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    Well yesterday, we managed to take all our frustrations out at the deal that will see the beeb only show half the races. The question is, who will join Sky to show all the races? I have put together who I think will be involved (not my preferred candidates in some cases).

    Martin Brundle – The be all and end all of F1 coverage for the last 15 years

    David Coulthard – Formed such a strong commentating partnership that I think that if Brundle jumped, so would DC.

    Tony Jardine – Current Sky Sports News motorsport expert.

    Karun Chandhok – He’s everywhere in the media!!

    James Allen – I think he would be ready for Sky but see him more in a presenting capacity rather then commentating this time (unless MB or DC say no)

    Louise Goodman – Another old ITV face that the F1 fans would love to see back in the pitlane

    Let me know your thoughts and try and keep your frustrations about the Sky deal out of this forum. The deal is done and what I am trying to do is look forward. None of us like it but unfortunatly Bernie has played his hand, and he got a Royal Flush.


    Don’t forget though that Sky is owned by News Corp who also own Speed TV who broadcast all of the races here in America (except the 4 races aired on Fox) and already have an commentary team. I find it unlikely that News Corp will want to pay for two separate commentary teams for the same races.

    It is therefore quite likely that Bob Varsha, David Hobbs, Steve Matchett, and Will Buxton will be at least considered for roles in the F1 team.

    However if I were making the decision for Sky I would try and get as many of the current BBC team as possible. Especially Martin Brundle and David Coulthard who have proved fantastic this year in the commentary box.


    Tony Jardine was one of the old guys I loved as a commentator but not sure I like the “old” outdated ex driver who commentated for sky last time.

    I dont think you can get a better line up than the bbc currently has from Brundle & Coulthard to Eddie & jake in the pit lane.

    This magic is going to be lost for the best part of a decade all for the sake of a quick buck!.

    BBC management team who came up with the current mess of a deal need to be fired on the spot.. cost cutting where its needed!


    Who cares? Who will watch it? Only those who have the money.

    There is a stink about this deal with discredited News International (part owners of Sky) wanting to buy F1 from CVC, this may only be precursor to a complete sell out.


    Wouldn’t be surprised if John Watson was part of the team. He has been working Sky motorsport for the past few years.


    Clearly if you want the Sky watchers to be enthralled then Jonathan Legard must be the man, Sky should take immediate steps to secure his services.

    However great additions to the new invigorated BBC team, ie those left after the SKY money trail takes the useful BBC people, would be

    Suzy Perry replacing Jake Humphry,

    Holly Samos and Louise Goodman covering the pits and interviews

    Anthony Davidson and David Croft in the commentary box.

    Eddie Jordan remains the best ex-team principle, can you imagine Ron Dennis in Eddie’s place? Thought not.

    For added sparkle a Murry Walker lifelike avatar using phrases already used in many other GP races


    Suzy Perry? Oh that’s laughable….

    Personally, I think the BBC have a great team and Sky will be hard pushed to find a team of different people that are as good. Remember that BBC still need a team to cover their 9/10 races!!


    Suzy is Just Jake in Female form – teh serios work is done by others. Sky and the Olympics will grab some of the current BBC team

    sbl on tour

    looks as if everyone is going to be watching sky then if dc and mb go….


    Suzy is hot!


    Don’t scare me like that. I thought you were going to say you’d read about Sky becoming title sponsor for one of the teams.

    Come to think of it, that might not be a bad deal for HRT :D

    Anyway, on topic, I wouldn’t mind seeing Vicki Butler Henderson in there somewhere. Or Tiff Needell :)


    James Allen reckons BBC and Sky will share commentators but have different presenters (how does he know? Has he done a job interview already?!)

    Judging by the sort of people who commentate on Sky’s other sports, they’ll try and get Nigel Mansell…

    Promotion time for Will Buxton? Never heard his commentary but he’s been doing GP2 for years and he’s immense on Twitter (for what it’s worth!)

    I’ll be watching it on BBC, so I hope they can hold onto Martin Brundle.

    Crofty says he’ll still be on BBC radio (presumably that means TV practice sessions for their live races, and Fanvision at the track too) Hopefully that means Davidson too, but I wonder if the new World Endurance Championship will clash with more GPs – and if that still interests Brundle too?


    I expect the commentary team will stay the same, providing they are happy to work under the BBC/Sky arrangement. Ted would probably stay in the pit lane, perhaps with Louise and Jake sharing presenting duties. Jake would obviously stay with the BBC as he’s their star presenter for the Olympics.

    What does Johnny Herbert do these days? Sky might try and use him as an analyst. Maybe they could get Jeff Stelling to commentate on the pit stops…


    please anyone but John Watson he was awful the first time that there was pay per view and he has been rubbish on the radio five live practice coverage.


    Will Buxton already does the pit lane commentary for SpeedTV’s F1 Coverage so he may well get promoted as he is the only one of the SpeedTV team who actually attends races.

    As for Johnny Herbert last December I heard him commentating on a FIA GT race so someone has employed him for commentary duties.

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