2010 F1 season: frequently asked questions

Who will broadcast the 2009 F1 season in Britain?

The BBC are broadcasting F1 in Britain in 2010.

More information: ITV loses F1 coverage to BBC from 2009

Is F1 being broadcast in HD in 2010?

No. The races are being filmed in HD but that footage is not available to broadcasters.

More information:

How have the 2010 F1 rules changed?

The major rules changes for 2010 are a new points system, refuelling ban and narrower front tyres.

More information:

What is the driver and team line-up for 2010?

See here for the latest information: 2009 F1 drivers and teams

What races are on the 2010 F1 calendar?

There are 19 races on the 2010 F1 calendar. Find details of them below.

You can also use our 2010 F1 Google Calendar which includes iCal, HTML and XML versions.

Will there be a new F1 video game in 2010?

Codemasters are publishing “F1 2010” for Sony Playstation 3, XBox 360 and PC.

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  1. will there chance for new driver i meen for me i am full confident

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