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    Welcome to the forum for Season 6 of the F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship. If you’ve got the Xbox 360 version of F1 2013, then you’ve come to the right place!

    It’s a new era as this season sees the biggest number of changes in the history of the championship.

    These changes (which include a new handicap system) hopefully will:
    – level the playing field
    – create fun and exciting races
    – prevent the hours of practice needed prior to each race in order to be competitive
    – help new drivers to compete on level terms
    – prevent less collisions with more punishments for bad driving.

    You’ll find a video below from a previous season. If you want to see more, click on the the actual youtube page link and go to my season 4 playlist in my account.


    Want to be part of this championship? Feel free to inform us of your interest on this forum (along with your Xbox gamer tag) and we’ll get back to you to confirm your entry.

    Can’t make it every week? Not a problem! Every driver will have to drop their lowest score (combined total of both races at each event) even if they have attended every week or not. This means you can afford to miss an event and you wouldn’t lose out all that much. This is used to ensure that drivers aren’t unfairly disadvantaged in the championship standings if there is a Monday that they are not able to attend.

    We race on Monday evenings, the first of which begins on Monday 3 February. Invitations to the pre-event lobby are sent around 8.20pm (GMT) with the aim of starting at 8.30pm (GMT).

    We look forward to racing with you! :-)


    To help with the new handicap system, we will be switching to ‘2013 performance settings’.

    New drivers will have a set number of credits to spend on race seats over the course of the season. Returning drivers will be assigned a number of credits according to their performance in the previous season.

    Cost of race seats are as follows:

    Red Bull, Mercedes– 5 Credits
    Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren– 4 Credits
    Force India, Sauber– 2 Credits
    Williams, Toro Rosso – 1 Credit
    Marussia, Caterham – 0 Credits

    Drivers will be given the opportunity to choose their race seat in the lobby before each individual race event. Choices will be determined by reverse championship order. The cost of the race seat will be deducted from the driver’s credit total.

    With the credit restrictions, there is an element of strategy involved. For example, You could race in a top team for the first few events but would then only have enough credits to race in a Toro Rosso or Caterham for the rest. It’s totally up to you how you play it! The one constant is that every race will have different drivers in different cars racing in different positions!


    There will be two races at each event. The same circuit and choice of team will be used for both races.

    Race 1: Feature Race
    – One shot Qualifying
    – 50% race distance
    – Codemasters pre-defined set-ups only (Parc Ferme conditions therefore set-up frozen once Quali begins)
    – Real F1 points system i.e. 25-18-15 etc.

    Race 2: Sprint Race
    – No qualifying
    – Random Grid
    – 5 laps
    – Personalised set-ups allowed
    – Points system as Feature race but positions half the value i.e. 12.5 for 1st, 9 for 2nd etc..


    After seats are designated, a circuit will be chosen at random in the lobby. This has been done to minimise the need to put in hours of practice before each event. Once a circuit has been raced on, it will be removed from this random vote for future races.

    Events will take place on the following dates:

    1&2 – 3 February
    3&4 – 10 February
    5&6 – 24 February
    7&8 – 3 March
    9&10 – 17 March
    11&12 – 24 March
    13&14 – 7 April
    15&16 – 14 April
    17&18 – 28 April
    19&20 – 5 May


    – Damage will now be switched on.. keep an eye on your front wing!
    – The new penalty system will penalise repeat offenders by deducting credits and help the victim by providing additional credits if deemed necessary.
    – Video footage will be needed to overturn any penalties.. I would recommend recording, even if you have a crappy camera phone that only captures the 30 seconds at the start.
    – If you leave a race before it finishes, you we receive no points (even if you were in a points paying position).
    – Drivers will be able to create team partnerships to score points for the Team’s Championship.

    Well that’s the main stuff out of the way.. the Rule Book is below. If you’re looking to take part then this isn’t essential to read right now – but you will need to refer to it before your first race. Good luck!


    The format

    The host for the event will invite drivers 10 minutes before the event. There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.

    Car Performance: 2013
    Assists: All allowed
    Damage: On
    Weather; Dynamic
    Tyre sim: On
    Fuel sim: On
    Race distance: 50% for Race 1, five laps for Race 2
    Penalty System: Minor
    Parc Ferme (Race 1): On

    Race Stewards

    The race stewards will consist of a panel of three drivers – MadDogMolloy plus two others on a rotation basis. The race stewards have the power to look at any incidents or cases of reckless driving that have happened on track.

