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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 6

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    Sorry I haven’t been able to race recently, uni has screwed my mondays which is a shame… hopefully i’ll be able to do the odd race soon!


    Will try and be there but internet is still being crap but will try again.


    Drivers standings
    Drivers round 3

    Apologies for the timing but I’ve been quite busy last few days. Teams standings still need quite a bit of work so they will have to come later.


    My router keeps rebooting itself so won’t be able to join for race two.


    My penalty from race 2 – I’d like to appeal.

    I finished 7th and it dropped me to only 8th but the main reason for appealing is so it isn’t added to my penalty count.

    @jonny705 could you guys have a look please? @mrgrieves agreed to help out.

    Lt Alfred

    Anyone else got more footage of this at the start?

    Lt Alfred


    At the moment the PROVISIONAL decision on the penalty is to uphold it. The rules of the league state that without video evidence a penalty can’t be overturned. While all three of us have agreed that from your footage you don’t seem to do anything that deserves a penalty we can’t tell what happened behind you.

    If anyone has more footage from the start we’ll look at it and would be willing to overturn it. So if any of you guys do have any extra footage from last week you think would be helpful please get it posted!

    This is also a perfect example of the use of film. Not only can it help you out, but can be used for incidents around you. If you have the ability to film but aren’t at the moment please come online 5 minutes early to set up your camera. It helps us all out.

    Lt Alfred

    Is there a race today? I might actually be able to make it this week!


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    No race tonight guys – it’s our week break. Back for round 5 next Monday (sorry @ljkobrien )


    Malaysia Race Result

    Race 1

    1. Astevo
    2. Y2J
    3. MadDogMolloy
    4. Ms20
    5. DazzaArcher
    6. Mcwoblin
    7. ImidazoleNHC
    8. V Chain

    Race 2

    1. Y2J
    2. Ms20
    3. Mcwoblin
    4. V Chain
    5. Dazzaracher
    6. ImidazoleNHC
    7. Astevo
    8. MadDogMolloy


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Round 5 (races 9-10) tonight! Let us know if you can’t make it!

    Standings after 8 races including dropped score:

    ^ moved up
    ! Moved down
    * non-mover

    1. * McWoblin – 77pts
    2. * DazzaArcher – 72
    3. ^ Y2j – 69
    4. ! JonBoy – 58.5
    5. ^ Astevo – 57
    6. ! MadDog – 54.5
    7. ^ Ms20 – 42
    8. ! ImidazoleNHC – 40.5
    9. * Viterouschain – 37
    10. ! Lt Alfred – 27.5
    11. * Lemon – 0

    Team standings after 8 races (all points counts – no drop scores)

    1. * Double D – 154pts
    2. * McImidazoblin – 134.5
    3. * AlLoy – 92
    4. ^ ChainMark – 89
    5. ! Jonny Herbert – 58.5
    6. * Astevo’s One Man Army – 57

    Credit totals after four rounds follow below (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Dazzaarcher: 14 (1)
    Lemon: 13 (3 for fourth absent race)
    ImidazoleNHC: 14 (2)
    Jonny: 15 (1 for first absent race)
    Y2j: 17 (2)
    Vchain: 18 (2)
    Astevo: 16 (4)
    Mcwoblin: 16 (4)
    Alfred: 19 (2 for second absent race)
    MadDog: 17 (4)
    Ms20: 19 (5)

    Penalty totals after 8 races (actual penalties in brackets):

    ViterousChain – 2 (R1 feature, R2 sprint)
    MadDogMolloy – 2 (R1 sprint, R4 sprint)
    Dazzaarcher – 2 (R2 sprint, R4 feature)
    Ms20 – 2 (R1 feature, R1 sprint TBC)
    ImidazoleNHC – 1 (R4 feature)
    Y2J – 1 (R1 sprint TBC)

    Myself, @vitreouschain @dazzaarcher and possibly @ms20 are one penalty away from a 3 credit reduction.

    looking back I noticed that both @mrgrieves and @ms20 were disqualified in Italy’s sprint race. I assume there was a proper reason for them so added to the penalty count. If not, could you guys let me know? Cheers!


    Will try and be there but internet still being shit so hopefully be there


    Sorry about lack of standings @maddogmolloy uni is just mental at the minute. Whenever I get time off I can’t be bothered lol.

    Fair enough about the added DSQs as well. Tricky to decide as they can be given out for multiple penalties, but you would never see how many.

    I’m also a maybe for tonight. Of the two broadband lines we have at home, one keeps going down on weekdays (sounds dodgy to me but what do I know?) and no matter what I try, I always end up with a NAT problem if I move the 360 over to the other line. I love BT.


    Want it to be overturned as I don’t think I deserved it.


    @vitreouschain no probs – me and @ljkobrien willhave a look at it.

    I think with @jonny705 being busy, perhaps @dazzaarcher could help with this decision? I’ll set up a message between the three of us. Daz you might need to add Alfred as a friend before you can reply to the message (going on past experience)!

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