Best and worst moments of 2010

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    Best moment: Hamilton and Button jousting in Turkey

    Worst moment: Massa pulling over in Germany


    I feel like I wanna watch every race so that I don’t leave something out, which I’m sure I’ll leave lots out lol Here’s my attempt on the best and worst moments… It’s a bit personal/biased towards McLaren lol as I’m a fan, but I have mentioned other stuff as well :)

    Let’s start with the Best Moments:

    -Karun Chandhok’s patience in Bahrain, the first time he drives the car is in Qualifying!

    -Schumi’s return

    -The Australian GP raising our hopes up, Hamilton’s amazing overtaking, Button’s 1st win for McLaren was sweet

    -Alonso’s hilarious radio in the AustralianGP when he tells his engineer “I don’t want to know” (about Hamilton)

    -The Chinese GP: Hamilton racing Schumi :) McLaren 1-2

    -Webber’s back flip into the pool after winning Monaco and his jump in the sea – was fun to see a driver really celebrate!

    -McLaren drivers racing each other at the Turkish GP right after the Red Bulls crashed into each other (heart stopping moment!), and doing it right! Leading to a McLaren 1-2

    -Lewis’ win in Canada, he drove brilliantly, JB did a great job too = 3rd McLaren 1-2

    -Webber rubbing it in the team’s face after winning Silverstone: “Not bad for a #2 Driver”

    -Hamilton’s win in Spa in the rain :)

    -Alonso’s and Massa’s superb 1-2 in Monza, the tifosi’s celebrations! One couldn’t help but feel happy for Ferrari, felt like chanting the Italian anthem with them too bad I don’t know it’s words.. That was one mad podium celebration, great to see the fans in the bottom of the podium – fans should be allowed to do that in every GP :/

    -The fireman of the year: -Heikki putting out his own fire in Singapore

    -Hamilton’s Radio in the Korean GP wanting to go racing while others were complaining

    -Alonso’s evil laugh after winning the Korean GP as a result of both RBs DNFs, haha that was so funny

    -5 drivers in contention for the WDC going into Brazil!!

    -The most surprising pole of the season: the one and only Hulk! Everybody was happy for him, and excited that none of the WDC contenders were on pole!

    -Red Bull winning the constructors in Brazil, liked the confetti on the podium, we should have more confetti on the podiums, but I guess it would be a pain to clean the cars afterwards lol

    -Vettel winning the Championship! I really wanted Webber simply because of his experience, but happy that an RB driver won it in the end as I felt they were more deserving..

    -Vettel’s celebratory cry in the radio was so touching! And then him screaming 2 secs later haha was great!

    When it comes to the worst, I’m not sure if ‘worst’ is the right word, I’d rather call them exciting/OMG moments because some of them include crashes that are good for some drivers and bad for the others.. So I’ll call them Exciting/OMG moments that aren’t all good :)

    Worst/Exciting/OMG Moments:

    -The Chinese GP: Buemi’s tyres shooting out in sync! That was a sight never to be forgotten!

    -Realizing that the old Schumi isn’t really back..

    -Ham’s retirement in Barcelona

    -Button’s retirement in Monaco

    -Barrichello throwing out his wheel in Monaco, then the HRT sweeping it under

    -Trulli’s car going over Karun Chandhok’s head in Monaco!

    -Schumacher passing Alonso after the SC went in – the whole confusion with the rules that followed after that!

    -The infamous Red Bull crash, Vettel signaling that Webber was crazy, Hamilton zooming by to take the win! (That was crazy to watch!!)

    -Valencia GP: Mark Webber taking off of Kovalainen’s Lotus – Very scary Hollywood type action! Glad he was unhurt!

    -Hockenheim: Of course the dreaded slo-mo radio of Rob Smedley: “Fernando-is-faster-than-you!” Then he adds the straw that breaks the camel’s back: “Sorry!”

    -Felipe Massa’s solemn podium celebration, we all felt for him!

    -Mayhem in the pitlane in Hungary: the loose Mercedes wheel that flew and narrowly missed the Williams’ mechanics, then Sutil and Kubica crashing into each other in the pits!

    -Hamilton painfully retiring in Hungary due to mechanical failure

    -Schumacher pushing Barrichello towards the wall in Hungary!

