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    @vitreouschain @mrgrieves can we please not post about other incidents a week after the race? If you look at the rules, all incidents you want to be looked at should be reported in the lobby immediately after the race. Extract from the rule book below:

    Penalties incurred in the race will count. If you get a time penalty in the game (through cutting corners, using the car in front as a brake board etc.) and would like to appeal the race result, you can calmly put forward your case in the lobby after the race . It will not be overturned unless you or another driver can provide video evidence proving that you have been given a penalty unfairly, and the panel agrees.

    Anyway, regarding the initial incident, we are just wrapping up a few of the finer details and should have a verdict by this evening.


    Trying to change the subject, have you guys seen this? Just announced today?


    F1 Fanatic Touring Car Chanpionship anyone? :-)


    I mentioned after both races and before i went offline to be fair


    @mrgrieves I’m mainly referring to the videos chain put up…

    Anyway… Grid Autosport anyone?

    Lt Alfred

    grid autosport looks good and by the sounds of it will be more like grid 1 than 2. surprised it isnt coming out on the new consoles, looking forward to hearing the release date


    @ljkobrien 24 June apparently.

    Sounds like they want to go back to what made the original TOCA games so fun back in the 90s. The racing club idea sounds intresting.. Or did grid 2 have something similar?

    Lt Alfred

    must have missed the racing club thing. could be similar to the WRC in grid 2? shame its so far off, it’ll probably change between now and then though


    I would love to have a reason to buy this. If we start something here I’ll gladly get involved.

    I will be a little cautious with this, though. Not jumping in straight away and pre-ordering like I did with Grid 2, which was one of the biggest let downs I’ve had in a game for quite some time. The handling was by no means ‘authentic’ in either of the previous Grids, but at least the first game’s approach to a realistic-ish single player and a thoroughly fun multiplayer made for a great experience.

    For some odd reason with Grid 2 they turned the series into a drifting game, with a cheesy career where you earn fans and all that tripe. Sounds like they have gone against that this time, but if there’s anything remotely similar involved then I won’t bother.

    Wish it would come to XB1 as well though.



    Hey All, OK to race on Monday? As a guest appearance :)

    Jamie Cochrane

    Im a bit late to the party. Ive got exams at the moment so haven’t had time to upload the video of my incident in the korea sprint race.

    Aside from almost being taken out at the end of the first straight. I want the crash which results in me being spun out looked at. Ive broken to take the left hander and the Merc (Daz) comes along side spinning side spinning me out ruining the race for me. Not sure what penalties/compensation I can receive for this. Entirely not my fault Daz had plenty room on the inside but came across and took me out


    @mcwoblin mate as a veteran you are always welcome! Even if you don’t know you are free until 5 mins before we start, don’t be afraid to drop me a message in xbox live.

    ah yes I got yr xbox message straight after the race but thought u may have decided not to upload. I also had a look through my footage and found I was right behind the incident. Therefore, here is my version of events:

    I’ll get the stewards to look at it. @ljkobrien @jonny705 I’ll send u both a msg if that’s ok?

    @vitreouschain sorry guys just waiting on @jonny705 to come back to me about one thing and I’ll then publish the results.


    The stewards have come to a decision on both incidents.

    @mrgrieves @ljkobrien Apologies guys for the long delay. We have decided that Chain should receive a ten second penalty for the collision. We felt that he came from a long way back and could have prevented the incident. Y2j took his normal racing line whereas Alfred was taken out through no fault of his own.

    This penalty moves Chain down to 4th and pushes y2j to 3rd. Unfortunately it is also Chains third penalty so he will be deducted three credits from his total.

    We have also decided to award both Y2J and Alfred two additional credits as compensation.

    @dazzaarcher we have decided that no action should be taken in your sprint race incident. Although it looks like a big crash, the additional footage shows that Daz was not to blame. The physics of the collision were a bit odd considering the contact made. It was suggested that perhaps this might have something to do with lag as the footage shows imidazoleNhC teleporting on the previous straight (although we can’t be too sure).

    Happy to clarify both decisions if needed.

    With these finally done and dusted, the result from both races is as follows:

    Race 1
    1. Dazzaarcher
    2. Jonny705
    3. Y2j
    4. V chain
    5. MadDog
    6. Alfred
    7. ImidazoleNHC

    Race 2
    1. Jonny705
    2. V chain
    3. Dazzaarcher
    4. MadDog
    5. Y2j
    6. Alfred
    DNF ImidazoleNHC

    Pole: Dazzaarcher


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Standings after 16 races including dropped score:

    * non mover
    ^ moved up
    ! Moved down

    1. * DazzaArcher – 169pts
    2. * Astevo – 135.5
    3. ^ Y2j – 133
    4. * MadDog – 132
    5. ! McWoblin – 121
    6. ^ JonBoy – 114.5
    7. ! Lt Alfred – 109.5
    8. * Vitreous Chain – 93
    9. * ImidazoleNHC – 56.5
    10. * Ms20 – 42

    Dropped scores:
    MadDog 9
    Daz 11
    VChain 10
    Y2j 2
    Everyone else 0

    Team standings after 16 races (all points counts – no drop scores):

    1. Double D – 315pts
    2. AlLoy – 250.5
    3. McImidazoblin – 177.5
    4. ChainMark – 145
    5. Astevo’s One Man Army – 135.5
    6. Jonny Herbert – 114.5

    Credit totals after eight rounds follow below (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Lemon: 1 (3 for 8th absent race)
    ImidazoleNHC: 2 (1)
    MadDog: 3 (1)
    Mcwoblin: 6 (2 for 2nd absent race)
    Jonny: 6 (2)
    Vchain: 6 (4 – 1 added and 3 taken away for passing penalty threshold)
    Dazzaarcher: 6 (5)
    Astevo: 7 (2 for 2nd absent race)
    Alfred: 7 (2 – 2 added)
    Ms20: 8 (3 for 5th absent race)
    Y2j: 9 (5 – 2 added)

    Penalty totals after 18 races (actual penalties in brackets):

    MadDogMolloy – 3 (R1 sprint, R4 sprint, R7 sprint)
    ViterousChain – 3 (R1 feature, R2 sprint, R8 feature)
    Dazzaarcher – 2 (R2 sprint, R4 feature)
    Ms20 – 2 (R1 feature, R1 sprint)
    ImidazoleNHC – 2(R4 feature, R8 feature)
    Y2J – 2 (R1 sprint, R6 Sprint)

    @lint101 @dazzaarcher and @ms20 are one penalty away from a 3 credit reduction.

    Lt Alfred

    are there two or three rounds left now?


    @ljkobrien two rounds. I’ll have the remaining circuits plus the title permutations up tomorrow!

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