Least remembered driver/team combinations

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    Max Jacobson

    I’ve always remembered Fisichella was a Ferrari driver!

    Honestly I think Stewart and Matra: I always forget that he drove for them (very successfully) before Tyrell!


    I don’t think many people could say Stewart and Matra seeing as he won a championship with them.


    Alonso and Webber starting off in Minardis are hard to believe when thinking of their careers.
    Touring car legends Joachim Winklehock (AGS) and Gabrielle Tarquini (Osella, Coloni, FIRST, AGS, Fondmetal and finally Tyrrell after his BTCC title)

    How can you not remember Kekes wonderful yellow Mclaren in Portugal?

    R.J. O’Connell

    Jean-Louis Schlesser for Williams in 1988.


    Badoer for Ferrari
    Fisichella for Ferrari
    Vettel for BMW Sauber
    Wurz for Mclaren


    The ones I always tend to forget are Salo for Ferrari, Brundle for Williams and Alliot for McLaren. I also still tend to think of Marc Gene as a Williams driver and forget he is still part of Ferrari’s testing set up.


    One for a few years;

    Grosjean + ??? in 2013


    @ratboy That’s usually when I do remember!

    Some more:

    John Watson filling in a single race for Lauda at McLaren in 1985.
    Carlos Reutteman for Ferrari at the 1976 Italian GP (although that’ll be less so with Rush being out.)
    Tarso Marques and Giovanni Lavaggi for Minardi in 1996, replacing Fisichella.
    Nicolas Kiesa replacing Justin Wilson at Minardi for the final races in 2003.
    Johnny Herbert doing the final 2 races at Benetton in 1994.
    Alexander Wurz filling in for Berger for 3 races during 1997.
    Jérôme d’Ambrosio driving for Lotus at the Italian GP last year.
    Tyrrell’s 1985 season.
    Benetton being Letho-Verstappen for 2 races in 1994.


    – Alesi for Jordan in 2001
    – de la Rosa for Arrows
    – Salo for Arrows in ’98
    – Herbert for Sauber ’97


    Herbert maybe more so than you imagine, since he drove for Sauber in 98 too!

    Lucas Wilson


    Justin Wilson and Lucas di Grassi are the best F1 drivers ever ;-)

    Iestyn Davies

    I think both deserved more time than they were given! But many of these are pay driver seats.. lets see if Valsecchi-Lotus becomes one in future! Now we remember D’Ambrosio-Lotus from last year!


    I still think Justin Wilson ended Jos Verstappen’s career in two ways. First, he didn’t properly fit in the Minardi and still went faster than Jos on some occasions, while Verstappen was also rumored to be talking to Jaguar to replace Antônio Pizzonia, but that seat went to Justin Wilson instead. But then, someone who should also be in this thread for his appearance with HRT bought a Jaguar seat. Verstappen lost motivation to continue with Minardi, while other teams probably weren’t very impressed with him anymore at that point.

    Didn’t stop Eddie Jordan to try and sign Verstappen for the second time. He tested with Jordan after the 1999 British GP in talks of replacing Hill if he decided to quit early, which probably isn’t remembered as much as his Honda tests in 1999. (To steer it back on topic!)

    Speaking of Jaguar, remember that time in 2000 Luciano Burti drove for them, replacing the sick Eddie Irvine?


    Heidfeld for Jordan in 2004.
    Senna for Renault in 2011.

    Iestyn Davies

    I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened to Verstappen (always seemed to be unlucky), but lets hope that Robin Frijns won’t end up in the same fate (or worse, no F1 chance at all!), which is how it is looking at the moment..

    Burti was very unlucky to lose his front wing racing Irvine at Spa the next year and just catch the tyre barriers (and not the part with no tyre barriers) at full speed, which still ended his F1 career, however enabled him to walk away from the accident.

    I always think that without the extra monetary pressures on the F1 teams (more than normal) of the global recession starting in 2008, that Di Grassi might have gotten a chance sooner and that Bruno would (perhaps with better testing development) at least have gotten 2009-12 (4 seasons, with Honda, Renault and Williams).

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