Predictions – who will be the 2012 F1 world champion?

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    Yeah… I know.. I said it could be just an idea…. The 1 sec. rule is fine and all but it should be able to be ran automatically eliminating the human in the equation…. If they can build cars that could basically drive upside down in theory… then I think they could design such a system!
    Check your private messages.


    It’s not that the FIA sees Car A is 1 second behind then activates it; the system does that automatically.


    Haha, you think DRS is controlled by a man in race control pushing buttons?


    @matt90 And you think I am a troll….. wow… stop chasing my posts dude… lmao!!


    I look on the forum, and read through the updates since I last saw them… it’s a forum.

    Sorry if my previous post was a bit harsh, but yeah, it’s a fully automated system. Somebody would control turning the entire system on and off I imagine, depending on race conditions, but otherwise there is not a person who pushes buttons to allow a driver to use DRS if they see them within the 1-sec in the DRS zone.


    Are you guys trying to create work for the moderators? :)

    There isn’t much to say here except that the DRS conversation can stop now, so we can return to the actual topic, which is 2012 WDC predictions. I don’t see anything which has broken the rules, but please try to keep the conversation civilised.

    I think – or perhaps fear – that Vettel will take the title again. I wouldn’t particularly mind if he did win, so long as we get to see a close battle, not one that is effectively over after half a dozen races. The other strong contenders will be the usual suspects: Alonso, Hamilton and Button. I can’t see a Mercedes or Lotus driver winning it.

    PS: @jack22, I sent you a private message.


    I read the message and wrote back…
    Regarding the predictions I made mine earlier in the thread…. and something tells me I might have it wrong…. but that´s a whole other conversation… jajaa


    Jack I agree with you regarding driver aids. A drivers skill is measured by how well he uses his right foot to find the limit. DRS is an abomintion in my view because it takes away what we want to see most, how a driver performs on the limit. By artifically adding 10km of speed while removing downforce, this skill is blurred. No skill attached just showmanship and trickery.
    Also overtaking is no longer special and combined with new tightening of the overtaing rules it could become boring. Moving back on line after a defensive move was one area that all drivers were aware of and exploited. It made for some great battles and was one of the few weapons a driver in a slower car had against a faster car. With the introduction of DRS it became even more important. The rights of the driver in the slower car are being completely dismissed and his skill is being stifled in favour of the spectacle. Stick KERS into the mix and you have 2 buttons adding speed artifically. This dilutes the spectacle. IMHO


    I definitely feel you! Eliminate DRS, KERS and let engine development come back and then, let them race…


    Before the testing began I was thinking Schumacher but I don’t think Mercedes have a championship winning car yet.
    The safe money would be on Vettel.
    Red Bull again look to have the best car but McLaren seem to be close and knowing their pace of development this may be the year they overtake Red Bull in terms of performance, in which case I’d say Hamilton.
    Ferrari have battled with their car a bit but over the last few days in Barcelona looked to have made some big strides forward.
    I’m hoping they can unlock a lot of potential in this new car and hopefully get it going quicker then the Red Bull.
    I’d say it’s between Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso and possibly also Raikkonen, if the car proves to be as fast as it looked in initial testing.
    I’m hoping Mercedes can make some big strides forward and possibly win some races. I have a feeling that Schumi will get his mojo back and finish ahead of Britney.


    @PinkMaggit McLaren’s pace of development? What pace? :P I’ve never thought they had any to be honest – I don’t agree with the hype surrounding their great development.

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