Better track to host German GP?

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    Harvey Lorenzo

    Hello everyone,

    If you were in charge of Formula 1, and were given the opportunity to make the season calendar, and were told to put ONLY ONE race in Germany to ensure other countries could get a spot (and assuming both Hockenheim and the Nurburgring are in good financial standing, even though they currently aren’t) – would you:

    1) continue the alternation (Hockenheim in even years, Nurburgring in odd years)
    2) Hockenheim only
    3) Nurburgring only

    I personally prefer #3 because the Nurburgring has better overtaking opportunities and also has a legacy it leaves behind worldwide. It technically called ‘dibs’ to hosting a German GP.

    1, 2, or 3, and why?

    Thank you all for your responses :)



    How has the Nurburgring better overtaking opportunities? That long back straight on Hockenheim has as much opportunities as the ring alone…

    I like both for historic reasons but if I’m really honest neither of them are really great tracks. If I had to choose one though I’d agree on the Nurburgring GP.


    Having visited both tracks, I prefer the Nürburgring from a spectator point of view, but overall the facilities/logistics/such stuff at the Hockenheimring are probably better. So I guess Hockenheim if a more suitable track to host a GP.


    I’d prefer alternating. If you somehow manage to ignore the epic track that was destroyed in 2002, the current Hockenheim is not a bad circuit. The parabolika is very tricky when you go side-by-side and the run after the hairpin is quite tricky too. Plus the stadium section remains as cool as ever, thankfully. I feel it’s hated because of that, because no matter how cool it is, it cannot match what was there before.

    The Nurburgring is also a very nice fast flowing track (except that stupid first section). I especially like the second half, from the hairpin all the way to the chicane, it’s fantastic.


    I find the Nurburgring very boring, perhaps it’s over exposure to it on various racing games, but the first sector is awful and after that I don’t see anything interesting.

    I would choose Hockenheim simply because there is opportunity to overtake in many places, and the Parabolika and Stadium sections are pretty unique. I also like the Mercedes Benz section

    James Brickles

    We should all start a kickstarter project to bring back the old version of Hockenheim ;)

    Iestyn Davies

    It’d be interesting to see the current generation of cars at the Nurburgring, before they change it up for 2017.




    I hate the new butchered Hockenheim, such a let down after the amazing original one – which was a real car breaker and would often throw us an unexpected result. So my vote is for the Nurburgring.


    I really liked the ‘WEC-layout’ of the Nurburgring of last weekend.


    I know it’s totally out of the question because of FIA grading etc, but I’d love to see what F1 would be like on the Oschersleben or EuroSpeedway Lausitz tracks.


    I just saw this topic pop up again and after yesterdays WEC race I can’t help but wonder how good F1 cars would be on the Nurburgring with the alternative chincane which is almost just a lift for P1 cars…


    I prefer the Nurburgring, it really is a proper track. Alternating wasn’t too bad though.


    I find Nürburgring to be far more interesting than both the old and modern versions of Hockenheimring.

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