2010 Monaco Grand Prix discussion

This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix

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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2010 Monaco Grand Prix

6 comments on “2010 Monaco Grand Prix discussion”

  1. 3 Friends and I are planning a 1200 mile journey from Macclesfield to Monaco riding old Honda C90 scooters in aid of Cancer Research charity. It will be a 6 day trip avoiding all motorways, our average speed being just 45mph! If anyone would like to sponsor us or have your company name put on our bikes then get in touch via our website. Its going to be a fantastic experience and the with the Grand Prix to look forward to at the end will be fantastic! :Paul

  2. Phillip from Denmark
    14th February 2010, 13:23

    Good on yer guys,count on all of us British GP bound “vikings” to chip in for a good cause ;) good luck

  3. Hello to all! My husband and I will be coming from California, USA to attend our first F1 race. We are to late to buy tickets for Z1, so we are trying to decide to fork over the money for grandstand tickets or just try Secteur Rocher. Any advice? How early (hours? days?) will we need to be in Secteur Rocher on race day to get a semi-comfortable seat (such as on the walkway) and a good view of the track? Or should we just fork over the extra money for the grandstand- even though it will be a big expenditure for us.
    Also- do all grandstand tickets give access to pits on Friday night? and… Will there be scalpers around with Z1 general admission that week?
    Thank you for any help/advice you can give some newbies!

    1. Hi,
      Well from personal experience at Monaco I would definately pay out the extra for a Granstand ticket as having done both areas I found the view from rocher to be far too restricted as you are so far away from the action- Secondly the little viewing platforms that are erected are fully occupied by early hours of the morning, nearly came to blows with some Italian fans as I tried to stand in a tiny space on one of these platforms.
      With our Granstand tickets a few years later it was great, turn up when you wish and your seat is always going to be there- well worth the vast expense…
      But all in all enjoy your experience whatever you decide and see you there……..

  4. First timer for Monaco
    previous Canada (x10) US (x6) UK and Barca
    Very excited – have Grandstand ‘T’ (three days)
    Staying ‘in-town’ any local pointer would help

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