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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    Welcome to the championship! I’ll add you to Williams! Take a look at the wiki page and familarise yourself with all the rules.

    Add me on Xbox! My gamertag is MadDogMolloy. This is so I can add you to the party before the event. Free free to add the other drivers to your friends list too. Keep an eye on the forums for news and join in on the discussions we have.

    This thursday at 8.30 we are all having a sprint race championship. 19 rounds consisting of 3 laps each. It’s just a bit of fun, nowhere near as serious as the main championship. Just leave a couple of hours free as we will aim to complete a whole season in 1 night. Plug your headset in too and join in on the banter we’ll surely have whilst racing.

    Hopefully see you on thursday!


    I am delighted to have been given a second chance in the Sauber.

    It took a lot of convincing for Peter to give me a 2nd chance, with a lot of new talent keen to join the vastly improved Sauber team for this season.

    Looking forward to renewing my partnership with Strunk and perhaps edging towards a top 5 finish in a race this year.

    Roll on next Monday!


    Hey All, really looking forward to the start of the new season with Renault, looks like I have a very strong team-mate in @Ljkobrien, and I think McLaren are the team to beat based on last years performances. Of course there is an unknown quantity of talent in the rookies :) Welcome all. See everyone at the sprint race on Thursday!

    ps. @Kyle – I like the idea of 2 drop races, due to summer holidays, I will have to miss at least 2, maybe even 3 :( Maybe we could add a race to the calender to compensate?


    @Kyle Thanks! Im hoping to have a good Rookie season.Would be great to have some competition online who do not crash on the first corner (Like 80% of the sprint races online)


    @Kyle @McWoblin

    I am totally in on the drop 2 races idea as well. I’m more than likely to have to drop 2, so would think that would work better.

    That still means doing 10 races out of 12, which is pretty good.

    @Daniel Owen – based on last season, there’s still a fair bit of action on that first corner, but after the initial melee the wheel to wheel racing is generally pretty clean…


    @mcwoblin @infernojim

    I think it makes sense. Especially as there will be quite a few of us away at certain times this summer. I’ve done my best to incorporate breaks in the calendar for when there are quite a few of us off but still…

    @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @carnivorouspope, @powderfinger, @lemon, @mnmracer, @strunk27 @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @arowan @ms20 @infernikus @agentmulder

    What does everyone think of the drop score rule being increased to 2 races? It seemed as if the drop lowest score rule was a success last season… This season sees an increase of the number of races from 10 to 12 in the middle of the summer holidays where a few of us (including me) will have to miss some races.

    Should it be increased because of this? Should we compensate by adding an extra track to the calendar? Let me know what you think. 

    Also, as you might have noticed from the last forum, I won’t be around for Istanbul.This means that either someone else needs to host this race or we rearrange the race date ( to the week before perhaps?) let me know what you think.  

    Look forward to seeing you all for Thursday’s sprint race championship. We will be starting around 8.30GMT so don’t be late. Oh and bring your headset! :-)


    Dropping the two lowest scores works for me. Losing 50 points will hurt, but if everyone gets it all is equal I guess :)

    On another note, @Kyle has yet to accept my friend request, so hopefully that gets sorted by Thursday.


    Dropping the two lowest scores works for me. Losing 50 points will hurt, but if everyone gets it all is equal I guess :)



    @agentmulder lol I’ve added you now… Of course i would have added you before thursday…You need to trust me more :-P

    With all the footy on at the moment, I haven’t switched the Xbox on for a few days… Missus wants the tv the rest of the time..

    Btw let me know if you guys want this extra round…


    If so many people are missing so many races how about working to a average score number of races divided by total score? just thought of the idea not sure if it would ruin the battle or just confuse everyone lol?


    Nice idea but think it might get confusing towards the tail end of the season. 

    The format with the dropped score worked really well last season. Now with 2 extra races I think it’s fair to have 2 dropped races rather than 1. Just look at f1 in the 80s with senna Prost & co…. Didn’t they drop the lowest 4 scores for a 16 race season? 

    As a side note @agentmulder @ms20 if you drop 50 points then you will need to have won all 12 races… Even Schumacher and Vettel never did that. You must be pretty good :-P.   im sure you will both have an off race or two..

    Last season lemon disconnected from a race. if there was no system in place – Omorfos Kevin would have won the championship.. Which is interesting… So if the same thing happened to anyone again.. The dropped score saves you.


    @kyle and all.

    really sorry, but I’m going to have to miss the Thursday fun times now. There’s a restructure at work, and long story short I have to do a presentation as part of an interview process at 9am on Friday morning.

    I figure that thrashing around various F1 tracks for 2-3 hours the night before, whilst great fun, might not be the best preparation for that!

    Sorry to mess you guys around and I hope that the even is a great laugh.

    Will be on board for Australia come Monday though!


    @infernojim Ah first corner there is bound to be some contact but on the online sprinting as we all know they like to play “How big a crash can we make”


    Indeed. Carnage.


    @agentmulder @infernikus @ms20

    In regards to the sprint race championship ( it being your first races), please don’t be put off by the inevitable incidents which will occur. 

    With only 3 laps for a race and mixed grids, im sure drivers will take more risks. And as i’ll already said previously, it will be a lot more laid back and informal than the main championship which starts on Monday. I remember the various sprint races we had last season after the main races… Crazy things happened and we were all just laughing half the time..but it wasn’t over the top like the various online races you might of had online!

    It’s just all about having fun and getting to know you guys a bit more.

    So yeah.. Please don’t be put off.. When the proper racing begins on Monday, you’ll see the fair clean racing that made the championship so brilliant last season!

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