    A driver cannot appear on the panel if they have been involved in the race incident in question or are at a similar position in the championship standings to the driver being investigated.

    Penalty System

    When racing close to other cars, it should clean with real-life F1 rules taken into account. i.e. if you move to defend and then move back take your racing line, room must be left for the other car in the braking zone.

    – if a driver receives three penalties over the course of one season = 3 credit reduction.
    – if a driver receives three penalties over course of one race event (both feature and sprint races) = 3 credit reduction and a one race ban (this won’t count as one of your dropped races).

    Penalties incurred in the race will count. If you get a time penalty in the game (through cutting corners, using the car in front as a brake board etc.) and would like to appeal the race result, you can calmly put forward your case in the lobby after the race. It will not be overturned unless you or another driver can provide video evidence proving that you have been given a penalty unfairly, and the panel agrees.

    Drivers are free to report incidents they have witnessed of reckless and dirty driving. If for whatever reason, a penalty is not given out during the race and is pointed out in the lobby afterwards, the stewards will be able to look at it and award any penalties if required. Stewards also have the power to double up on penalties in the event of the driver causing a major collision (ie taking out multiple cars at the start). Video evidence will be needed.

    If a victim is severally affected by a collision (ie incurs damage and loses time) then the stewards have the option of gifting them 2-3 extra credits to make up for it which they can use for the rest of the season. This means that say for example the driver was thinking of driving a McLaren at the next race, the extra credits could be used to potentially give them a Red Bull instead. Therefore a faster car in the next race would make up for a lousy previous race. Please note that this will only happen as long as the driver doesn’t rage quit and the driver calmly puts their case forward in the lobby at the end of the race. Again, Video evidence will be needed.

    Points System

    The following points system will be used in Season 6:

    Race 1: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
    Race 2: 12.5-9-7.5-6-5-4-3-2-1-0.5

    To score points you MUST finish the race. If you disconnect before the race has ended you will score no points (even if you were in a points scoring position with only 10 or less cars left in the race).

    There will be times when one cannot make the event due to other commitments. So it has been decided that we will use the ‘drop lowest score’ rule. This has been used successfully in previous seasons. Basically a driver’s lowest points haul from a single event (over the course of the season) will be dropped. It will give everyone a free week that they could miss without destroying their championship hopes. Otherwise it undermines the whole point of having a championship and we might as well have one-off races.

    Obviously in the interest of fairness – if a driver is absent from an event, they won’t be able to keep the same number of credits. 1 credit will be deducted if a driver misses a single event, 2 coins for their second and 3 for each event thereafter (these races don’t have to be consecutively). This means even if a new driver enters the final event, they will still have enough to get top seat and not feel left behind.

    Note regarding Connection Issues
    If the host is having connection problems or if there is significant lag, a new host can be tried for the restart. This can only happen once per race.

    If there is a mass disconnection (a third or more of the field) before 75% distance, the race can be restarted as though there was a red flag. We will start another race in a new lobby (with the distance set to roughly how long the race had left to run), and on Lap 1, we all get ourselves into the race order at the red flag point, with the leader acting as the Safety Car. On Lap 2, we continue racing. If anyone can’t make it (time-wise or is having trouble connecting), then the race will be ended and points awarded for however far the race has progressed, ie, half points for under 75%, full points for over. If anyone fails to comply to getting into the correct order, they will disqualified and given a race ban.

    Note regarding absences
    Races can only be moved to a different date or time if everyone agrees. If the host cannot make it or is not online at the race time, then a substitute will host the race and it will go ahead as usual. No individual is bigger than the series.

    Drivers unable to make a round of the championship will not be penalised if they notify the others of their absence prior to that Round taking place. Drivers who do not turn up to multiple races without notifying in advance may have their place in the Championship offered to a reserve.


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @bmk1586 @babali

    Please have a read of the rules above, as I’ve made quite a few changes compared to previous seasons.

    The confirmed entry list and number of credits each driver receives will be published here shortly.

    Although we are hopping between seats all season, there will still be a Team Championship. You and your teammate will need to come up with a name for your team.

    Grateful if you could declare your interest in this season on this forum. If you and a teammate agree to unite as a team please include this as part of your post.

    The dates we will race on are published above. I’ve done it so that there is a break after every two races. However if there is a date you can’t make it, please let me know now and I can re-arrange if possible. This is your only chance so please do let me know!

