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    Robert Tang

    22. Max Chilton – Yes he finished all the races, but most of them in last!
    21. Pastor Maldonado – Never progressed to Q3 all season in contrast to his 11 appearances in 2012 which was disappointing, could lay blame on his team but he was just not up to speed all season.
    20. Charles Pic – Okay first half but got overshadowed by his teammate in the second half.
    19. Esteban Gutierrez – Had some highlights, but pretty slow still in comparison to his teammate.
    18. Jean-Eric Vergne – Raised his game in qualifying, and his race in Canada was impressive, but dropped some pace in the second half.
    17. Giedo van der Garde – Didn’t expect much to his arrival to F1, so his second half of the season was actually pretty good, and he also beat his teammate on merit on occasions.
    16. Adrian Sutil – Fast but unlucky in the first half, slow and inconsistent in the second half.
    15. Paul di Resta – Racked up some good points early in the season, and some of his recovery drives was impressive. Like Sutil he dropped the ball as Force India faded away.
    14. Jules Bianchi – His debut season for Marussia was solid, he can often beat Catherhams on merit and was way clear of his teammate. Sure deserves a better car in the future.
    13. Daniel Ricciardo – Had some great weekends like China and was remarkable in qualifying, but he still has some room to improve in race trim.
    12. Sergio Perez – Was faster than Button in qualifying though lacked some speed in race. Aggressive, sometimes overly aggressive. Ask Kimi for that!
    11. Felipe Massa – Faster than his 2012 self but still some way off Alonso, hope he will lead the way for Williams.
    10. Valtteri Bottas – Dragged more performance in a dog of a car than his more experienced teammate on only his debut season!
    9. Jenson Button – He was consistent in a slow car, and kept his head when his car did not improved much throughout the season to bring valuable points for Mclaren to beat Force India.
    8. Romain Grosjean – While many of his late season races was very good, he was still not yet up to speed in the first half when Lotus was arguably good enough for wins. Still improved massively from 2012 with less accident-prone yet faster pace.
    7. Mark Webber – His heart went when Vettel disobeyed the team’s order in Malaysia. In qualifying he can often match Vettel’s pace and sometimes even capitalizes on his mistakes. But in race trim Mark was someway off Vettel, and it’s sad for Mark not winning a race in his final season.
    6. Nico Rosberg – Matched Hamilton on both raw pace and race trim and proved he is one of the top drivers in F1. While his win in Silverstone was in pure luck, his performance in resisting pressure from behind and winning in Monaco was superb. He can definitely challenge WDC with a better car.
    5. Lewis Hamilton – Considering he never got comfortable in the W04, a win and 5 podiums was remarkable from him. His run of 4 poles from Britain to Belgium was excellent, and that’s something he never achieved in Mclaren before. Despite dropping quite a bit in the latter half of the season, his bedding year in Mercedes is still a success and he is one of the favorites for 2014 WDC.
    4. Kimi Raikkonen – Showed he still has the eagerness to win in Australia, and kept pushing hard when Lotus didn’t even pay him a penny. His qualifying was mediocre, but he made it up in the race. But something was missing in his season: some awesome team radio!
    3. Nico Hulkenberg – His Q3 lap in Italy and holding up two world champions in Korea proved he is worthy of a top drive. Even when Sauber was a dog of a car early in the season, he pushed very hard and scored every possible points he could achieve. Could even threaten Button’s 9th place in WDC had not been some unlucky drive-throughs.
    2. Fernando Alonso – Looks like he could have challenged for a long waited 3rd title early in the season, his drive in China and Spain was supreme. He was still consistently scoring podiums when the Ferrari was massively affected by the tyre change. Some frustrations came into him as Vettel started winning again, and didn’t shine as much as in the first half. 4 years in Ferrari, 3 chances to win a title, but every time Ferrari blew the chance. Even a superman can get tired of this.
    1. Sebastian Vettel – How can you not give him the best driver of the season when he is winning 9 races in a row?


    Some more stats on this:

    43 out of 45 placed Vettel on Top.
    27 out of 38 placed Chilton as last.

