Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Hi folks, a bit of a question regarding FanVision. I have, for the first time, pre-ordered one for this year to try it out. Paid for it on PayPal and got a confirmation email which I’ve printed and put in my bag. BUT it says you need to present a credit card or cash as a deposit. Can anyone advise to how much this is because I only have a VISA Debit Card and I would like to know how much cash to take with me?

    Many thanks! Hope everyone has their waterproofs ready, looks like a wet weekend!


    waterproofs are at the ready gonna be great, not even the weather can dampen our spirits !


    This will be my first GP and I can’t wait. I’m camping at Woodlands from Thursday night and was wondering how long it would take to walk from the campsite to the nearest pub, which I assume is the White Horse.


    Hi! Ive followed F1 for years and been to quite a few overseas races but it’s my first time at the British Grand Prix. There’s a group of 6 of us going camping. Can’t wait! Just wondering what the deal is with taking food/drink into the circuit. Are a few cans of beer in a rucksack allowed? Not for a major session, just a wee social drink with friends!!


    Yep, shouldnt have any problems at all, you wouldnt belive the amount some people take in.



    Thanks, Nige! So half a dozen tinnies in a rucksack wont be a problem then lol?


    @ Steven, I believe they authorise your credit/debit card for €250 or there abouts. They don’t actually debit your card unless you fail to return it.

    mayur koya


    was just wondering if anyone could help. I won some tickets for the gp this weekend iv received my race tickets parking pass for park and ride and Hinton but they have only sent me one ticket for the coach/bus from the park and ride when it was meant to be for 2 people. Was just wondering if anyone knew if you need 2 tickets or one is enough for 2 people.

    Mark O’Donnell

    If you’re in a grandstand, don’t forget you’ll need to be able to tuck your cool box type thing away under your seat though – and they’re not exactly spacious grandstands!


    Does anyone have any tips for flag poles at the campsite? Using spare tent poles has worked before but I don’t know what the soil is like at woodlands – would I be able to put it deep enough into the ground so that it doesn’t fall over?

    Jonathan Evans

    I think Woodlands will be pleanty soft enough for you, infact probably too soft – have a look at this….

    Just had an email through from Silverstone management:

    WARNING – Woodlands campsite is implementing its first stage of its wet weather contingency plans.

    There are 3 levels of warning –

    Green – no problems

    Amber – you can drive up to your pitch but your car cannot move from the pitch until you leave

    Red – only campervans and caravans and TT’s will be allowed to drive to the pitch – towing may be required.

    All other campers will proceed to designated car park – you will then need to walk/carry your gear to your chosen pitch.

    Silverstone Woodlands is current on AMBER ALERT



    @ Coco, half a dozen tinnies will be fine mate no worries. Best to take your own food and drink anyway, beats queueing up an paying well over the odds for it all.


    Cheers for the advice!


    Hi All

    Did anyone buy tickets from SportsBoxOffice.com and if so have you got them yet? I saw the fiasco with STT and am now getting worried about these tickets although they did say delivery near to the event.



    Woodlands just gone Red !

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