2012 European Grand Prix Awards

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    Well that was unusual, a decent race in Valencia. Anyway, who do you think deserves the following awards…

    Best Driver:
    Worst Driver:
    Best Team:
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result:
    Least Surprising Result:
    Special Mention to:
    Race Rating: /10

    BBC vs Sky:
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter:
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter:
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: /10


    Best Driver: Romain Grosjean – started strong, some good overtaking, setting good times. His only mistake was on the restart after the safety car, had his engine not failed I’m sure he would have taken Alonso!
    Worst Driver: Jean-Eric Vergne – what was that move on Kovalainen
    Best Team: This is a tough one as I don’t think any team did particularly brilliantly as a whole. I’ll say Force India – they got both their drivers in the points even with a broken KERS and bad strategy (pure luck that di Resta’s one stop didn’t fail)
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso – they looked worse than normal all weekend, although Ricciardo says they’ve learnt a lot of good things
    Best Overtake: Grosjean on Hamilton and Alonso on Grosjean – both close, both worked
    Best Funny- moment: I can’t think of a funny moment, the best awww moment was when Horner gave Vettel a hug after his retirement, their body language was rather sweet!
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher getting to the podium – a lot of luck and some good driving
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonado – being too aggressive and causing an accident
    Special Mention to: Alonso – p11 to p1 at his home race, a good drive taking advantage of circumstances and an emotional win
    Race Rating: 10/10

    BBC vs Sky:
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Nick Heidfeld – very interesting insights and well formed opinions
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Lazenby – it’s about time he learnt to stop saying stupid things
    Best Commentary moment: nothing really stood out in this race – other than Brundle/Kravitz thinking Raikkonen was under investigation for overtaking under yellow when race control was clearly showing Hamilton, but that’s not really a ‘best’ moment!
    World feed rating: 8/10


    Best Driver: Fernando Alonso
    Worst Driver: Jean Eric Vergne
    Best Team: Force India
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Grosjean
    Best Funny- moment: Nothing stood out
    Most Surprising Result: Michael Schumacher
    Least Surprising Result: Narain Karthikeyan
    Special Mention to: Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg
    Race Rating: 9/10

    BBC vs Sky: Sky
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Nick Heidfeld
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Jake (didn’t watch BBC, but he’s always bad)
    Best Commentary moment: N/A
    World feed rating: 3/10


    Best Driver: Fernando Alonso
    Worst Driver: Felipe Massa
    Best Team: Caterham
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Grosjean/Webber
    Best Funny- moment: Senna on the worng side of the circuit and then on the right again
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the finish line and the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonado crashing
    Special Mention to: Kimi, Grosjean, Schumi, Hulkenberg,Vettel and Webber
    Race Rating: 10/10

    World feed rating: 9/10


    Best Driver: Sebastian Vettel – Dominant all weekend, just unlucky.
    Worst Driver: Bruno Senna – Holding everybody up and then barging Kobayashi in the wall, pitiful. He got a point, but that’s because everybody behind him had crashed.
    Best Team: Ferrari and Caterham – Because all the rest dropped the ball.
    Worst Team: McLaren – Brought Hamilton back in traffic after the first stop, butchered his second stop, left him hung out to dry in the end and they didn’t exactly help Button forward either.
    Best Overtake: Grosjean on Maldonado at the start.
    Best Funny- moment: Adrian Newey grabbing what’s left of his hair.
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the podium.
    Least Surprising Result: Both Williams.
    Special Mention to: Alonso, Grosjean, Schumacher and DRS.
    Race Rating: 10/10 – Really had it all.

    Felipe Bomeny

    Best Driver: This is a tricky one. Alonso was spectacular and Grosjean was also very impressive. But I really have to give it Vettel. A great pole position and a fantastic start; he has the phenomenal ability to whip up an impressive gap. A close second to Alonso, who carved through the field. It’s a shame that Vettel and Grosjean retired; it could’ve been a titanic scrap for the lead between the three.

    Worst Driver: I was a huge fan of him in British F3, but today Jean-Eric Vergne was a let-down. He was outperformed by Dan and also had that bizzare incident with Kovalainen (which is a shame, as Caterham was looking racy today).

    Best Team: Force India, for a double points finish and running in the top ten for the majority of the race.

