Mick Schumacher, Esteban Ocon, Ferdinand Habsburg, Alpine A424 and Alpine A524 launch, 2024

Caption Competition 235: Ocon shows off his new ride

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Alpine Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon showed off his new cockpit to World Endurance Championship Hypercar team mates Mick Schumacher and Ferdinand Habsburg at the team’s launch this week.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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42 comments on “Caption Competition 235: Ocon shows off his new ride”

  1. “Ans this is where the magic happens.”

    1. Ocon – “What the? Is that what I think it is?”
      Other guy – “Yeah”
      Ocon – “Kimi?”

  2. Ocon – “What the? Is that what I think it is?”
    Other guy – “Yeah”
    Ocon – “Kimi?”
    Other guy – “Yeah Kimi”

  3. Look – just down by the seat – the sticker says “Made in China”

  4. Ocon: “Over here is the ‘Keep Away From Fernando’ button… I forgot to press it at Interlagos.”

  5. Estaban was adamant that he’d lost a Euro down the side of the seat.

  6. If they find that other Michelin cloth arm patch they’ll guess our tyre degradation solution!

    1. @gillesamon Brilliant!

  7. This is where they’re going to fit the sick bag.

  8. “And that’s the tin of spare Smarties for you to use, to replace those that fall out of the steering wheel”

  9. ESTEBAN: This isn’t one of our sponsors … who put that “Kingsmill” sticker on my Halo?
    FERDINAND: That was me. I’m very into bread.

  10. So when I press this, it will trigger Pierre’s ejector seat.

  11. I can’t believe they left the seat out to save weight!

  12. “Nope, no paint in here either..”

  13. I don’t know what happened, Pierre climbed in and he just disappeared down there

  14. Practising for the Mercedes 2025 launch.

  15. Ferdinand was mesmerised by how Mick gently stroked Ocons beautifully contoured seat.

  16. That button? Well that deploys countermeasures when my teammate and I are “working together”.

  17. Ocon: Still nothing! Has Toto texted you back yet?
    Mick: No, but he liked our launch photos. That means he’s interested, right?

  18. After being told that the car would fly around the track, Ocon is worried Boeing was involved to seal the unnecessary doors on his car.

  19. See, Mick? This is much more spacious than Mercedes. Let’s trade?

  20. ‘And here we see another key innovation of this car’.

    ‘More square centimeters without paint?’


  21. Mick: This is where the secret Mercedes button was I told you about

  22. “Right hand here, then dive in head first.” Habsburg falls for the old halo trick.

  23. This year, let’s try WHISPERING to it all at once.

  24. The THREE WHISPERERS at work.

  25. Watch your hand Mick, it’s a very aggressive design

  26. Can you take the mick out of it?

  27. you take the mick out of it?

  28. Estabon: This sucks my arm is too short. Hey guys can help me here I dropped my phone between the car seat and can’t reach it.

  29. Ocon was feeling good about this season’s chances, until Schumacher discovered a pit of despair.

  30. Mick wasn’t too happy when Esteban joked about his car being so slow it didn’t need any brakes.

  31. This was the exact moment they realised… all that black carbon fibre had morphed into a black hole.

  32. “…and after you get rejected by Mercedes, you get to sit here…”

  33. All three drivers remained in rather awkward poses as each hoped the others would notice and comment upon their new watch.

  34. So this is where Christian Horner sleeps for the time being?

  35. “What’s this?”
    “Leave that in, that is Pierre’s booster seat.”

  36. “And what about this button that says ‘pardon my French’ on it?”
    “That disables the team radio.”

  37. So how exactly do the rules of shotgun work with a single seater?

  38. Pierre was unfortunate to find out how far Alpine have “dug deep” to find performance.

  39. Mick Schumacher: I wonder if we can place the Vince Lombardi Trophy on this seat.
    Ocon: I am interested if we can place a Football launcher.
    Habsburg: I would prefer the Swift nation!!!

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