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    With Daniil Kvyat making his first podium appearance, what is your favourite podium line-up? I have a few that were interesting for the unusual line-ups we had!

    Such as the Stewart-Prost (Herbert/Trulli/Barrichello) podium, European GP 1999. Totally unexpected!


    Or the Monaco 1996 one, Panis/Couthard/Herbert:


    And while the Schumacher/Barrichello Ferrari wasn’t unusual, USA 2005 gave us Tiago Montiero on there too!


    Any other thoughts?


    Herbert-Trulli-Barrichello, wow! That would have been one of my favourites! The best one I saw was Vettel-Massa-Kobayashi at Suzuka 2012: Massa back after two years, Kobayashi for the first time in front of his home crowd… the shivers! Alonso-Raikkonen-Massa from Spain 2013 was also nice, three drivers with a Ferrari past or present, but I would’ve liked the order reversed! And Australia 2014, the original one prior to Ricciardo’s disqualification only slightly better than the actual podium.


    Valencia 2012: Alonso – Raikkonen – Schumacher (three Ferrari drivers that one was replacing the other who was going into part retirement, also first such podium since 2006 – my first season watching F1 so it was the icing of the cake that day)

    Suzuka 2012: Vettel – Massa – Kobayashi (I haven’t appraised that much at that time as Alonso crashed out and Vettel won but looking back it was very nice to see Massa finally scoring a podium and fans chanting Kamui)


    I went to the 2008 British GP and was delighted to see a podium of Hamilton – Heidfeld – Barrichello. I wanted Lewis to win the race and his stunning performance in the rain was fantastic to witness, I always liked the two BMW Sauber drivers (in fact at that GP I bought a BMW team cap) and as I was in the stand at Luffield I saw his fantastic double overtake on Raikkonen and Kovalainen right in front of me. It was great to see Rubens to finish on the podium in that awful Honda car especially as he’d failed to score a single point the year before.

    I too liked the Valencia 2012 podium, even though I was annoyed after Maldonado’s accident with Lewis I was pleased to see Michael finally get a podium finish in the Mercedes and it was great to see Alonso win the race after qualifying outside the top ten.

    The 2011 German GP podium was another one I liked, not necessarily because the three drivers (Hamilton – Alonso – Webber) were a particularly unusual combination but because I was kind of glad to see Vettel off the podium (and on merit) after dominating the season up to that point. I was hoping someone would be able to mount a realistic challenge for the title and it was cool to have Alonso and Webber on the podium together after the latter gave a lift to the former.

    Iestyn Davies

    1967 South African GP – Rodriguez, Love, Surtees! Love was a local privateer driver in an old Cooper-Climax – he only lost the lead as he had to do a splash and dash! Brabham & Hulme in the Brabhams had trouble which set it all up.

    1968 British GP – Siffert, Amon, Ickx – Last win for a privately entered car, Rob Walker Lotus 49b. Think a customer Mercedes beating the works Ferraris after Ham and Rosberg drop out from the front row. Although that’s pretty much Williams now..


    2011 British GP – Alonso from Vettel and Webber.


    2013 Canadian GP – the first time Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton shared the podium. Would happen later in the year again, in Spa.
    2008 Hungarian GP – Kovalainen winning from Glock and Raikkonen.
    2014 Australian GP – Rosberg joined by local hero Ricciardo (even if he would later be disqualified) on his first race for Red Bull, and Magnussen who impressed on his debut.


    One of my first favorite podiums happened at the 1998 Italian GP; M Schumacher, Irvine, R Schumacher. Nothing like seeing your favorite driver win with his teammate and little brother next to him. Europe 1999 is another great one, with Herbert-Trulli-Barrichello. The 2003 Brazilian GP is a little odd in that I like the top 3 finishers, but that podium ceremony got a little weird with the wrong result and Alonso not being there. Definitely one of the more memorable, though!

    The 2004 Monaco podium was something else as well, Trulli-Button-Barrichello. If you’d told me Button would be the one to end up winning the most races out of the three of them I’d probably laugh at the time. Felt like Trulli was going to win more, which makes this one a little bittersweet. 2005 San Marino race had Alonso-Schumacher-Wurz, which was quite vindicating for Wurz and I enjoyed having him on the podium. That year’s Monaco GP also had a nice podium, with Raikkonen, Heidfeld and Webber. The 2008 Canadian GP is also up there, with a 1-2 for BMW Sauber, but also DC getting a podium for one of his two points finishes that season. Similarly, the 2009 Belgian GP had Raikkonen scoring his only win that season, Fisichella his only points finish with a 2nd place and Vettel in 3rd and suddenly looking like he could be a factor in the championship.

    Valencia 2012 has a special place in my heart, though. Seeing my top 3 favorite drivers on the podium again after all that time was something I did not expect but was very welcome.


    @enigma USA 2012 was the first time Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton shared a podium.

    Bradley Downton

    Not quite what you meant I don’t think, but I always liked the Indianapolis podium. Having the car raise up in front of the podium was an awesome feature.


    2003 Brazilian GP podium
    The 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix deserves a mention: only 2 drivers (3rd-placed Alonso was in the medical centre) and they were in the wrong positions! They swapped trophies at the next race…


    I liked this one, the 2 previous champions celebrating with the new champion:


    @paulgilb Ooops! Of course, my mistake. Thanks.


    Valencia 2012 podium


    Jerez 1997, smiles all round!


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