Your questions: What do you want to know about F1 TV?

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    Today Formula One Management announced plans for a new over-the-top streaming service called F1 TV. Here’s what they’ve revealed so far:

    Formula One to launch F1 TV streaming service “early in 2018 season”

    What more would you like to know? Are you thinking of signing up but want to find out more first? Whether its technical details, information about availability or anything else, post your questions below.


    Will it be available for Melbourne?

    1080 50FPS?

    pre and post race coverage?

    Offline downloads and session replays?


    Will F1 TV be avilable in Canada ?


    Which commentators are they using?
    What kind of historical content will be available, full races, race summaries or highlights?


    Thinking about signing up for sure.
    But from the US, this is quite difficult to watch races live, so the replay/DVR feature is very important to me.
    When replays are going to be available? Immediately after the race, during the race, or after a delay once the race is finished? If the delay is more than a couple of hours I would not subscribe.
    Also, during live streaming, will it be possible to rewind and still pick any angle?

    Will it be possible to have 2 full screen streams at the same time with 1 subscription, one for the general stream and another one for cockpit views for example?


    Availability in Canada.
    Stream’s highest quality? 4K? 1080p?
    Will surround sound work on all platforms?

    What does “past archive” contain? Any plans to acquire older content that are not already part of the “FOM archive”?


    I’m also interested in:
    – 50 frames per second
    – Offline availability
    – When will countries without television broadcast get F1 TV?


    How is it going to work on various devices, there is already an app for mobile. Should we expect smart-tv to get one as well?

    Is the subscription individual, since there is a price range of 8-12$ what will tell them apart? Could a person share a subscription with someone like other streaming services

    Obviously I would want to know if it is available in my country (Portugal), but that will come later when they make the announcements


    Thanks for your feedback so far guys.

    Regarding availability by region, this is covered here:

    List of countries where F1 TV Pro will be available confirmed

    There’s a bit more on the historical archive footage here:

    F1 TV archive will bring new ’80s and ’90s race video to fans

    Please keep your questions coming and we’ll do what we can to look into them.


    This is a great question – they definitely need a robust second screen option, I don’t want to be locked out of using live timing on my phone/tablet if I’m streaming the race on my TV.
    Would be really powerful to watch the main race feed on TV and then to follow a particular driver’s onboard on a second screen, with live timing on a 3rd.


    I’m definitely signing up for this, I am scared however about the lack of connection. I’ve watched many many races through streams from Blancpain to IMSA and it has happened more than once where the stream did not work properly or was massively delayed.

    I’m not bothered by that as I didn’t pay a single euro for it, however if I’m to pay 8-12 euro a month for some +/-20 hours of coverage I’m expecting a flawless picture.


    Here’s the full media Q&A from the F1 TV announcement:

    ‘This is new to F1, it’s not new to sport’: Full F1 TV Q&A

    Got more questions? Keep ’em coming!


    Can we record a race weekend and play it back? If not this isn’t a great viewing for many people worldwide as many don’t watch F1 live (now the all important, non-existence US market has pushed us back an hour!!!!)


    @Gams the races will be automatically uploaded to the site, you won’t have to record them yourself


    Thanks @Nejc – makes it look better for sure.

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