    Here are the other highest modes (repeated rankings):

    Fernando Alonso 2nd – 23 votes (out of 45)
    Charles Pic 20th – 19 (out of 36)
    Nico Rosberg 6th – 19 (out of 42)
    Lewis Hamilton 5th – 16 (out of 42)
    Kimi Raikkonen 4th – 15 (out of 42)
    Pastor Maldonado 19th – 13 (out of 38)
    Mark Webber 8th – 13 (out of 42)

    Felipe Massa was has the most undecided ranking. Only 7 out of 38 voted him in 13th, the other 31 went for another rank. Daniel Ricciardo had 8 votes for 10th place, same as Jules Bianchi for 14th place.


    I will try to put mine :

    1) Sebastian Vettel : dominant and flawless, one of the best performance ever in F1!
    2) Nico Hülkenberg : not only he made the most out his car, he made even better. He dominated his teammate, and on multiple occasions he has beaten cars he shouldn’t have beaten
    3) Kimi Raïkkönen : Kimi had a brilliant season. Very consistent throughout the year, and he collected a lot of trophies from the podium. Just too bad he finished his season on such a low note.
    4) Fernando Alonso : another very strong season! He has scored a lot of points, and finished second in the championship, in front of guys which had a better car than the ferrari. But the driver wasn’t that perfect in qualifying, and he made a costly mistake in Malaysia.
    5) Lewis Hamilton : the best british driver (currently) showed everyone he could be strong in another team. He did 5 pole positions (even when it was considered impossible), and managed to score 1 win. But, some grand prix weren’t that great (especially towards he end), where he couldn’ setup his car properly (Korea, Abu Dhabi), or where he did some mistakes (Brazil).
    6) Nico Rosberg : very close to his teammate. 2 wins, 3 pole positions, and 2 podiums at the end of the season. Less points than Lewis because of some retirements. Almost equal to his teammate, but not quite I would say.
    7) Romain Grosjean : he wasn’t very good at the start of the season, I had even lost faith in him. But after Germany, he seemed to have awakened, and for the last third of the season, he was the best driver (after Vettel). Romain has a bright future ahead of him!
    8) Jenson Button : his car was rubbish, he didn’t always qualify well, but McLaren could always count on him to bring the most points possible in races. He saved his team from total disaster I would say.
    9) Jules Bianchi : the strongest rookie of the year. It shows that it is essential to search for talent before budget. Jules always did the most he could out of his car. He finished in front of the Caterhams more than once, and gave his team it’s first top 10 finish in the championship!
    10) Mark Webber : a really disappointing year. His teammate has finished with twice as many points than him, and Mark couldn’t have a win. More than that : he has finished in front of his teammate only once, when Sebastian has retired from a GP. He still managed some pole positions, but he lost the consistency required from him.
    11) Sergio Perez : after a brilliant season in 2012, Sergio has disappointed me this year. He wasn’t a bad driver though. He was as quick than Jenson, sometimes quicker, and he was capable of some great performances, and some awesome overtakings. But he also lacked the consistency. He finished behind Button in the standings, but he should have been closer than him. Still, I think McLaren should have kept him for one more year…
    12) Valtteri Bottas : it’s difficult to rate this driver, because his car was rubbish, and we barely saw him on TV (before he installed his rotating camera). But, Bottas was a match for Maldonado (something Rubens and Bruno couldn’t do) and Valltteri did 2 great performance, something Pastor couldn’t do.
    13) Daniel Ricciardo : Daniel showed good races (and even more good qualifyings), but he also did stupid mistakes. There is good potential, but Daniel is still prone to do mistakes…
    14) Paul Di Resta : Paul started hi season really well. His Bahrain GP was probably his best ever in F1, but at the middle of the season, he started to become invisible. Of course, 5 retirements in a row didn’t help, and the Force Indias wasn’t as good as in the start of the season. Still, he scored some good points in India and Abu Dhabi, but we didn’t see the great Paul Di Resta from the start of the season.
    15) Felipe Massa : After a strong end of the season in 2012, I expected a resurrected Felipe Massa this year. He started well : second on the grid in Malaysia, P3 in Spain, but after that, the Ferrari started to get slower. While Alonso could still score good points and podiums, we didn’t see a single good race from Felipe since Monaco. Too bad.
    16) Adrian Sutil : Started the year well, with good races in Melbourne and Monaco, but then he became invisible. The Force India was getting slower, and Adrian seemed to fade away behind his teammate.
    17) Jean-Eric Vergne : Vergne had a good potential at the start of the season. He did a brilliant race in Canada, and seems to nurse his tyres well. But the driver is really unlucky, as he had a lot of problems with his car. And eventually, Daniel seemed to gain the upper hand on him towards the end of the season.
    18) Giedo Van Der Garde : another rubbish pay driver, I thought at the start of the season. But Giedo proved on multiple occasions that he could drive well and do strong qualifyings. He seemed to be stronger than his teammate at the end of the season.
    19) Esteban Guttierez : a weak driver. Completely outclassed by his über-teammate, he managed to score only once, when the Sauber was good. But I could say that Sauber was good on more than one race, and Esteban should have scored on multiple occasions.
    20) Pastor Maldonado : after some good performances (and huge mistakes) in 2012, Pastor seemed to have lost something this year. He couldn’t do great performances (although a bad pitstop robbed him of a good place in one race), and wasn’t as stellar in qualifying this year. Moreover, his end of the season was disastrous, while his teammate shined.
    21) Charles Pic : had a relative good start of the season. But, he seemed to be weaker this year. VDG, his rookie teammate, seemed to do a better job than him.
    22) Heikki Kovalainen : Expected to be the saviour of Lotus, Heikki couldn’t do any miracles. Without any experience in the car, it’s almost impossible to score points. Still he managed to do a good qualifying in Austin.
    23) Max Chilton : He might have finished all the races this year, but you are not running in any traffic because you are miles behind everybody else, it’s not so hard. The perfect pay driver : a lot of money brought in, but not a lot of talent has come with it.


