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F1 2014 – First Impressions

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    Harry Westwood

    Surprised this hasn’t been done already but for all those who have the game, post anything and everything you have to say about the game here for discussion and/or debate :P

    Lucas Wilson

    I am kind of hoping I get it as a gift this year, so I will be excited to know what people think.

    Nic Morley

    Have skipped it this year, just don’t see the point when F1 2015 is supposedly being released early next year on next gen. Looks like the same old crap, but who am I to judge. Hopefully F1 2015 is a massive improvement or otherwise the license should move to someone else. Each game they have produced have all include major flaws.


    I’d only get the game for abroad league racing Full Stop.

    Harry Westwood

    Cheapest I’ve found it so far is just under £30, so I guess codies aren’t expecting to do as well with this game anyway. Their rrp this year is £15 lower


    For the first time, I won’t be getting it either. Mainly due to the fact that I only play on Ps4 now, so it would be a bit of a waste, and I’m hoping 2015 is where we see the big improvements that it needs.

    Bradley Downton

    Same here, 2014 seems like a bit of a waste to me. I want to get it, and if it were a reasonable price for what it is (basically a 2012 Mod) then perhaps I would, but nah, I’m going to save up for a PS4 and F1 2015

    Djangles LeVaughn

    I’ll hold out til the Steam Christmas sales if I’m going to get this. Because unfortunately like the infamous CoD franchise this game is the next in a series of copy paste jobs with some areas touched up or masked over to make it look slightly different from its predecessor.

    Oli Peacock

    Only gonna get in on a Steam Sale (Under £15) Seen very few good reviews, most just saying it’s a re-skin. Those who are saying it’s better, are the ones who cuddled up to Codies to get their early copy.


    I am picking it up after work tonight and will let you know my immediate impressions. I was looking forward to F12015 on the PS4 but now that I know my wheel won’t work on it, I doubt I will buy either it or the console. I may just have to move over to PC gaming and continue to use my G27 as I am sure I can get a decent PC for the job for the cost of a PS4 and replacement Wheel. I am not that big a fan of the Thrustmaster wheels in all honesty.

    Sir Teukka

    I got the game yesterday and, as expected, beyond the handling and driving itself, it’s the same game as 2012 and 2013.
    The driving is more fun now, but it’s really not enough for the 45€ I paid for it.

    That said, I will most likely play the game day and night before the 2015 edition comes out, because it’s the only F1 game out there and I just enjoy playing these games so much (despite the glitches etc.)

    But I would not recommend buying this if you can wait until F1 2015. Play 2013 if you have it, it’s pretty much the same game anyway.

    Nic Morley

    So it turns out I couldn’t help myself, I’m a made F1 fan and needed it the collection.

    The game is what I expected really, the same as the last few. Same helmets, graphics, atmosphere; although the handling is quite different and properly the best in the series. I like how you can choose who you want to race for in career mode; I have started with Sauber. Overall its and F1 game and it is fun.

    I wouldn’t recommend buying it unless you are so obsessive compulsive like me to have it in your collection. Very much looking forward to F1 2015.

    Nic Morley

    So to keep you updated I have already returned the game and have had my money refunded. The game is a stinking pile of horse crap. Do not buy it, wait for 2015 to come out. I got 2014 for PS3 and the graphics are probably the worst they have been out of the codemaster F1 games. I’m not sure if it’s like this on all consoles but it looks like a lazy job of importing the game to PS3.

    The AI are horrible as they have always been, its not even realistic. In my first few races it was Raikkonen, Rosberg, and Vettel twice who won the races. This just doesn’t feel like 2014 to me.

    The evaluation system is absolutely pointless, all codemasters has done is continued to remove important aspects of the game and add in stuff for the ‘casual fan’.

    I cant even see my helmet while in t-cam in the Mclaren (not sure if its the same with other cars). Speaking of the Mclaren, it’s running its pre season test livery… I thought they did it how they were at the first race?

    Sadly its the same old crap that I expected and sadly its the first ever Formula One game I have returned after buying it! It really is that disappointing. However I suppose codemaster are focusing on 2015 and can understand the less input into this game; they have made it because there contract says they have to – there is no passion put into this game.

    Now with that out of the way come on F1 2015!


    I really cannot justify paying for this one, and I will buy it but not yet. If it seems to be a gap fill game, I’ll wait and in a few months it will drop in price.


    What is the split-screen multi like?

    I didn’t enjoy it on F1 2013 due to two reasons:

    1. In F1 2013 and it’s split-screen multi is flawed due to not being able to save custom player 2 controls – you must always enter your custom controls EVERY race by pausing and changing (this wasn’t a problem in F1 2012).

    2. Also there was no multi-player series where you could pick a few races and championship against you buddy in a 1-2 hour gaming session (like you could in F1 2012).

    Anyone able to tell me if they hHave they fixed these gripes in F1 2014? If not I’ll pass.

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