Circuit de Monaco to be modified?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    The only changes I would make would be to widen the circuit and remove the blind apex so that the drivers have an actual line of sight through the corner. It won’t improve overtaking in the sense that it creates an opportunity where none existed before, but it would hopefully give the drivers a little bit more time to pick a line going into the tunnel.

    And I’d also consider reclaiming a bit of land between the Nouvelle Chicane and Tabac, just so that the exit to the chicane can be smoothed out a little bit (the wall on the left at the exit has always been too close) and maybe increase the speed into Tabac and the Swimming Pool.


    @Prisoner Monkeys – good call and I actually thought the same thing after as that is probably the only spot a circuit change could work. Maybe the other place, depending on how much they look to reclaim, would be instead a the hard right under the casino head straight (Out to sea I guess :) and head a right back to the swimming pool? May work but would be a shame to get rid of the prime spot for the yatch berths (well, what would I care, I have never been on one LOL)………………….. but Monaco needs to have the tunnel I think!

    Craig Woollard

    Monaco is one of my favourite tracks to drive around, and I agree with comments like “wait for the car in front to make a mistake”, I think it’s that which makes Monaco so tricky, the ultimate challenge when it comes to attacking, defending and being quick. I don’t think it needs to be changed really.


    I would love to see a Mario Kart style track-split at some point where drivers can take an alternative route and then the track converges later in the lap…wouldn’t that be a bit of craic? Now I’ll admit, it’s a longshot…


    @esquilax You mean a place where the drivers can collect banana’s and turtles?

    No, serious: of all the alternative routes, one will always be the fastest, so all the drivers will take the same route.


    @esquilax @matthijs @dujedcv

    Yeah, we need Yoshi Valley on the calendar. Mario Kart already races at Monza.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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