    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Fernando Alonso
    3. Nico Hülkenberg
    4. Nico Rosberg
    5. Lewis Hamilton
    6. Kimi Räikkönen
    7. Jules Bianci
    8. Jenson Button
    9. Romain Grosjean
    10. Mark Webber
    11. Daniel Ricciardo
    12. Sergio Perez
    13. Valterri Bottas
    14. Paul di Resta
    15. Giedo van der Garde
    16. Felipe Massa
    17. Adrian Sutil
    18. Heikki Kovalainen
    19. Jean-Eric Vergne
    20. Charles Pic
    21. Esteban Gutierrez
    22. Pastor Maldonado
    23. Max Chilton

    Colossal Squid

    22. Max Chilton – He was woefully off the pace of his team mate for much of the year and was a constant presence at the very back of the grid. He showed some improvement through the season, and was highly consistent even if he was also consistently underwhelming. Never looked to threaten Bianchi on merit.

    21. Charles Pic – Possibly the most anonymous driver on the grid. He did nothing remarkable this year, and his rookie team mate was often ahead of him in qualifying and the race towards the end of the season. He was merely competent in 2013 and you expect more from supposedly one of the best 22 drivers in the world.

    20. Adrian Sutil – He had a good start to the season with a competitive drive to 7th in Australia. This remained the highlight of his season with Sutil being comprehensively beaten by his team mate. Sutil never looked like he deserved his second chance in F1, and although he was unlucky with a few retirements the overall impression is that he just isn’t good enough for F1.

    19. Giedo van der Garde – He enjoyed some fantastic qualifying sessions such as Monaco and Spa. In Hungary he had a fantastic result of 14th. These highs were tempered with several collisions such as in Canada, Japan and India. He may remain somewhat error prone but became more of a match for his more experienced team mate as the season progressed.

