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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    I was playing with my mate at his flat and he agree’d that F1 2012 felt like the McLaren F1 simulator we had a go with in Manchester last year in terms of handling and breaking

    Like it more than 2011 because it feels like more of a challenge to drive. Sometimes have it snap out of control but not sure if thats me or the game


    @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @carnivorouspope, @powderfinger, @lemon, @strunk27 @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @ms20 @infernikus @agentmulder @coefficient @thevortex @Sparky2315 @xelitexsh0tsx

    The F1F XBox World Championship Awards – The Results

    Driver of the season
    @Lemon (just for interest, Lemon himself voted for @infernojim)

    Pass of the Season @infernojim on Alfred ( @ljkobrien ) at India (see video below at around 2:22)


    Race of the Season – India, lots of action, crashes and close racing on an amazing circuit. 

    Best newcomer – Snake: 2nd in championship

    Best Race drive of the season @lemon from the back to win in Australia.

    Gentleman of the season @ms20 He wanted to give up his 3rd place at Monaco because of the lag issue he had – he was in a different place on our screens to where he was on his. (can I just add that everyone seemed to have been mentioned for this award – well done everybody!)

    Moment of the Championship
    Battle for 2nd closing up after insane India.

    Most controversial moment– China and the famous incidents… Do I need to say anymore…..

    Most exciting start–  A tie between British Gp in the wet and the final Gp in Brazil.

    Most exciting Qualifying -Italy in the wet (honourable mention to Brazil too)

    Crash of the Season – MadDogMolloy being punted deep into the gravel in China by El Timuel – At the end of the long straight. 

    Team partnership of the season – The Sauber Boys! @strunk27 and @infernojim (no other team was mentioned)

    Best Strategic call of the season – y2j @mrgrieves one stopping at Belgium or Japan.

    Worst strategic blunder of the season @Infernojim pitting for wets at the end of a drying British Gp

    Funniest moment– No clear winner (didn’t include our sprint races as these are awards for the main championship) 
    @ms20 bouncing off walls and crashing at Canada (due to lag)
    @ms20  in a different time zone in Monaco (again lag)
    – Multiple collisions between Sauber drivers on consecutive laps in Italy

    Radio (headset) message of the season – Two winners here..
    -MadDogMolloy and @kvothe screaming at incidents in china.
    @carnivorouspope said something about being like Jesus behind the wheel at China

    The Pastor Maldonaldo award (for driver who loved to collect penalties) @Infernojim had a few penalties this season eg. Australia and Canada to name two. 

    Most improved driver From last season @infernojim . Scored a few podiums and was consistently in the top half of the field. 

    The romain grosjean award (for driver most likely to be involved in first corner crash) – a lot of you voted for yourselves… The award is split between @kvothe, @mrgrieves (y2j), @ljkobrien (Alfred) and @strunk27.

    Biggest rivals it seemed rivals voted for each other….

    MadDog – Y2J
    Y2j – MadDog
    Alfred – ms20
    Ms20 – alfred
    Strunk- infernojim
    Infernojim – strunk
    Snake – lemon
    Lemon – snake

    Be interested to see if this stays the same next season!


    @mrgrieves – I don’t create a party anymore for races so you can create your own team party before qualifying starts.
    – if everyone else wants a 100% final race at Belgium, then I will include it… If not we could always have endurance series of races??

    @ljkobrien – I  see your point in regards to combining first and last in each team to level the playing field. The only problem i see is if newcomers join, then it messes up the system… I also think that some would want to stay as teammates if possible i.e. Strunk and infernojim.

    F1 2011 or 2012?

    Seems mostly everybody has moved to the new game.. So we will use f1 2012 for season 3. There seems to be some issues in regards to the tyre scaling…. I think it might be an idea to increase the race distance to perhaps 60% or 70% to counter this??? Otherwise everyone will end up 1 stopping and how boring is that? Perhaps we could bring the start time forward to 20:00 Uk time?? But if that isn’t convenient we could keep it as it is? Let me know.

    A full 20 race season?

    Seems most if us want to experience a whole season.. So we will for season 3… We will increase the number of dropped scores to 4 or 5 and create gaps in the calendar to break it up a bit eg Christmas. Let me know if there are any Mondays you can’t make and I’ll take this into account when I create the calendar.

    Next season!

    Get the feeling that f1 2012 will bring the field closer together.., and stop lemon from winning :-)

    I think we could look to possibly start on the last Monday of October… Let me know if this ain’t good for you. 

    I would like to see more teamwork next season- so dust off those headsets! Teams could create private parties in the game for discussing strategy, when each other is pitting, sharing setups etc. Need to have a think about some sort of reward system for the best team at each race…

    I’ll lock this forum and create a new forum and wiki by the end of the week.. Then we can choose teams, discuss rules etc.

