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How’s your F1 2013 career going?

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    Race 18: United States
    Qualifying: 5th – Race: 1st

    I had never shown good pace so I was thinking of using prime tyres in Q3: Hamilton had a 20-position penalty in practice so I had one rival less to worry about. Instead I saved two sets of options in Q2 and I used them: I was first by two tenths with my first lap, but my mechanics repaired an inexistent problem on my car and I was prevented from lapping again, and dropped to 5th, 6 tenths off Alonso’s pole time. Due to Hamilton’s penalty, I started 4th. I overtook Vettel and Rosberg at turn 1 and chased Alonso, but did not force a move. Unfortunately he was quick enough through sector 3, my weakest point, to be too far ahead by the time we approached sector 1, my strongest point, on the next lap. I stayed in second place but noticed, the lap I was due to pit, that he was back in my sight despite having been much further ahead. I pitted on lap 6, and me and Vettel came out of our boxes in time to avoid an enormous traffic jam: a queue of cars lined up behind us in the pit lane. One lap later I was back in second place, despite Webber setting the fastest time; however, it was Maldonado who led. I saw that Alonso had begun lapping at least five seconds slower for three laps before stopping, and was held up in the pit lane, dropping down to around 13th place. Maldonado stopped and I led the two Red Bulls, while Rosberg had also started dropping down. While Alonso fell down to 20th, Hamilton climbed to reach us fighting trio at the end of the race: as I lapped consistently in the high 1:40s or in the low 1:41s, I kept my lead while Hamilton overtook Webber for the podium place behind Vettel. This means Alonso has dropped to 4th in the drivers’ standings.


    Sadly, before my final race of the season, I received the “corrupt file” message and lost all my progress. Not only career but time trials and scenarios and everything else. I decided to do a Grand Prix weekend in Brazil to complete, unofficially, my career. I put the same settings as I’d had but somehow I had too great a performance advantage on my rivals.

    Race 19: Brazil
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st

    Practice was a dry start to a wet weekend, and I topped the session by over two seconds. I was first on intermediates in Q1 and second in Q2. A first run on those tyres put me 8th in Q3, but I noticed the track was too dry. On full wets I improved by two seconds to take first, and had time to do another run on another set of wets and beat my own provisional pole time while others also improved. I was almost two seconds ahead of Raikkonen and Hulkenberg, who beat Vettel and Alonso. The race was run under light rain and everyone used intermediate tyres. Raikkonen overtook me on the inside of turn 1 at the start but ran deep enough for me to move to the inside and take the lead back. I led by three seconds at the end of the first lap as Hamilton had fought his way up to 2nd. I then proceeded to earn around a second per lap on Hamilton himself, and set the fastest lap right away. On lap 9 Alonso, now 3rd, pitted, but Hamilton stayed out one more lap and I, wanting to record a Grand Chelem, stayed out two more laps as I wanted to be sure Hamilton was stopping. I pitted just after momentarily lapping Pic and came back out with 10 seconds on Hamilton. I immediately lapped Chilton and Bianchi, set the fastest lap again before lapping van der Garde and Pic, then improved further the fastest lap. I stayed in the 1:14s every lap till the end and won with a 20-second margin on Hamilton who preceded Alonso. Vettel out of the points meant Fernando has taken 3rd place in the standings back.

    Season Summary
    Wins: 7 – Poles: 3 – Doubles: 3 – Grand Slams: 1

      1. Australia – 6th + 2nd
      2. Malaysia – 9th + 15th
      3. China – 13th + 16th
      4. Bahrain – 10th + 2nd
      5. Spain – 7th + 2nd
      6. Monaco – 4th + 2nd
      7. Canada – 4th + 1st
      8. Great Britain – 1st + 1st
      9. Germany – 6th + 2nd
      10. Hungary – 3rd + 2nd
      11. Belgium – 9th + 1st
      12. Italy – 1st + 1st
      13. Singapore – 6th + 2nd
      14. South Korea – 13th + 2nd
      15. Japan – 10th + 8th
      16. India – 12th + 3rd
      17. Abu Dhabi – 6th + 1st
      18. United States – 4th + 1st
      19. Brazil – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    Richard Paquet

    I’ve been playing F12013 since it was released; up to my 3rd year in career mode and was wondering if anyone can give hints on how to minimize tire wear? I really struggle finishing the race on tight tracks like Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. I’ll take any advice I can get! Thanks!

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