    18. Pastor Maldonado – After the rollercoaster season he had in 2012, this year Maldonado was highly unimpressive. The speed he had shown at times last season seemed to have deserted him and he was comprehensively outclassed by rookie Bottas over the season. He was fortunate to score a point in Hungary, and only that saved further blushes.

    17. Esteban Gutierrez – He made several junior formulae mistakes at the start of the season and looked like only got into F1 due to his backer’s deep pockets. Improvement was a long time coming but as the car improved, so did Gutierrez, culminating in a fantastic 7th at Suzuka. In some of the later races he even started to look close to Hulkenberg on performance!

    16. Jean-Eric Vergne – On the basis of this season it’s not hard to see why Vergne isn’t in a Red Bull for 2014. He was often disappointing in qualifying. While his car wasn’t a consistent points scorer he was still only in the top ten three times in 2013. He had a fantastic race in Canada, but he needed far more races like that to be considered on a par with Ricciardo.

    15. Jules Bianchi – It’s hard to know just how good he is at the back of the grid and against a team mate that seems as poor as Chilton. Still, he impressed me in how big the gap was in qualifying between the two and he regularly fought and beat the Caterham duo in the races. A few errors aside this was an impressive debut year for the Frenchman and he looked far better than the drivers he spent the season fighting with for the minor positions.

    14. Felipe Massa – Felipe started the season strong, and there was hope that the quick, tenacious Massa of old was starting to return. Sadly this proved short lived and after a deserved podium in Spain Massa went on to crash in every race weekend from Monaco to Germany. His form plummeted, and he once again was inferior to Alonso in every way. Strong showings in Italy and India were not enough to save his seat after failing to deliver for the vast majority of the season.

    13. Paul di Resta – He comprehensively outscored his team mate and was in the running for a podium in Bahrain, only to just fall short. He made the most of the Force India’s early form and scored in every race up to Germany, bar Malaysia. However as the car became less competitive he became frustrated and made several mistakes as well as lashing out at his own team. His form seemed to follow his mood, and there were races where it appeared that he wasn’t motivated, and happy to blame his poor performances on his engineers to anyone who would listen.

    12. Valtteri Bottas – He was by far the most impressive rookie this season. Like his team mate he struggled with an uncompetitive car, but nevertheless showed his talent several times, especially that incredible qualifying session in Canada. He out-qualified Maldonado who is considered very quick 12 times, was consistent in his results and was calm under pressure to manage his Williams to a fantastic 8th at the Circuit of the Americas.

    11. Sergio Perez – Perez started the year with a few scrappy races before becoming calmer and more consistent after the summer break. He showed he was a brave (if at times foolhardy) wheel to wheel racer in Bahrain and Monaco. He was often close to his vastly more experienced team mate in both qualifying and the race. With a bit more restraint behind the wheel Perez could have done better, but he learned from his mistakes and was consistently in the points as the season went on.

    10. Daniel Ricciardo – He was a regular in Q3 this year, further showing his one lap pace. He qualified an excellent 6th in Silverstone and the Nurburgring, two tracks known for their technical difficulty. He often went backwards during the races, but that can be levelled more at the pace of the car than Ricciardo’s racecraft. He was a more consistent points scorer than Vergne. His error at Singapore was the only black mark on an otherwise impressive season in uncompetitive machinery.

    9. Mark Webber – Webber had his usual terrible luck and several retirements, but even that cannot excuse his many sub-par performances this season. He often looked like he was driving a different car to his team mate, only finishing in the points while Vettel was winning. He remained a fierce racer wheel to wheel as shown in Malaysia, Italy and the USA and had a fantastic pole at Suzuka. However the highlights were too few and his performances too poor this season, especially when his team mate won thirteen races and Webber failed to win one.

    8. Jenson Button – He was beaten by his less experienced team mate several times and qualifying remains Jenson’s weak spot. He was however massively consistent and several times produced results that were the maximum achievable with the tools he had. He was very good but fell a little short of being excellent.

