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Video: Formula E has an official anthem

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    Please tell me if it gets really good after the minute and a half mark because I couldn’t bear to watch beyond there.

    And I say that as someone who likes motor racing and electronic music and would prefer to not keep criticising Formula E all the time…


    Quick advice if you’re scanning the comments before watching: run, run now, just run, don’t watch it, it’s even worse than Keith made it sound.


    I kept watching it after the first 90 seconds but just couldn’t focus on the song or the video, I guess I started thinking about Bernie (can’t think why). I guess you have to drink before watching / listening to this. And I never drink that much.


    Please Mr. Agag, you’re doing FAR better than Bernie, your series is awesome and though it doesn’t have our beloved engine roar, it has our also beloved epic racing and fan accessibility. Don’t, just plese don’t ruin it with things like this.


    How boring is that? I got to 87 seconds, and the last 30 were because I wanted to give it a chance because it’s Formula E… Why didn’t they ask David Guetta to do something? He’s a racing fan by the look of the video for ‘Dangerous’, and he usually produces a catchy track, even if it isn’t always an imaginative arrangement.


    I lasted 40 seconds – and also with a knack for quality electronic music.

    Hitting a somewhat more humorous note, I was sure hoping it would not be Rammstein’s Benzin…

    Richard Shaw

    Something like this would be much better

    If I get time in the summer I will do a season review with this track


    Seems like somebody tripped over some notes of this one >>>

    Fer no.65

    Heck, I hate when they put electro music over the engine sounds !

    oh, wait…


    Hm, I guess its nice watching the scantily clad women in the video for the middle aged men that chose this (Agag etc), but its really not doing any good for the Formula E series IMO.

    The music misses a gripping theme melody or beat, the text is completely forgettable and I must say that the imagery really isn’t anything the sport should be proud of. Maybe they saw “dangerous” and thought they’d have something made to look a bit like it but on the cheap? Don’t know, but I really hope not to see this one again.


    Seeing as no one is lasting more than a minute and a half, I decided to start watching around the two minute mark. Don’t know how the start is, but the 60 seconds from that point on is not good.

    This song isn’t even good enough to be an Eastern European Eurovision entry.


    I usually don’t like electronic music and this was one of the worst songs of the genre I have heard, so can’t say I enjoyed it very much. I could have written a better tune, and I don’t think myself as a very good composer.

    Bradley Downton

    I read the comments first and thought it genuinely couldn’t be as bad as people were making out.

    I was wrong.

    Very very wrong.


    There’s a music parody on YouTube done by some of the guys that were on Saturday Night Live, called ‘when does the bass drop’, being a parody of songs where the bass drop is basically the climax of the song.

    This song could be called ‘when does the song start’, as I only lasted the entire song because I thought I was listening to it building up to a hook, or a more catchy melody at least..

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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