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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 1 (NOW COMPLETE)

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    I can do that. @ms20 @Kyle



    Welcome to the championship. We meet at 8.20GMT on mondays and We will be starting the championship in the next few weeks. I will start a new forum for season 2 and invite you and other members. There will be a link to a page with all the rules and the procedure we go through. Best to familarise yourself with this.

    To be able to add you on Xbox live, grateful if you could provide your gamer tag. Alternatively you can add me – my tag is MadDogMolloy.

    Also, in addition to the main championship, We will be having a 19 race series of 3 lap sprint races on Thursday 14 June. We will meet at 8.30GMT and aim to finish the championship in around 2-3 hours. Would you like to join us for this one off event? It’s not as serious as the main championship and just a bit of fun.

    Keep checking the forum for news and updates!


    I’ll do the sprint league as well. Thanks. I’ll add you next time I’m online.


    Put me down for that. Should manage that night.


    Sprint sounds good.

    Lt Alfred

    Gonna be there, sounds like its gonna be fun :) we know what the teams are gonna be now then? I want a team mate this time :(


    Sounds good :)


    Yeh 14th is OK for me


    Excited about this sprint race championship – sounds like we’re going to have a good turn out.

    What teams are we going to have for this, will it mirror the allocation for the championships proper? What say ye, mighty leader @kyle?


    @infernojim it’s completely up to you… As I say… Its just a bit of fun. Maybe just limit it to 2 drivers in the same car?


    I also would like a team-mate for the League, @Kyle, can you announce the teams that have been decided? I think we have most of the full-timers from last season’s choices in?

    For the sprint race, I dont suppose it matters, but having 2 of each is a good idea…


    @mcwoblin when I set up the forum for season 2 I’ll announce the teams. @mnmracer @kvothe and a few others still need to declare their teams. I’ll set up the forum when im back home tomorrow!


    @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @carnivorouspope, @powderfinger, @lemon, @mnmracer, @strunk27 @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @arowan @ms20

    This is the calendar i’m proposing… I’ve taken into account everyone’s holidays and there will be 2 mid season breaks. One between race 3 and 4 and one between race 7 and 8.

    1. Melbourne (18 June)
    2. Shanghai (25 June)
    3. Istanbul (2 July?)
    4. Monaco (16 July)
    5. Montreal (23 July)
    6. Silverstone (30 July)
    7. Hungaroring (6 August)
    8. Spa (20 August)
    9. Monza (27 August)
    10. Suzuka (3 September)
    11. New Delhi (10 September)
    12. Interlagos (17 September)

    The only problem is that I cannot host the race on 2 July as i’m away. So either someone else can host or I can host the race perhaps on a night the week before?

    Also… Perhaps with 2 extra races and some taking holidays.. what are everyone’s thoughts on having 2 dropped scores?

    Let me know what you think.

    @mnmracer @kvothe could you confirm if you plan to join for season 2? I need to distribute drivers to teams.


    For now I’d just like to do the sprint championship. I probably won’t find the time for a second full season. Though, just to be sure, 8.30GMT am or pm? Because if it’s in the morning, I won’t be able to make it (work).

Viewing 15 posts - 421 through 435 (of 438 total)
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