Circuit de Monaco to be modified?

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    Not sure if this information has been posted yet, but there is an interesting article regarding future plans for the Monaco circuit:


    “Prince Albert this week announced that Monaco would be reclaiming 14 acres of land from the sea, with a view to expanding housing opportunities in a very crowded space. The project – which will take a number of years to come to fruition – will see new land just past Portier, giving the Automobile Club de Monaco the opportunity to redraft the circuit and add in some overtaking opportunities. Just one would suffice.”


    I reckon the only thing they should do there is: Make the exit wider to add to the chances of overtaking into the Chicane (they also need to remove the barrier right next to the first apex there to help overtaking maneuvers, perhaps a bollard instead) and a run-off, Grandstand, and perhaps another hotel to accommodate all the attendees. Also, removing the barrier right next to the kerb at the Chicane out of the tunnel gives a chance for DRS, adding to the overtaking possibilities.
    All I think they should do track-wise at Portier is make it wider (if the procedure goes ahead)


    And/or they could use the extra surface to build a new pit complex.


    They talk about including an overtaking spot, which would be a real ‘addition’ to the circuit as it has no real ideal overtsking spots at the moment. But that’s what’s great about Monaco: as a driver following another driver, you have to be patient and force the other driver to make a mistake – that’s basically the only way to pass in Monaco.

    We saw last year with Button how things end up if you don’t have patience. The top five last year was incredibly close and although it got many complaints it was boring, I actually thought it was one of the best races of the year because it was a real battle: drivers trying to force each other to make mistakes, but because of the outstanding quality of today’s Formula 1 grid, none of them buckled.

    Summarizing this: please don’t try to ‘improve’ it!


    @andae23 I agree. Monaco is like no other, has its own unique niche and speciality. I think it should be kept as it is, instead of spending millions to rebuild/extend it.


    On a historical note, they built the harbour chicane in 1986 by reclaiming land from the sea. It’s basically their only option given the geography!


    Finally! I always wanted Hermann Tilke to “improve” Monaco. ;)


    Finally! I always wanted Hermann Tilke to “improve” Monaco. ;)

    They’re reclaiming land from the sea, not demolishing all buildings and infrastructure, level it and re-pave it. ;)


    The primary purpose of reclaiming the land is obviously to allow them to build more apartment buildings for the wealthy to move into and the strip of land being reclaimed is hardly massive, so making changes to the Grand Prix circuit is probably the last thing on their minds. Still, it would be nice if they did revise it to make overtaking a possibility though.


    @andae23 I completely agree. Monaco doesn’t need overtaking. The near-impossibility to overtake is one of the things that make it unique and truly great.


    I like Monaco how it is- as a place and a circuit. It seems to be one of the great special places and I would hate to see it reclaim land Dhubai style and ruin it!

    As for the circuit the cars out grew this thing probably 20-30 years ago- in its own right it shouldnt be a Grands Prix………… but its Monaco and its what we love about it!! I agree in last years race was pretty exciting at the end, but a few alterations for some overtaking spots rather than a “new circuit” a better option.

    I hate when old circuits get redesigned – and not for the better- Hockienhiem a great example! For those too young to see the old track through the forrest do a youtube and have a squizz- its brialliant!!
    Martin Brundell likes the new layout (well not so new anymore really) saying the fast straights were very dangerous while you held on expecting the car to blow up- he was in the Tyrell at the time so probably spot on LOL

    I can see the practicle reasons for this change as Hockenhiem was around 7km if I remember, not so great for spectators and saftey really, but dont change Monaco on us!!!

    Next thing we know Abu Dhabi will be the ‘classic circuit in formula one racing’………………….. thats when I tune out. I see why F1 races there, but why THERE? Cant they build a proper race track in the desert that is good , Circuit of the America’s maybe a good starting point for their reference??


    here’s what 14 acres of reclaimed land amounts to when placed next to Portier:



    I actually thought it was one of the best races of the year because it was a real battle

    Its not much of a battle if you can’t overtake. It’s a fight that only one side is going to win even if they make a mistake. Personally, I don’t think the circuit would be ruined. The cars would still have kers to defend and this would bring in a new element of surprise and hope to the circuit and would make the race a bit more exciting to watch.

    rob lomas

    Well I know a cheaper way to add an overtaking spot and I shall post it tomorrow at school


    I hope they make some quick and easy affordable housing….

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