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    @ahw3ll interesting one, at least Dome actually built and tested a car; I remember seeing on-car footage of Naoki Hattori testing it at Suzuka on youtube. DAMS were good in F3000, but USF1 were just a load of American hot air!

    Funny you mention Rial – I went on the Page & Moy coach tour to the 1989 Hungarian GP; as we returned we stopped at a motorway service station in Switzerland – and the Rial transporter was also there. I went over to take a few pictures – and the very kind truckie was giving out stickers from the race car to the few people that had gathered there. I still have my Rial stickers today – so I have a soft spot for that team!



    Jordan, just cool
    Brawn, everything from nothing

    Bradley Downton

    Spyker, just because, Orange :D

    Adam Blocker

    Stefan GP :p

    R.J. O’Connell

    Minardi, always, and forever.

    Iestyn Davies

    I agree on the lost grand names of the sport. I’d rather see relevant names first and foremost – so if not a manufacturer or specialist builder, a grand old name that might fit the above too, e.g. Lotus, which was probably the thinking originally at Enstone post-Renault.

    Force India we’ve gotten used to, but really is a pointless name, if stylish… an Indian manufacturer like Mahindra would be a better name, but they’ve moved for Formula E instead. I could see it being bought by a manufacturer in the future, like Honda or VW, if not Carlos Slim Jr (Telmex…).

    Caterham, Marussia are at least small manufacturers, even if the latter are now bust. I wouldn’t be surprised if Infiniti wanted more than title sponsorship eventually and put their name on the Red Bull ‘C’ team, but that depends on who actually owns it now of course.

    I’m still amazed that the French F1 effort was allowed to wither away completely, given the Prost debacle with Ferrari engines, with Renault now hanging on by the purse-strings.

    My ideal line up would include: Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Mercedes, Lotus, Red Bull, Infiniti (TR, if we must), BMW/Sauber, Renault, Honda (FI), Alfa Romeo/Maserati (Ferrari B), Bugatti (Marussia).

    The problem with Alfa is that now Fiat will restrict it to being an Italy-only brand…. so who can Fiat use as their second brand? Maserati? VW also have a myriad of brands they can use, Bugatti for one would be a historic throwback to the pre-war days.



    The problem with Alfa is that now Fiat will restrict it to being an Italy-only brand…

    Isn’t that Lancia, or is that being completely killed off? I thought Alfa was just being re-positioned back into it’s old saloon sector. Pity that new roadster is going to be badged as Fiat too, I guess it was too ugly to be an Alfa? :P

    I’m not sure a major manufacturer would want to buy Force India, it’s always been a small/medium scale team and I’m not sure how much space there is for expansion (unless they move the whole base, which kind of defeats the purpose).

    Chris Lawson

    Too many teams have only entered for a few years and either run out of £ or turned their back on the sport (Toyota, Honda etc).

    For me, it would have to be teams that stayed for a while and made an impact on the sport:


    I know some of these are still technically still in F1 in different incarnations but I’m talking names!

    Maybe Jordan too?


    @fastiesty @george Yes it’s Lancia that’s now becoming an Italy-only brand – Fiat admitted no-one was interested in Lancia outside Italy. In the UK they never recovered from the Beta rust scandal in the early 80’s, and the heavy-handed way they dealt with the owners.

    VW will never enter F1 – they are too profitable through their car brands – Audi is successful enough at Le Mans, and with VW in rallying that is enough for them. They have too much reputation to lose by being unsuccessful in F1.

    After the last spending boom and the collapse in car sales, manufacturers will be very wary of coming into F1 – Toyota spending £200m a year for nine years for little return will have sent them all running for the hills.

    F1 fans seem to want manufacturers in F1, but why? They come in, splash the cash for a while, then clear off. Renault have made more comebacks than Cher! That shows a total lack of long-term planning, no focus and typical French chaos.

    F1 is very dangerous for manufacturers. A carefully developed reputation can be destroyed in just a few years. So why do it?


    In my view it’s such a shame that the smaller teams have either folded or been bought out by other manufacturers (i.e. Minardi was bought by Red bull and renamed), it gave such an opportunity for not just drivers but for team personal to gain valuable hands on experience in the high pressure performance driven world of Formula one. As well as the drivers could show their full potential look at the 2001 season when Alonso drove for Minardi he got that car into positions in races/ practice etc. were it shouldn’t have been their is only one thing that could do that and that is talent

    Iestyn Davies

    @george @junior-pilot Those are good points you make.. Indeed, I’m getting confused between my Italian F1 championship winning constructors (Alfa, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia). But, as happened with the Lancia D50, the spoils go to Ferrari…

    Porsche was the VW brand that really could have entered – but they went to Le Mans to compete with Audi and Toyota (two VW chances to win the race?). Renault and comebacks – Lol! But you are right – and that’s why they are staying away for now, with Honda and Renault content to be engine partners from now on.

    There’s even the rumour that Ferrari’s huge spending may come into check, now that LdM is set to be replaced very soon by someone from the top of FIAT. FIAT was the original Italian GP constructor.. so it wouldn’t be too bad to see a re-homologised Ferrari power unit badged as a FIAT IMO. Ferrari-FIAT – just like this year’s car name..

    On Force India.. Yes, it’s based at Silverstone, and does need someone to put the money in to it to have a top wind-tunnel.. but there are enough of them about now, with Toyota’s in Cologne always in demand.

    I guess I cling to manufacturer names as they are actually selling the products (cars) on show, and thus can spend and create jobs, even if they are fickle (In my scenario, they stick around, or ‘sell the franchise’ to other manufacturers that are coming back in).

    The great entrepreneur teams were always linked to their owner, e.g. Jordan, Minardi, and some became big names, like Williams or McLaren. In a way, it’s a shame we couldn’t get the next generation to come through to F1, like Carlin, ART, DAMS etc.

    Lucas Wilson
    Jay Penrith

    Ligier and Brabham of course, Benetton a good third in that little list but first and foremost, Leyton House

    Jay Penrith

    @lucas Wilson love the picture by the way

    Jay Penrith

    double post

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