    Worst Team: Toro Rosso for finishing out of the points.

    Best Overtake: Alonso on Grosjean- exciting stuff!

    Best Funny- moment: The marshal placing the Superman plush on Alonso’s race-winning car

    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the podium

    Least Surprising Result: Marussia out of the top ten

    Special Mention to: RoGro, Alonso, Webber, Schumi, Hulk- fantastic driving from these guys

    Race Rating: 9/10- who says Valenica is boring?


    Best Driver: Alonso
    Worst Driver: Vergne, for driving his damaged car back too fast and spraying bits all over the track (black-flag territory?) as well as the muppet move on Heikki. Qualified badly too.
    Best Team: Force India, slightly disappointing result which shows what a big step forward they made.
    Worst Team: McLaren for all the disingenuous bullsh*t. “We’re the best team at pitstops!” (really?) “You’re doing a great job, Lewis” (no – he let Vettel get away from everyone, and the strategy was still rubbish as his tyres went off big time. What if there’d been no safety car?) And having two press officers standing behind Lewis making sure he insulted our intelligence. If they want to hold onto Lewis (and give him a pay cut) this isn’t the way to go about it.
    Best Overtake: Alonso ambushing Grosjean at the restart
    Best Funny- moment: Alonso celebrating/laughing/crying/whatever over the team radio.
    Most Surprising Result: Was nice to see Michael on the podium. He drove well, didn’t give Webber a chance
    Least Surprising Result: Massa in trouble again.
    Special Mention to: Nico Hülkenberg, great effort without KERS and must be the team’s best result since Fisichella at Spa.
    Race Rating: 9/10

    BBC vs Sky:
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: David Coulthard, good at spotting things like drivers’ tyres starting to go off. Nice little Formula Ford feature on Saturday too.
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: James Allen, for not being there again.
    Best Commentary moment: The noise Ben Edwards made when Hamilton hit the wall!
    World feed rating: 6/10 Missed a few things and slow to replay them, but the TV director must have had a hell of a job today, it was all going off!


    Best Driver: Alonso, for the great win and epic celebrations or Vettel for the sublime driving all weekend until his car gave up.
    Worst Driver: Vergne or Kobayashi, each for some stupid moves. Maldonado was getting far more out of his Williams than Senna did, so I wouldn’t consider him the worst.
    Best Team: Force India
    Worst Team: STR, for a combination of slow pace and even worse driving, all weekend.
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Grosjean
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher podium!
    Least Surprising Result: Massa out of the points
    Special Mention to: SCHUMACHER for the 3rd place finish! Hulkenberg and Grosjean were good as well.
    Race Rating: 10/10

    Force Maikel

    Best Driver: Fernando Alonso
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado, yes Hamilton pushed him off the track, gave him no room to return, but what he did next was simply dumb!
    Best Team: Mercedes, they called shumi in on the right time and it paid off
    Worst Team: McLaren, Train those Pit-Stops dam it!
    Best Overtake: ? (To much to keep up with)
    Best Funny- moment: 1.Vettel trowing his gloves, dude thats not sporty, but it was understandable. 2. A caterham overtaking Massa!
    Most Surprising Result: schumi on the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Massa needs to go, sympathetic guy but isn’t doing what is neccesary to aid Alonso or the Constructors Championship
    Special Mention to: Grosjean, his day will come soon!
    Race Rating: 10/10

    Bradley Downton

    Best Driver: Sebastian Vettel – Easily the class of the field yesterday and today. Was very unlucky today.
    Worst Driver: Timo Glock – It was like he didn’t even turn up… oh wait…
    On a more serious note, Vergne’s move was stupid, but so was Maldonado’s. Massa was poor, but for me, it’s Kobayashi. He clattered into a number of people :/
    Best Team: Mercedes – Probably had the best strategy.
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso – Just poor. Having fallen back into the clutches of Caterham.
    Best Overtake: Grosjean on Hamilton. Not many people pull a move like that on Lewis. I was mighty impressed.
    Best Funny- moment: Massa’s tyre, looked like someone had just cut part of it off.
    Most Surprising Result: Alonso winning from 11th?! :L
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel dominating from the start. HRT last.
    Special Mention to: Alonso, Grosjean, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Webber, Caterham
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Seb Vettel, had a perfect weekend and race
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button, sorry but once again…
    Best Team: Red Bull, look really strong now
    Worst Team: Williams, their drivers are too inconsistent
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on someone, forgot already
    Best Funny- moment: Hamilton stuck in the box once again!
    Most Surprising Result: MSC on podium after another actually mediocre weekend
    Least Surprising Result: Lotus on podium
    Special Mention to: Maldonado, what a dumb move!!
    Race Rating: 9.5/10

