Your best and worst moments of the 2011 F1 season

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    Best moment: Undoubtely, the win of Jenson Button on Canada. 4 hours of excitement, agony and finally one of F1 classic and historical races, judged on the last lap.

    Worst moment: For me the fact that the broadcast of F1 in Greece is facing at a dead end. No channel want to pay for the rights and I suspect that it will be the first season after many years that we won’t have live broadcast of Formula 1

    Fer no.65

    Best moment

    No question about it, Jenson Button catching Vettel at the end of the Canadian GP. We’d spent 4 hours watching an incredibly crazy race and that finish was very special. I was chatting with a friend and we were both watching the race on the BBC, commenting about it, and when Seb missed the corner and Jenson went by, I shouted so loud my mum had to come to see what was happening.

    Honorable mention to those couple of laps at the German GP, with Webber, Hamilton and Alonso all racing within an inch of each other. Fantastic race.

    Worst moment

    All the uncertainty regarding the Barhain GP. It was horrible news on its own right, and it was even worse when they announced the GP would be held during the year anyway.

    Good they didn’t go in the end, but it was still shocking and a bit embarrasing to see the news confirming the race come up.


    Best moment: Jenson Button winning the Canadian GP.

    Worst moment: Christian Horner telling Mark Webber to maintain the gap in Silverstone.


    Best Moments :
    * China’s race
    * Seeing Monaco GP with grandstands tickets
    * Vettel’s Qualifying lap from Bresil

    Worst moment :
    * TF1 (french TV) doesn’t show the end of Canada Grand Prix
    * “Maintain the gap”
    * Uncertainty after Perez and to a lower degree Petrov’s crashes at Monaco.


    Webbers 18th to 3rd in China
    Button consistantly ahead of his team mate
    Start in Singapore, front row at grid 9, enormous fun and great atmosphere
    Every pass that was made without DRS

    Webbers starts, unforgivable whether its the driver or car setup
    Massa Hamilton tangles, a diversion at best
    Only having 5 world champs in the field, next year will be much better with 6!
    Vettle retired in Abu instead of rejoining at back of field, would have loved to see him cut through the field

    Stephen Jones

    The suspense leading up to the finish at Monaco, China, Canada and err.. Germany (I like the suspense!)
    Webber and Hamilton dueling at Korea

    Watching starts as a Webber fan
    The Lotus Renault (Renault Lotus), Renault Lotus (Caterham Renault) shenanigans..
    The slow maddening realization that the DWC had been won by mid season

    ross bell

    JB’s wins, Canadian grand prix and massa hamilton fight

    Lack of title fight, f1 going to sky, valencia and drs


    Best moments:
    -Button storming through to win on the last lap in Canada. Last to first…a heroic drive in what was an epic grand prix.
    -Alonso’s starts in Spain and Italy. Bravery in the extreme, especially in Catalunya.
    -Webber overtaking Alonso in Spa. In a year where so many moves seemed quite inevitable due to cars being at different stages of tyre wear, it was brilliant to see such a ballsy pass involving cars with tyres that were both around the same age. The fact that is was between two great drivers in Eau Rouge is the icing on the cake!
    -Rosberg jumping everyone at the first stops in China. With everybody focusing on the Button/Hamilton/Vettel battle it was brilliant and genuinely surprising to see Mercedes pull off a strategic masterstroke an slip Rosberg into the lead using the undercut…a fact move nobody, including the BBC commentary team, seemed to notice for a good few laps. If only they had fueled him a bit more!
    -The Hamilton/Schumacher/Button duel in Monza. Not really a Schumi fan but brilliant to see him up there. Also fantastic to see the 5 champions in positions 1-5.
    -India. Not much overtaking but what a middle sector!
    -On a slightly different note the BBC opening sequence in Monaco with Jake, DC and EJ in the lift still makes me laugh even now. Shame they probably won’t be together next year.

    Worst moments:
    -Red Bull’s team orders in Silverstone. Hypocritical considering their comments on the subject last year.
    -The inevitability of Red Bull getting pole made qualifying less exciting than last year, as did people trying to save tyres in Q3.
    -Perez’s Monaco crash.
    -The Monaco red flag and subsequent tyre changes which destroyed what was shaping up the be an incredible finish.
    -Valencia. Generally.
    -The BBC/SKY deal.

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