”Stupid” places to hold a Grand Prix

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    Aish Heydrich

    Well with Bahrain already in the list, courtesy of Bernie, I’d say Syria or North Korea looks solid for 2014.


    Chernobyl street race, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran?

    Antonio Nartea

    @aish: No offence mate, but I don’t see the point of this thread.

    1. As much as I agree with the fact that Bahrain should not host a race of any sort in the current climate, let alone F1, I don’t see the reason why Syria – a country that has an ongoing civil war between its people – or North Korea – and its opressive and threatening regime – should be brought into this discussion. Or other countries that are experiencing / potentially experiencing major conflicts at the moment. This shouldn’t be a laughing matter…

    2. The next stupid place to hold an F1 race is, without doubt, Thailand. A country that has next-to-0 racing pedigree and has seen multiple uprisings against the regime and law enforcement in the past years…same as Bahrain. But I’m afraid if Bernie wants to race in Thailand, he will.

    3. We already have another two stupid places to hold a race on the calendar. South Korea and India. From a “lack of interest towards motorsport” point of view, there’s nothing to suggest these events should take place.

    The end. The rest of it is simple mockery and whether that’s directed at Bernie or not, I find it to be far from appropriate.

    Alex green

    On point 3
    So we should only hold races in countries that have a history of motorsport?
    Do we not want the sport to grow? China is a perfect example of growing a fan base in a country

    Antonio Nartea

    @darthsaku: You don’t grow a fan base by hosting one F1 race per year on a dull track and that’s it.

    China is also hosting / used to host a wide variety of competitions on that track (MotoGP, WEC, WTCC etc.) AND the circuit itself is far better than both the Buddh and Yeongam tracks / it has produced brilliant racing on multiple occasions. Nevermind the fact that chinese fans can actually afford going to an F1 race, compared to most people in India, par example.

    This is F1 and it should stand for the best drivers in the world, driving the best cars in the world on the best circuits in the world. And it should enjoy a likewise attendance at each GP. Experiments, gathering fan-bases and gathering interest for motorsport in general should be done through other competitions, not F1.


    Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Iraq, Iran

    Aish Heydrich

    1. Thank you, you just explained why I mentioned those two countries. You have a firm grip of the obvious.
    2. I give you, you do watch news, but not enough, Thailand is doing well now after those uprisings, it’s picked because it’s a hot tourist destination. Hot in more sense than one.
    3. Ha! Just read what Alex Green said, again. It’s fine if you don’t want to acknowledge him, or me, we don’t care.

    No offence mate.
    Develop a sense of humour too.
    I’m not intending to solve human right issues in this thread, so yeah, there may not be much points in this. But some guys see the pun and are playing along. Cheers to them.
    And to you, because it’s free.


    Aish Heydrich

    @robk23: Chernobyl Street race? XD Awesome.

    Antonio Nartea

    @aish: A bit too sarcastic, are we? :)
    It’s all good, I know you probably see it as good fun while I don’t. I just shared my view here. Just 2 things I’d like to add:

    Regarding Thailand:

    A country that has next-to-0 racing pedigree and has seen multiple uprisings against the regime and law enforcement in the past years…same as Bahrain.

    You missed the key words there. Took the liberty to underline them for you. From here onwards feel free to read no.3 again and apply it to Bangkok or whichever field in the middle of nowhere they choose to build the circuit on (see Yeongam).

    Regarding this:

    It’s fine if you don’t want to acknowledge him, or me, we don’t care.

    So should I conclude the only reason you post on this forum is getting attention from those who agree with you?


    4. Afghanistan

    3. Iraq

    2. Syria

    1. North Korea


    The moon.
    This thread.


    Tilke tracks.

    Aish Heydrich

    Somebody mentioned Turkey, his name rhymes with me, @ash. Sir, I’ll have you known there is a pretty exquisite track there and weh ave had some amazing races there, but the Turkish Govt decided against hosting an F1 race this season in spite of Bernie’s insistence. Money issues, I’m guessing.

    Craig Woollard

    The South Pole would be a good one.

    Lucas Wilson

    The Grand Prix of Bikini Atoll

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