The start of the first grand prix of the 2023 Formula 1 season

How to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix plus F2, F3 and WEC season-openers

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A rare Saturday race will open the new Formula 1 world championship this weekend.

The 2024 F1 season will begin with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Along with the following race in Saudi Arabia next week it is being held on a Saturday to avoid clashing with Ramadan.

Formula 2 and Formula 3 will also be in action at the Bahrain International Circuit, holding two races each.

Meanwhile in Qatar the World Endurance Championship will burst into life at the Losail International Circuit, with a new event covering 1,812 kilometres.

Here’s how to watch the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix: Thursday 29 February – Saturday 2 March 2024


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
ThursdayBahrain Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F111:3012:30
ThursdayBahrain Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F115:0016:00
FridayBahrain Grand Prix Formula 3 sprint race liveSky Sports F110:15
FridayWEC Qatar 1,812km: Qualifying liveEurosport 213:00
FridayBahrain Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F112:3013:30
FridayBahrain Grand Prix Formula 2 sprint race liveSky Sports F114:15
FridayBahrain Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F116:00
FridayBahrain Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 419:30
SaturdayWEC Qatar 1,812km: Race liveEurosport 208:00
SaturdayBahrain Grand Prix Formula 3 feature race liveSky Sports F109:00
SaturdayBahrain Grand Prix Formula 2 feature race liveSky Sports F110:30
SaturdayBahrain Grand Prix liveSky Sports F115:00
SaturdayBahrain Grand Prix highlightsChannel 419:50

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
ThursdayBahrain Grand Prix first practice liveESPN206:3007:30
ThursdayBahrain Grand Prix second practice liveESPN210:0011:00
FridayBahrain Grand Prix third practice liveESPN207:3008:30
FridayBahrain Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN211:00
SaturdayBahrain Grand Prix liveESPN10:00

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2024 Bahrain Grand Prix

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15 comments on “How to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix plus F2, F3 and WEC season-openers”

  1. I see F1TV has reacted to the hullabaloo about them raising prices in many European countries (from €65 to €95) back in January by simply scrapping the yearly subscription and going for a €12/month alternative; so €144 a year. It does take some… you know to almost triple to price after a year like 2023. I can respect that! F1TV is a good product though, and aside from the lead commentator they have a solid line-up of hosts (although it would benefit from some more diversity; it’s basically SkyUK the Sequel).

    In any case they’re miles ahead of the WEC, which has never had a proper website and, just checked, still gives you the run-around through numerous different websites to get to what seems to be an online subscription, but which demands you register and log in before even showing you a price.

    1. I think you can just buy it from Turkey and due to EU regs they can’t block you from watching it in another EU country. Worth a look.

    2. Wow!
      In Belgium the price is increasing starting from June, from 65€ to 75€ but the annual plan remains.

  2. Race on Saturday?

    1. Yes, Ramadan starts on Sunday next week, so the next race in Saudi Arabia is being held on the Saturday next week. F1 mandates a seven day gap between grands prix, meaning this weekend’s race needs to be on Saturday also.

    2. Race on Saturday?


      Ramadan starts Sunday, the 10th of March, so they had to move the Saudi GP to Saturday, the 9th. The Bahrain GP had to move to Saturday as there is a rule that races have to be seven days apart.

  3. The WEC session times are local to the track though, aren’t they? Qualifying should start at 1 pm UK time and the race will get underway at 8 am the next morning. I hope I’m not mistaken with these as I planned my weekend accordingly…!

    1. That’s right – race starts 8am UK, finishes who knows when (give us a timed race on a Sunday, ya greedy fools!)
      FP3 is free to watch on Youtube by the way, same time on Friday (8-9am UK, 11-12 local)

      1. I reckon it’ll be close to 10 hours.

        337 laps, average lap time of 1m45s or thereabouts including stops, total of 9.8 hours. Plus a generous sprinkling of safety car periods.

  4. Coventry Climax
    27th February 2024, 12:03

    I thought I managed quite well in english, although it’s not my native language, but “How to watch”?
    Like, in jodhpurs and a riding crop? With a dash of milk in your morning tea? Upside down, doing your first yoga exercise of the day?

    You’d expect ‘Where to watch’ (as in which network) and ‘when to watch’ F1, not ‘how’.

    Plus, for times around the world, there’s a worldwide system of timezones.
    Being international isn’t covered by just mentioning ‘UK’ and ‘USA’.
    If the rest of us have to go figure it out by ourselves anyway, just give us the time and it’s timezone?

    1. @coventryclimax How is a combination of when and where so it makes sense in this context. For example;
      How do I watch F1?
      Turn on sky sports at 3PM on Saturday

      It would be nice to have every timezone listed but realistically it’s not worth the time of listing every country so listing the UK every race is more consistent than local times because people only need to learn the difference between their own time zone and the UK and they’re sorted for the year.

      1. Coventry Climax
        27th February 2024, 20:26

        If you’re english, you likely know better. Although I must say come across an ever increasing amount of people that can’t properly speak their native language. Or do basic math, for that matter, so maybe I’m asking too much of people.

        Mentioning all timezones however is not at all what I meant – or wrote. It would actually be rather silly even, as the difference between them doesn’t change.

        ‘just give us the time and it’s timezone’ to me, means local start time and the timezone they are in. Allows us to add or subtract the time to get it for the timezone each of us is living in. But again, maybe that’s for those of us who still know how to do adding and/or subtracting.

        1. @coventryclimax I don’t think your English is bad, but it’s a strange language where there’s often multiple ways of saying one thing so there’s always more to learn (and that’s without starting to discuss American English which I’m assuming is what you’ve learnt).

          I’m regards to the timezones, I understood you, I just think it makes more sense to always use one timezone so it’s easier to work out each week. It’s not the maths that are the issue but looking up the difference to the local time every week would be annoying when at the moment you can just look at the time and use the same conversion to find your own every race.

          1. Coventry Climax
            28th February 2024, 0:46

            I’m fine with a (any) single timezone and figuring it out for myself, but the americans apparently can’t, because they’re mentioned separately/specifically?

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