    Antonio Nartea

    Best Driver: Alonso – he’s had the race of his life today.
    Worst Driver: a tie between Maldonado, Senna and Vergne…all acting incredibly stupid.
    Best Team: Mercedes AMG – finally capitalizing on every chance they got and putting Schumi & Rosberg way up into the points.
    Worst Team: a tie between Williams – for putting two of the worst drivers F1 ever had on the grid and Torro Rosso – who are more on a downward spiral every race.
    Best Overtake: Grosjean on Hamilton at the beginning of the race. Pure balls.
    Best Funny-moment: McLaren in the pits, as per usual.
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the podium.
    Least Surprising Result: HRTs closing the field even with everyone in front of them having trouble of some sort.
    Special Mention to:
    The positive: Vettel and Grosjean. They would have been P1 and P2, without a doubt if it weren’t for the mechanical failures.
    The negative: FIA for rushing to hand inconsistent penalties all over the place but still taking time to question Schumacher’s drive.
    Race Rating: 10/10


    Best Driver: Alonso
    Worst Driver: Vergne
    Best Team: Force India
    Worst Team: Torro Rosso
    Best Overtake: Any of Alonso’s overtakes around the outside at turn 2!
    Best Funny- moment: The noise Ben Edwards made when Hamilton and Maldonado collided!
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonado and Hamilton colliding
    Special Mention to: Vettel, his pace was incredible!
    Race Rating: 10/10


    Best Driver: Alonso – Stunning drive up through the grid.
    Worst Driver: Jean Eric Vergne – Showing his lack of experience.
    Best Team: Force India/Caterham – both put in fantastic performances compared to preceding grands prix.
    Worst Team: McLaren – As much as I hate to say it, they really dropped the ball again this weekend, simply too many mistakes.
    Best Overtake: Both of Alonso’s into Turn 2.
    Best Funny- moment: The overly touchy-feely marshals and Alonso at the end.
    Most Surprising Result: Schumacher on the podium – About time!
    Least Surprising Result: The Williams – so much wasted promise.
    Special Mention to: Raikkonen/Lotus – Surely a win’s got to come soon?
    Race Rating: 9 and a half/10

    Best BBC commentator/presenter: EJ, because… y’know, EJ.
    Best Commentary moment: Ben Edward’s noise when Hamilton and Maldonado hit. He’s fantastic at stuff like that, and you can tell he really loves F1.
    World feed rating: 6/10 – Poor stuff today, kept cutting away from the action, and the replays were often poorly ordered. The graphics are getting better and better, though.


    Best Driver: Vettel – Excellant quali lap and didn’t do a single thing wrong in the race. Special mentions to Alonso (drove a storming race), Grosjean (looked quick all weekend) and Hulkenburg (best result this season).

    Worst Driver: Senna – Well off of his teammates pace again and was involved in a slightly clumsy incident with Kobayashi. Vergne was also poor, knocked out of Q1 again and bizzarely drove into Kovalainen.

    Best Team: Lotus – Would of been on for a double podium had Grosjeans car not failed. Special mention to RedBull who were very quick, but hampered by reliability issues.

    Worst Team: None stick out to be honest. Williams failed to pick up any meaningful results and Torro Rosso were once again detached from the midfield again however.

    Best Overtake: Alonso on Grosjean at the restart. Special mention to Grosjean for his move on Hamilton in th first stint.

    Best Funny- moment: Schumacher singing along to the Italian national anthem on the podium (force of habit?!)

    Most Surprising Result: Alonso winning from 11th on the grid.

    Least Surprising Result: A lotus on the podium.

    Special Mention to: Schumacher on making it to the podium; it’s been quite a wait ;)

    Race Rating: 8/10

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