Pass of the Year 2012: Australian Grand Prix

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    As many of you know we do our ‘Pass of the Year’ vote at the end of each season.

    However it occurred to me last year that leaving it until the final round could mean that some passes from earlier races might be overlooked.

    With that in mind, I’m inviting your nominations on a race-by-race basis this year.

    So, what were the best passes of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your favourites below.

    Here’s last year’s top ten: Top ten overtakes of 2011


    Raikkonen on either one of the Williams or Saubers, I really forgot who it was. It was early and went back to bed shortly after, so forgive me! It was in turn 4/5, taking advantage of Massa slightly keeping up the other car, getting on the gas pedal mid corner to get in front was a risk and it paid off.


    I think that Vettel’s pass on Rosberg early in the race:



    Vettel on Rosberg was a really good pass, possibly the best of the race. I also liked Kobayashi’s pass on Raikkonen which was classic Kobayashi.

    James Brickles

    1 and 2)
    Raikkonen made two good overtakes in that race. He took Kobayashi round the outside of turn 4, and then the other Sauber on the last lap around the outside at turn 15. (Wasn’t seen on camera but I’m sure he took Perez under braking for that turn)

    Kobayashi repaid the favour on Kimi at the safety car restart. Got to the outside just as the cars started braking, any later and there might’ve been a big shunt. A good outbraking move round the outside.

    Vettel’s overtake round the outside of Rosberg at turn 9 was brilliant and further disproves anyone who says he can’t race.

    My winner – 4)


    Vettel on Rosberg was pretty good indeed.


    Its hard for me to say this but I think vettels against Rosberg! Kill me now, but it was a great overtake and I must say I begin to realise he is not a one trick pony when it comes to racing!


    Vettel on Rosberg definitely.


    Watched the highlights on bbc it was basically a re run but vettels oass on nico was straight out of the top drawer, it disproves this presistent notion that he cant pass, that was ovetake of the day but kobayashi on kimi was really good and kimi passing him around the outside of turn 4 they were brilliant moves, race was brilliant and the photo finish was unreal. But 4 me seb on nico is the 1.


    What James Brickles said, word for word.

    Being a fan of both Kimi and Kobayashi, I’m looking forward to a season long of the two fighting without taking each other out :)


    What @Slr said.

    Stephen Jones

    Vettel on Rosberg was a good pass, but it wasn’t a “classic” as some people are saying. Vettel had a run, and just clean outbroke Rosberg into the corner. It was exactly the same as a move down the inside, but he had to brake that little bit later and hold Rosberg down.

    Best overtake of the race for sure, but it wasn’t the legendary move that some are making it out to be


    I have to say that as much as Vettels move was brave, he would not have made that stick without the co-operation of Rosberg. Had he pulled that move around many other drivers he would not be on the race track coming out of the corner. It is a brave move but not as good as many of you think IMHO.

    Fer no.65

    I liked the Kamui vs Kimi battle all race long. I still wonder how KK manages to pull a couple of good overtakes at every single race…


    So what is a good overtaking move if it can’t be brave? Was Webber’s brave overtaking on Alonso in Eau Rouge not a good overtaking move? Are 90% of Hamilton’s overtaking moves not good moves?

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