Ricciardo to replace Karthikeyan!

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    I always thought that teams like HRT is where drivers went to wind down thier careers, but try to get them started?

    I can see the logic in getting Ricciardo a seat in F1, but all he’s going to learn is that the cars crap & what a blue-flag is for. He’s not going to learn any racecraft in a HRT. He’s going from Friday testing a car thats capable of getting a point or two, to a car thats so far of the pace that he might as well drive his Renault 3.5 around.

    Clearly Red Bull know something that i dont, or are just desperate to get him into a car, any car rather then dump either of the STR drivers. I dont blame HRT for going for this ofcourse, its all about the $$ for them.


    It could just be cheaper for Red Bull to pay HRT to take Ricciardo for the rest of the season rather than to get into a legal battle and terminate the contract of one of their current drivers with the resulting pay-off it would entail.

    Give Ricciardo a go in a HRT – if he’s any good drop one of the current STR drivers at the end of the year. If he’s rubbish they just hold on to what they’ve got.

    Seems like a win-win situation for Red Bull.


    Ignoring pretty much everything that has gone before, lets get this straight. Karthikeyan is in F1 because he has dollars dollars dollars, getting him off the grid is a good thing. He’s not particularly talented, he’s never going to drive for a big team, or indeed any team above HRT, it’s unlikley he’ll be a great loss comparative to say, the experiance of Luizzi.

    If this moves brings money to HRT it’s great for the team, if Ricciardo is then moved up, they be able to sell the seat for more money, effectivley profiting three times. Ricciardo appears to have potential, of a certain level, he deserves his chance and he’ll impress in the same way every new driver at the back of the grid has done since to birth of the sport, beat his team mate. If he does beat Luizzi, people will sit up.

    Thouroughly pleased by this news, one driver closer to claiming that we really do have the best drivers in the world.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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