    7. Romain Grosjean – This was a breakthrough year for him. He had some unspectacular races at the start of the season but by Germany looked like a man poised to take his first win. This form continued through the second half of the season and he was often the only driver challenging the Red Bulls. Unfortunately he didn’t get that win but he developed into a team leader in 2013 and was arguably more impressive than Raikkonen as the season progressed.

    6. Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton had a season that was by his high standards quite poor. In China, Canada and Belgium he did all he could and reached the podium. In other races like Bahrain, Spain and Italy he struggled hugely with the tyres. He was unlucky in Britain and Japan. He took a fantastic win in Hungary, where he looked like the Hamilton of old. After the summer break his performances were as in 2011 often oddly muted, with Hamilton picking up a handful of points in races his team mate finished on the podium.

    5. Nico Rosberg – He took a well-judged win in Monaco and held off Webber for a win in the lottery that was the British GP. He continued his several years of being excellently consistent and was regularly more than a match for his superstar team mate. When Hamilton’s form dipped towards the end of the season Rosberg was fighting for podium places.

    4. Kimi Raikkonen – After the Spanish Grand Prix Raikkonen looked like a genuine title contender. Unfortunately the E21 was no match for the RB9 but Raikkonen remained a regular visitor to the podium. As the relationship between himself and Lotus deteriorated Raikkonen was outshone by Grosjean in several races.

    3. Nico Hulkenberg – He had an excellent season and cemented his reputation as one of the best drivers in F1. He had a number of highlights such as leading in China, holding off Rosberg in Italy and his giant killing drive in Korea. This year he was consistent, calm under pressure and capable of delivering results that seemed beyond the car.

    2. Fernando Alonso – This was not Alonso’s best season. He made several mistakes in races like Malaysia and Monaco, and his qualifying performances were questionable. Despite these flaws, in 2013 Alonso remained one of the absolute best drivers in the sport. When the Ferrari was competitive Alonso took two wins that were as dominant as any of Vettel’s. His starts remain breathtaking and he was as ever a fierce competitor in the races. He battled to the podium in many races and fully deserved his second place in the Championship.

    1. Sebastian Vettel – Vettel’s achievements can now only be compared to those made by the legends of this sport. Comparison with the other drivers on the grid this year seems almost unfair, as if he truly was driving in a different Formula. The above only goes to underline how incredible his performances have been this season. Very rarely has a driver and car been in such complete harmony. He obliterated his team mate and in Malaysia showed the ruthless desire to win that inhabits all the great champions of our sport. His complete dominance wasn’t exciting to watch but it should be viewed and appreciated for the truly awe inspiring achievement that it is.


    Unknown planet:
    1. Sebastian Vettel

    2. Alonso
    3. Raikkonen
    4. Hulkenberg
    5. Grosjean
    6. Hamilton
    7. Rosberg
    8. Webber
    9. Ricciardo
    10. Bianchi
    11. Button
    12. Massa
    13. Bottas
    14. Di Resta
    15. Vergne
    16. Perez
    17. Guttierez
    18. Sutil
    19. Van der Garde
    20. Pic
    21. Chilton
    22. Pastor Maldonado
    23. Max Chilton


    Chilton was better and worse than Maldonado?


    1. Vettel – Easily his best season in F1 and maybe even one of the best performances by a single driver in a season. It’s very rare to see a driver and car work in such perfect harmony but the streak of wins from Spa to Brazil goes to show he is a the very top of his game. Arguably damaged his image to some people when he disobeyed team orders but it showed his determination to win and succeed.

    2. Hamilton – The fact he walked into a new team which have had come off a quiet poor end to 2012 and beat his team mate who has been there for 4 years deserves a lot of praise. However it was a very inconsistent season for Hamilton and seemed to slump towards the end (probably due to the broken chassis).

    3. Alonso – Compared to 2012 it was a pretty average season for Alonso. However the fact he still finished 2nd in the championship showed it was a typical Alonso season where he tried to maximise every opportunity. Perhaps could’ve given Vettel and Red Bull more of a challenge is it wasn’t for some silly errors in Malaysia and Bahrain and the lacklustre race at Monaco.

