Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, 2023

Magnussen excited by prospect of “real change” under new Haas leadership

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen welcomed the appointment of Ayao Komatsu as the new team principal at Haas.

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Komatsu tackling poor development – Magnussen

Magnussen says he “had a great relationship” with former Haas team principal Guenther Steiner but is encouraged by the direction the team is taking under his replacement.

“I think it’s great that Ayao is already addressing some of the elephants in the room, like our trajectory on development for a season just hasn’t been good,” he told Reuters. “It’s certainly very exciting times for us in Haas.”

Hulkenberg dismisses 2025 contract claim

Magnussen’s team mate Nico Hulkenberg took to social media to correct a false report about his Haas contract. Hulkenberg countered a claim he is already contracted to drive for the team in 2025.

“Don’t believe everything,” he wrote. “Someone took a joke a bit too serious.”

Sauber to auction launch car

Sauber will again auction off their show car in which they revealed the livery of their C44 car earlier this week.

The team auctioned the launch model of the C43, their final car while competing as Alfa Romeo, last year. Having changed identity to that of title sponsors Stake for 2024, the Sauber team will hold an online auction for the car, built by Memento Exclusives, used to reveal their livery for the new season at London’s Guildhall on Friday.

The auction will begin on Saturday 1st March, the same day as the opening round of this year’s championship in Bahrain.

McLaren reveal O’Ward’s livery

McLaren’s IndyCar team have revealed the livery that Pato O’Ward will race in for this year’s IndyCar championship.

All three of McLaren’s drivers in the series will run in different colour schemes for this season: black and papaya for O’Ward, blue and papaya for David Malukas and white and papaya for Alexander Rossi.

The team will also field NASCAR Cup champion Kyle Larson in a fourth entry in this year’s Indianapolis 500.

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Comment of the day

Alpine have been an easy team to criticise for their middling performances in recent years, but Luis Felipe is looking forward to seeing what their new A524 will do…

It’s why I like Alpine/Renault. Despite them getting bashed a lot and criticised heavily in public opinion and the media, these guys really work hard. But the judgement that comes due to how terrible their past leaders were, overshadow good stuff like this.

I’m really interested to see how it’ll go. It’s clear that in terms of aero, for the start of the season, it’ll be no major change, or them suddenly pulling a major move to be fighting up there. That will happen progressively. But all of those changes that went into the mechanical side, power unit, placement, chassis dimensions – while it doesn’t lead to clear gains of lap time as direct consequence, it produces what I call ‘brute performance’. It’s a better and quicker platform – somewhere between 0.5s to one second in the best of worlds – and once you start to add downforce points and develop it way more, the car responds well in terms of lap time. If they do this right, it could be that if they start the season in the lower end of the grid, but they may end it in a good shape in Abu Dhabi, glued on the top four cars. But that will depend on how well they develop the aero platform. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Bullfrog and Akshay!

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  1. >Christian Horner’s F1 future at stake in crucial Friday meeting with investigator
    This is what today is all about! Absolutely riveting!

    Re: The sports streaming service, we have that in Australia with ESPN/FOX, it’s called Kayo, it came out really cheap, $10/month but now is sitting at $30/month. It’s ridiculously successful so makes sense to bring the model to the U.S. They’ve promised the last 2 years to bring F1TV/”red button” features like on-boards but it’s not happening. It would be cool to have WB/Disco added to it though, that’s a separate sports platform for here $15/month.

    Either way, I’d expect it to launch at a steep discount to capture the market then devolve to being on-par with traditional pay TV sports subscription pricing. It’ll be good for the U.S honestly, Kayo was a no-brainer value proposition and a great way to watch F1 until the price rises.

    That reminds me, time to do some sleuthing to see if I can pay for F1TV with a VPN.

    1. If the investigation is (merely) about ‘controlling’ behaviour then I doubt it will be career ending.

      On one extreme it might lead to some extra managerial training sessions, on the other extreme it could land him an extra bonus (‘controlling’ [the business] is one of the job requirements for a CEO).

      1. Whatever Christian is accused of, it’ll take quite something to surpass Vince McMahon.

  2. Imagine having a conflict with a coworker and having it play out through the media. Utterly toxic and ironically, it completely stifles the people involved, as they have to constantly worry that everything they do is interpreted in negative ways and then presented to the world as the truth. So they are themselves now victims of the very controlling media, whose norms and values are more than questionable.

    But I almost never see the media take responsibility for their often utterly toxic and damaging behavior, which is ironic, given that most of them have certain political beliefs. Although to be fair, those beliefs tend to be that people with the ‘wrong’ race or gender can be abused freely.

  3. Hope they’ve all found the undisclosed location, and some actual news, about something that has happened, emerges about the red bullying story.

    1. It’s quite surprising that entire scenarios – including heroes and villains, motives and methods – are being printed without a single named or known source. Whatever happens next, a lot of those scenarios will, by necessity due to their contradictory claims, prove false. No doubt this will all be quickly forgotten, and the rumormongers will continue on to the next story.

      Let’s just wait. Maybe nothing will come of it, maybe something will. Nobody knows, and… that’s fine. Just wait.

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