 500 return confirmed

Marco Andretti will contest the Indianapolis 500 for the 19th time in his career this year. He will drive for Andretti-Herta once more.

He took second place on his debut in the race in 2006 and has finished third on three occasions. Last year he placed 17th.

Hungaroring reveals redevelopment progress

The Hungaroring is undergoing extensive redevelopment work ahead of this year’s grand prix. It revealed details of its progress so far in a new video:

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It looks like the beginning of the end for the 15 years ago today McLaren launched their final Mercedes-powered F1 car, the MP4-29

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13 comments on “Extending career to Madrid GP may be ‘a challenge’ for Alonso – Domenicali”

  1. A win in Madrid for Fernando at 45? Sounds awesome to me

    1. Even if he doesn’t win, surely try and do the race in Madrid and then retire. That’d be a great way to bow out of F1.

      1. I have a feeling Fernando will continue as an F1 driver for several years to come. He has so much passion, he is still one of the best, and he is fit enough. I think he’ll be really keen to see through the 2026 rules changes. I think he will still be with us in ’27. Of course, it also all depends on whether the team he is with gets it right, otherwise I am sure he will look for another seat or walk. I think he will stay with Aston Martin now until he retires, helping building them up. Let’s see. F1 with Alonso is always better than F1 without Alonso. So fingers crossed. And, yes, maybe he’ll get another win. I don’t doubt it, to be honest.

  2. Don’t forget Sainz, whose win there would perhaps be even more note-worthy as he’s a Madrid-native.

    1. Nah, nobody cares about Sainz, and nobody cares about him being from Madrid. Alonso is Alonso and Sainz isn’t Alonso.

  3. “Can you imagine Alonso winning in Madrid?”

    It’d be so much different than him winning in Barcelona or in Valencia…

  4. Jeffrey Powell
    24th January 2024, 10:37

    All I can say to Domenicaly is Jack Brabham R.I.P. who won the South African G P. and nearly won in Monaco and Brands in 1970 at the age of 44. Unless he has a fitness problem it is all down to desire and whether he has winning car. Of course Black Jack had his name on the car , maybe an added incentive .

    1. Jeffrey Powell, on the other hand, the contemporary attitude amongst his peers, teams and the motorsport press of the time was that it was rather abnormal for Jack Brabham to still be racing in Formula 1 when he was in his early 40s, and there were those raising questions about his performance and physical fitness at the time.

      1. Well if 40 counts as early 40’s his response in the 66 Dutch GP was a classic.
        Shuffling along leaning heavily on a walking stick, resplendent in fake long beard, “Geriatric Jack” was assisted into his car. Dispensed with the theatrics. Pole and GP win lapping everybody. Second and third were ” moderately successful drivers” Graham Hill and Jim Clark.
        He kept racing as long as he wanted to, as it should be.

  5. “Can you imagine Fernando winning in Madrid? I can only think that that can happen here in Madrid.”

    It’s easy to see how Stefano got his job; the man has unique insights into how F1 works.

    1. What’s more, how geography works.

  6. Seriously Brabhams 1966 Dutch GP entrance needs scrutiny before listing. Seriously?

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