    4. Hülkenberg – Another good season for him showed why many fans and even fellow drivers consider him the best outside the big 4. In what seemed like a hopeless car at the start of the season, he still managed to some good points and mix it up with some of the front runners. Highlights were 3rd on the grid at Monza and the drive to 4th at Korea.

    5. Räikkönen – Started of the season excellently with a win and in true Kimi fashion was more or less running towards the front on the field throughout the season despite the money issues. Began to fade after Korea though I’m not sure how much of that was to do with his back injury.

    6. Rosberg – Like his team mate, he was a little inconsistent though he did give Lewis a good run for his money despite having most of the Mercedes reliability problems early in the season. Tended to qualify well but fade in the races though his two wins did involve him having keep his cool while under pressure from the faster Red Bulls.

    7. Grosjean- Had a rather average start to the season where he seemed to be taking races too cautiously but the string of races from Singapore to USA were very impressive and showed Romains ‘coming of age’. Matured a lot from last season and shows he definitely has what it takes to succeed in F1.

    8. Webber – Did well to challenge as 4 time world champion team mate but Vettel beating him in every race bar one (which Vettel DNF’d in anyway) showed that it was perhaps best to retire. Despite that though he had a very decent final season considering all the off track and on track problems and should be pleased that, unlike most drivers, he could leave F1 on a high.

    9. Button – Solid season considering the car he’d been given by McLaren. However being out-qualified by Perez over the year showed that there perhaps wasn’t as big of a gap between them as the points table would suggest. A good final race should help keep him motivated going into 2014.

    10. Pérez – Like with Button, the poor results more due to the car rather than the driver. Seemed to have a poor start to the season but gradually improved as he settled in with the team. Was a little reckless, especially when wheel to wheel in Bahrain and Monaco but the strong end to the season (5th at India and 19th-6th at Brazil) showed that he maybe deserved another season with McLaren.

    11. Ricciardo – Had a tendency to reach Q3 but then fade in the races but did comprehensively beat his team mate throughout the season and earned himself a Red Bull seat. Little more he could’ve done considering the car.

    12. Massa – Was often close to Alonso in qualifying but was rarely able to get anywhere near him in the races. Perhaps Ferrari should have dropped him a few seasons ago but it was still sad to see him loose a potential podium in his final race for them.

    13. di Resta – Was having quiet a strong season up until the tyre change which seemed to hurt Force India more than any of the other teams. The string of retirements from Spa to Korea showed a loss in form but still managed to get a few points after.

    14. Bottas – Did well to out qualify more experienced Maldonado (who is no slouch) over the season though his race pace was a bit lacking compared to his teammate. Excellent qualifying in Canada and the good weekend at Austin showed that he can be capable of delivering, even in a poor car.

    15. Bianchi – Just looses out to Bottas as rookie of the year in my opinion. Despite that he more or less single-handedly carried Marrusia to 10th in the constructors but considering who he had as a team mate, it’s still quiet difficult to say how good he really is.

    16. Sutil – Compared to his last full season in 2011, it was a rather subpar season for Sutil. A strong opening race along with a great drive at Monaco were the main highlights. Consistent but not spectacular.

    17. Vergne – Only 3 points finishes compared to his teammates 7 showed why he was never really in contention for the Red Bull drive. The main positives were the 2 consecutive point scores in Monaco and Canada where he put in an excellent performance in the latter. However I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out of F1 by the time we reach the mid season break next year.

    18. Gutiérrez – Facing up against Nico Hulkenberg was never going an easy challenge but I expected more from someone who’s proven himself in Gp3 and Gp2. Began to find some pace towards the end of the season (including a decent drive in Japan) but it’s hard to find any other positives.

    19. Pic – Totally anonymous all season and despite being out qualified by his rookie teammate over the season made up for it in the races. Considering his equipment, I doubt he could have done any better.

    20. Maldonado – The highs of 2012 probably feel like a long time ago for Pastor. Falling out with the team and being beaten by his rookie teammate sum up his disappointing season. However he was involved in a lot less incidents which is perhaps a positive he can take away to Lotus where he can hopefully reignite some of his 2012 form.