    3rd Sprint race championship

    If you are all free next Monday (or another day if better for everyone) then how about we get together for another sprint championship?

    This would be a good way of testing the online aspect of the new game so we don’t have any issues for the main championship. It also would help everyone decide which car they would like to drive for next season.

    Let me know if you can make it.. Although can we all please calm down in regards to pushing everyone off at the first corner….

    EDIT – actually might be better if you all give me dates you are busy up until the weekend of the 27 October so we can eliminate these days and include everyone in this sprint championship.


    Hey @MadDogMolloy!

    Firstly, can’t believe how many awards I was mentioned for there! Proud of pass of the year, team work and most improved driver…. Maybe you can have a most deteriorated driver of the year award for this forthcoming season, as I feel like I’m going to be NOWHERE near in F1 2012!! A few of the other awards I’m less proud of….!! :-p

    Unfortunately, I’m not free next Monday. I say unfortunately, but I’ll be in Cologne in Germany watching (my favourite band) Radiohead, so actually its rather fortunate! Either way I’ll not be around.

    In terms of race distances, I don’t know what it allows online, but perhaps 50% would be better, it’s still longer than the 40% we were doing last season. I would stretch to 60%, but no more than that I think. The races are already going to take longer by virtue of me being around 7 seconds a lap slower than last season!! Haha!!


    @infernojim up until 28th Oct , what days are you busy? Maybe it might be best for everyone to do this?


    Apart from the long weekend I have this weekend, I get back next Wednesday. After that I’m around most of the rest of October I think…

    Lt Alfred

    love the fact that the only award i got a mention in way being overtaken :P
    @infernojim didn’t radiohead do a british tour recently? why go all the way to germany??

    my wheel is still bust, and it seems to be somethign to do with f1 2012 rather than the wheel as it works fine on f1 2011 still but goes haywire on 2012, if i get my depost refund from my last house by next monday i’ll join in the sprint and championship though


    @ljkobrien ok mate can you let me know dates you are busy over the next two weeks? I’ll rearrange and try to find a time when everyone is free…

    Lt Alfred

    of an evening im free any day except Wednesday, Friday or Saturday


    sorry for my absence, (heres the boring story why), got dumped by the missus and got chucked, got my xbox back now so anytime good for me let me, and im up for any race distance, and day :)


    @sparky2315 sorry to hear about that mate. Good to hear from you :-)

    Have you got the new game? Will probably start the new season at the end of the month. Keep in touch on here over the course of the next week or so. You will get a chance to choose your team perferences and be designated a team after those drivers above you in last seasons standings.. And before any newcomers.

    Are you interested in our sprint race championship? (20 races, 3 Laps each all in one evening) ? Should be a some point in the next week or 2?


    yeah would be up for sprint if im not seeing my son mate; and jobless too lol so anyday great for me


    A full 20 race season?
    I’ve never been in favor of it but happy enough to give it a spin just seem like it would take ages but as i say I’ve not done it before so happy to give it a spin

    @MadDogMolloy “Get the feeling that f1 2012 will bring the field closer together.., and stop lemon from winning :-)” Well don’t get to ahead of yourself. He was in the top 50 for fastest times in Australia when i last looked

    Any Monday is good. Really need to practice haven’t played it for a few weeks

    Been talking to one of my mates who’s looking to join as my team mate so hoping that will make for a good inter team battle

    Mondays are usually the best night for me and a 8pm start would be good for me as long as it works for our American friends

    Sprint race championship
    I’ll be in again as long as one of your rules is followed for a change

    “Although can we all please calm down in regards to pushing everyone off at the first corner….”
    The last two i was in was ruined by this including a 5 race run in mid season of season 2


    I’m hoping to have the game by October 23/24th.


    @ljkobrien – haha, yes, they played London over the past couple of days. Thing is that it was at the O2, which I hate as an arena. Also, I’d wanted to take the missus to Cologne and nearby Koblenz, because it’s a stunning place, and this was just a 2 birds / 1 stone job!

    Also @MadDogMolloy, I wanted to let you know that I can’t do the Monday after next either, as going to another gig (this time London based)… Check out my exciting life…. :-p


    Just had a look at the online part of the new game. Firstly we can now only do 50% for our races (the next nearest options being 25% or 100%). Also there is no option (I can see) to create a full or custom season for our sprint races. You can only choose 1 race! :-(

    So unless anyone knows of a work around, I may have to have my laptop open next to me on Microsoft excel to keep track of championship positions. The other option is we use Bernies medal system for sprint races (!!) as it would be easier to remember the winners..

    @mrgrieves invite him to the forum! Only problem might be, that seats will be assigned according to championship position. So think you are 3rd to choose ( if snake isn’t joining us) and your friend would be one of the last to choose. Unless you opt for a mid-bottom table team..

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