    -Webber slamming into JB in Spa

    -Hamilton’s DNF in the 1st lap in Monza due to contact with Felipe! His 3rd DNF of the season – really affected his WDC chances :/

    -Hamilton’s 4rth DNF in Singapore after contact with Webber :'(

    -Waiting for Race Control to bring in the Safety Car in Korea

    -Webber spinning out the race in Korea taking Rosberg out with him, the worst for me was seeing the other teams celebrating Webber’s crash without even knowing if the guy is OK (I remember when Ferrari did that to McLaren a few yrs back and it stung, so seeing McLaren & Ferrari doing that to Red Bull must’ve hurt other fans a bit..

    -Vettel retiring in Korea due to an engine failure right after Webber, disaster for RB, but opened up the WDC doors!


    Best honorable mentions: Kobayashi at Valencia/Silverstone/Suzuka, Schumacher at Suzuka showing a bit of his spark starting to come back, Button at Melbourne, Hamilton keeping it out of the barriers in the kitty litter at Spa, Alonso’s Monza win for the Tiffosi, Alonso coming from the back at Monaco, Kovalainen keeping his cool at Singapore while his butt roasted, the boat construction in the pit lane at Suzuka, Vettel’s response to his engineer that he was champion, Button and Hamilton fighting in Turkey. Worst honorable mentions: Vettel and Webber in Turkey, Webber’s flight at Valencia, Schumacher almost getting decapitated.

    Best moment without a doubt has to be Hülkenberg’s pole at Interlagos over a second faster than Vettel! I don’t think ANYone saw that coming, least of all Hülkenberg.

    Worst moment is pretty obviously Massa capitulating in Hockenheim, and with that the WMSC’s decision to let the penalty stand but not punish Ferrari further (“they’ve done nothing wrong but we’re going to keep their money”).

    box this lap

    technically the best moment of the season was Alonso’s perfect result in Singapore: fastest lap, start from pole, leading every lap, set the fastest lap and eventually win the race.

    but to be a litte bit creative I have to say the internet coverage of the season was very enjoyable: Mclaren sending pictures of their new front wings through Twitter, Mike Gascoyne posting a tweet about the weather on the circuit, Timo Glock tweeting about an apple pie he just had, Kovalainen always talking about KL etc. I also enjoyed seeing Vettel winning the championship, before the race started I never thought he would become the champion, but he did!

    Worst moment:

    Vettel and Webber colliding were all the whining about team orders and no.1 and no.2 drivers started.


    -Alonso’s and Massa’s superb 1-2 in Monza, the tifosi’s celebrations! One couldn’t help but feel happy for Ferrari, felt like chanting the Italian anthem with them too bad I don’t know it’s words.. That was one mad podium celebration, great to see the fans in the bottom of the podium – fans should be allowed to do that in every GP :/

    Not quite! Button was second and Massa 3rd. Oh, and Vettel slammed in to Button at Spa, not Webber.


    Best moment: Hülkenberg’s pole lap in Interlagos, just incredible.

    Worst moment: Team orders in Hockenheim. The worst part of it was the fact that it ruined the race. Massa was struggling with primes, and Alonso was much faster – had we not seen the team order, maybe we would see an awesome battle for the win between the team mates.


    Best moment: There are many great memories but the best one is probably the whole Abu Dhabi GP. Fernando losing one place at the start, collision between Liuzzi and Schumacher, safety car, spontaneous pit stop strategies, Ferrari’s strategic mistake, Alonso stuck behind Petrov, Vettel’s drive to the championship, emotions of German TV commentators during the race and after it, Vettel’s emotions after the race, party in Red Bull garage – this was a wonderful mix that ensured I was sitting on the edge of my seat for two hours!

    Worst moment: It has to be the team orders in Hockenheim. I understand why Ferrari did that but I still feel terribly sorry for Massa. Ferrari’s behaviour after the race was simply disgusting.


    Best moment: Kovalinen spinning twice in monaco qualifying as (he later told the press) that he could make up the 0.910 he was off getting into second qualifying. Good try mate.


    Red Bull celebrations at Monaco

    Worst Moment: Team orders from Ferrari and the Bahrain GP


    Thanks very much for your suggestions everyone. The best moments of 2010 is going up on the site today.

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