Gordon Murray documentary on BBC4, 8th July

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    “How to Go Faster and Influence People: The Gordon Murray F1 Story” is on BBC4 this Sunday at 8pm:


    From Brabham and the eccentric ‘Fan Car’, through unbeatable designs for Senna and Prost and the milestone McLaren F1 sports car, and right up to date with the arrival of T25, How To Go Faster and Influence People is a compelling account of Gordon Murray’s remarkable design journey

    Hopefully the IndyCar race won’t over-run!

    John H

    Thanks for this Keith, now in the diary.


    I really enjoyed it. If you’re only interested in the F1 stuff then you’ll probably end up skipping through a lot of it.

    But if you’re also interested in road car technology and the development of his famous McLaren F1 then there’s loads of interesting footage. And some great fashion…

    I was also rather amused this surfaced on BBC4 after seeing several people complaining the BBC should get rid of the channel instead of losing their live F1 coverage (I really like BBC4 though, I probably watch it more than the other BBC channels).

    For those in the UK it’s on iPlayer here, I’m not sure how long it’s available for:



    Following on from this, but more relevant to current F1, I’ve just been reading an interview with Gordon Murray in Motor Sport magazine, in which he presents his ideas on how to improve the F1 rules. He also revisits a design for a “no-limits” F1 he imagined in 2000. His ideas for the bodywork seem to me to recall a mid-90s car, but his views on the current front wings, tyres and KERS are fascinating. He’ll never get pit radio and telemetry banned though! Well worth a read, it’s in the September issue (makes it sound like summer’s over already!)

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