    If you are racing online and come up against clean drivers please do invite them to our league!

    Bradley Downton

    I hope yours works out better than mine has!

    Jamie Cochrane

    Looks good. Excited to start the season!!


    Sweet the Puntastic names are already in the works.

    Are we going to cut any races from the potential calender that the mass populus want to avoid and will the Classic races be included?


    @mrgrieves I’m going to ask everyone to submit their least fav circuits via xbox live soon (hopefully will prevent the tactical choices we had last time).


    Interested in starting the season my xbox gamer tag is astevo1989. Is there loads of people that just crash on purpose though??


    @astevo1989 hey mate welcome – you’ll enjoy racing with us!

    Oh no we do take it seriously but have a laugh at the same time (so it’s not as serious as some of the other leagues on the internet but there won’t be any of the chaos you will normally find if you just casually entered a random lobby online!) Of course there will be collisions from time to time – but that’s just part and parcel of motor racing in general. No one purposely crashes into others.

    Add me and I’ll accept you – gamertag is MadDogMolloy. We start our first race this coming Monday. Keep visiting this forum regularly over the next few days as I’ll be providing details on the number of credits you’ll receive, teams and other bits of info. I’ll tag u with the others when I do this.

    Have a read through the rule book – If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to ask us on here. I’ll be inviting yourself and the other two new drivers to a party before the main event just to see if you’re all ok with things. Bring your headset!

    Look forward to seeing you on the track! :-)


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @bmk1586 @babali @astevo1989

    Below is the provisional distribution of credits for the upcoming season.

    This has been determined by using the ‘average finishing position’ over the course of the previous season. I think this is better than using the final championship positions as there were quite a few absences (especially in the final race) which could skew the results.

    Average finishing position is in brackets.

    Lemon (2) – 22
    JonBoy (3) – 23
    Dazzaarcher (3.4) – 24
    Lt Alfred (4.4) – 25
    Ms20 (4.6) – 26
    Y2j (5.3) – 27
    MadDog (5.4) – 28
    V Chain (7.1) – 29

    The default number for new drivers will be 26. Why not 30? Because if a new driver ends up being really quick then it may disrupt the balance of this system. Having it in the lowest middle end of the scale seems the best compromise. @bmk1586 @babali @astevo1989 you will all fall within this category.

    @lint101 you have only completed one race previously (which may or may not be representative) so in the interests of fairness, you’ll also receive 26 credits. Hope this is ok and you understand where I’m coming from with this. Drop me a message if you’re not sure about this.

    Still awaiting the following to confirm their entry so I can therefore confirm the credit distribution above:

    @lemon @ljkobrien @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain

    @strongo83 – I’ve left you out of the list above because you weren’t sure if you’re going to make it due to your job. Are things the same?

    @bmk1586 @babali – you both still interested?

    Also awaiting your team name choices.. Be good to have them soonish, so those who are stuck can take inspiration from them..

    Also if there are any circuits you don’t want in the random vote before each race then please tell me via a message in xbox live in the following format:

    1. INSERT CIRCUIT (least preferred – the worst)
    2. INSERT CIRCUIT (2nd least preferred- not as bad as 1 but still bad)

    This is being done to prevent any tactical voting (like last season). Votes will be counted and revealed before the races begin on Monday.

    I’ll be providing the usual pre-season interview questions either tomorrow or Saturday so please copy paste and give them a go!


    Hey just looking through the rules and on race 1 only codmasters pre defined setups does that include gear ratios??



    No – because of one lap qualifying we are only able to just one of the quick set ups – the game doesn’t give you the normal garage set up options it does for other modes.

    If you just create a single player race with one lap qualifying, you’ll see what I mean.


    Maddog can we send you the circuit choice on here rather that Xbox Live?

    Me and Daz are going for Double D Racing as a team name


    @mrgrieves as long as no one else can see it and you both send it separately then it’s fine.

    Double D Racing… Please explain lol


    Our real names are Darran & Darren so double “D also sound like boobs which are always appreciated


    @maddogmolloy When you say a driver’s lowest points haul from a single event will be dropped, I assume that means each person’s lowest feature + sprint total.

    Also really liking the whole credits thing now. Adds an extra bit of strategy to it, but without knowing exactly which car you’ll be going for weeks in advance. Do you pace yourself and save the credits for later, or stick to the quicker teams early on an get ahead?

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