Predictions – who will be the 2012 F1 world champion?

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    Trifecta. Webber, Schummacher or Raikkonen. It is a wild guess..Whats yours?


    Come on Webber! =]


    Hard to go past Vettel, but hopefully Webber’s hunger will win him one this year.


    I think the safest bet is Vettel. He seems on form and the chance that he will get a car good enough to win the championship is probably quite high considering the last two-three years.

    It could be cool if the Lotus was as good as the testing so far suggests (though Williams looked similarly quick last year and look how they turned out…) and Raikönnen could snatch the title in his comeback.

    Or if HRT suddenly.. oh wait no forget it. My fantasy wont even allow that to happen. Never mind the cruel reality.


    I’m going to be patriotic and say Hamilton or Button. Probably Hamilton out of the two. I’m just praying Vettel has a weaker season. Based on Ferrari’s reaction to the new car, I’m not sure they’ll be quick enough out of the box for Alonso to challenge or not. And even if Vettel is a bit weaker, I seriously doubt that Webber can overhaul him.


    I would say Alonso, not being biased.


    Either Alonso, Vettel or Button. In an ideal world it would be between Button, Hamilton and Webber, but that’s just me dreaming…

    Bradley Downton

    Personally, I think you’ve all overlooked the obvious…
    It is clearly going to be between de la Rosa and Karthikeyan…


    I can’t see anyone other than Vettel being the absolutely clear season favorite.


    Alonso or Vettel depending on who has the better car.


    Ferrari don’t seem particularly optimistic so far. You have to assume that Red Bull will produce a good car again, and that McLaren will be pretty close as well.

    I don’t think Webber will ever beat Vettel, so I think it’s going to be between Button, Hamilton and Vettel, and Alonso if they can sort their car out soon enough.

    I would love Schumacher or Raikkonen to be a contender, but I don’t see that happening yet. This is probably going to be Schumacher’s last year unless he can really improve on 2011.

    I think Raikkonen’s got a serious chance of getting a second World Championship if he sticks around for long enough- but I don’t think it’ll be this year.


    Jean Eric Vergne, ok maybe not but itll be a RedBull backed driver whose surname begins with V


    I think Schumacher and Rosberg could be up for it if the car turns out to match the hype. Then it will be a classic battle of youth against experience(I’m not suggesting that Nico is inexperienced but he hasn’t come under the real pressure of a title fight). There is the question of the slot in the RB nose and what that might be. Ferrari won last year when the FIA restricted the blown diffuser engine mapping so they had a fast car anyway. There is no reason to suggest that they dont have one this time. McLaren are hard to read and it’s too early to comment other than to mention that if it is a mistake then MW will be on the dole and Lewis will be elsewhere. Might even herald the return of Ron.:) It might just be that the change in regs will bring about multiple winners and that would be a good thing. As for who will eventually win, I haven’t the slightest idea but Melbourne should be a good indication.


    Yup completely agree @bobdredds..we dont know who will be quick until the first practice session in Australia..cant wait only 29 days to go..


    Button for title, Kimi at least 3 podiums and Caterham get a point

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