    21. van der Garde – Managed to out qualify his teammate throughout the season but perhaps got a little lucky with the conditions in Monaco and Spa. Overall a decent rookies season but his race pace was rather poor compared to that of Pic.

    22. Kovalainen – It’s easy to see why Lotus chose him as Kimi’s replacement as he was a safe pair of hands. Credit to him for admitting his poor pace was his fault but considering he took 0 points from his 2 outings, I would preferred Lotus to take a gamble on Valsecchi

    23. Chilton- Finishing all of the races was a decent achievement but it was a bit of a joke to see him struggling to keep up with the Caterhams and his teammate. He could still go back to junior formulas and pull a Grosjean but I highly doubt it.


    1. Vettel – What can you say anything about this guy that hasn’t been already said? He was the closest to faultless you can imagine tamed up with being the quickest – especially in races, he had a couple of opportunities wasted on poles.
    2. Hülkenberg – If Hülkenberg had better connections with big guys, he’d be fighting for a WDC very soon… But he bossed the midfield, and kept up with Hamilton and the likes on occasions, though he still hasn’t got a podium to his name, he’s already one of the fastest.
    3. Räikkönen – Sorry to say this, but there’s quite a big gap between 2nd and 3rd. The two Germans raised the bar, and Kimi was the best of the rest. He opened with a great victory and had some other good races, but probably because of his bad back he got beaten in the second half of the season by Grosjean.
    4. Alonso – Just as during pit radio messages, he seemed very quiet this year on the track as well. Opened the year on a high and was the closest to Seb in the championship, but I didn’t always get the impression that Alonso is pushing flat out, he’ll have to push more if he wants to win another title.
    5. Hamilton – He was in the toughest intra-team battle, and got my upper hand only just. The car was better than excepted and he did very well to win his first GP for Merc, as he wasn’t the top favorite in Hungary in my view, but Lewis – just as Fernando – didn’t put his 100% on track, which was shown when he – quite often – blamed himself, even seemingly without too much reason a few times.
    6. Rosberg – He was in the toughest intra-team battle, and lost out in my opinion only just. He fought back after the Malaysian incident very well, and if it wasn’t for more technical faults, Nico would’ve been very tight with Lewis. And only getting beaten 11-8 to one of the fastest qualifiers ever, shows he’s very much up there with the best.
    7. Grosjean – What was that in 2012, Romain? I can’t remember the last time when a Formula 1 driver improved this much for the following year as he did. He didn’t set off this year too quickly, but at least safely, and from half year he made one more step forward. I just hope Grosjean can continue next year the way.
    8. Button – Hard to judge anyone with a slow car – how can anyone say how slow the car was? I’m sure JB tried his best, and he now seems to put aside the struggles of 2013 for next year, and if he can follow up his Brazilian performance, he’ll be up there with a good car. Their fight was a close one with Perez, but the point difference shows the reality in this case, his experience helped him out.
    9. Webber – In the latter part of the year we could see that Mark still has the pace over a flying lap. He lost some over the course of the races, but he will be on the top in WEC. He’s overshadowed by Vettel, and I think if it wasn’t for the Multi 21 case, he might have been better this year on the mental side.
    10. di Resta – Sad to see him go, because Paul had some top notch performances. His two drives in Arabia were great, the recoveries he made after mistakes in qualifying by the team were excellent, and overcoming the teammate who has beaten him two years ago showed he did improve a lot. If it weren’t for the few crashes after the summer break he would have been higher…

    The rest follows as:
    11. Ricciardo
    12. Perez
    13. Sutil
    14. Bottas
    15. Gutierrez
    16. Bianchi
    17. Vergne
    18. Massa
    19. van der Garde
    20. Maldonado
    21. Pic
    22. Chilton

    Alex Cross

    First ever post.
    1) Sebastian Vettel: As much as I dislike him, you can’t see that he is a true legend in the making. His brilliant performances throughout the season, means that he is going to be a strong force next year. 100% number one.
    2) Nico Rosberg: In a season where most thought that he would be destroyed by Lewis Hamilton, he ended up being successful by himself, a championship contender for next year, in a car that keeps on improving.
    3) Lewis Hamilton: His move was a great decision and got him away from being a man struggling to get into the top ten. His pure speed in qualifying was perfect, he just slipped away in the final few races, but I’m sure he’ll be up there next year.
    4) Nico Hulkenberg: One would say that his move to Sauber last year was rediculous, and at the beginning of the season it was, although the car improved in the second half, and Hulkenberg challenged for podiums in many races, a future star.
    5) Romain Grosjean: Grosjean showed himself to be reckless in 2012 and many felt as if he had to shine in 2013. He was USUALLY controlled, and has a pure speed which led him to beat his team-mate several times. His ability to stick with the Red Bull’s near the end was magnificent.
    6) Fernando Alonso: Alonso was weaker this year than last, with the gap between him and Massa closing extremely, yet he still managed to become a championship contender and get his car near the front most races. 2014 has to be better.
    7) Mark Webber: Webber was always going to be out-shone by Vettel, yet he often came home with some fantastic points, leading to a great chance of winning the constructor’s championship. Goodbye to a great driver.
    8) Jules Bianchi: In a car that was utter crap, he completely out-performed the young Brit of Max Chilton. He helped Marussia achieve a 10th place in the constructor’s, so one can only say hat’s off, to the young driver who should be near the top in year’s to come.
    9) Daniel Ricciardo: He consistently performed well, usually beating Vergne, he showed why he should be near the top of the grid with Red Bull next season, although is he another Sebastian Vettel?
    10) Jenson Button: McLaren were dissapointing this season. Their car failed to challenge the big teams leading to a low place in the constructor’s championship. Despite this Button definitely raced the car to it’s best getting some well-earned points in the process.
    11) Valterri Bottas: Bottas was a rookie that continued to improve throughout the seaon, making Maldonado look quite bad. Williams have a lot of trust in the young Fin, and we should start to see it come through next season.
    12) Sergio Perez: Perez was unfortunate to not get near the top this year, in what should have been a big career move. Sadly it has only made Perez fall back down to where he started, playing second-fiddle to Hulkenberg next year.
    13) Kimi Raikkonen: A great first race soon fizzled out to be a boring season for the former World Champion. We all expected so much after Australia, but he was just always there, bought home points but didn’t increase or decrease as a driver.
    14) Adrian Sutil: Sutil was magnificent in the first half of the season getting many points, which led to Force India finsihing about Sauber in the driver’s championship. A few more performances like that next year could lead to healthy F1 career.
    15) Felipe Massa: Massa was very bad in 2012, and 2013 was better. He still under-performed in a Ferrari, but at least he has some sort of pace to take to Williams next year.
    16) Giedo van de Garde: The Caterham rookie, often beat Charles Pic, to the point where he was unlucky to not get a higher grid position. The 3rd place in a Q1, was a highlight of his year. Well Done.
    17) Paul di Resta: Another season, another year. There wasn’t any particular highlight for the Brit, and it seems unlikely that he will get a seat next season. Someone that will sadly soon be forgotten.
    18) Jean-Eric Vergne: The Toro Rosso driver, had an ok season. Toro Rosso will be hoping he can guide Daniil Kvyat into stardom next year.
    19) Charles Pic: He impressed for Marussia in 2012, but his season just wasn’t as good in the seemingly better Caterham vehicle. Probably his last season.
    20) Esteban Guttierrez: Esteban was a rookie that failed to impress, his low-points score, meant that Sauber didn’t do as well as the usually do.
    21) Pastor Maldonado: Maldonado had an abysmal season, driving his Williams into a 9th place in the constructor’s. Sadly he gets to go to Lotus this year, instead of saying his goodbyes, had a lack of talent this year.
    22) Max Chilton: Chilton is nothing but pound signs. But Marussia need his money. He stayed at the back for the season and like most others his at the back of my list.

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