Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    @Paul I can only comment on Woodlands as it’s the only site I have stayed in. I love it there! the entertainment is in a massive Big Top Tent with Films on earlier on the Thursday/Friday then going onto bands and DJ’s until around 1am….last year Eddie Jordan played with the band which was great. You can take you chairs and own beer to the tent which is great. Around the Big Top are around 5/6 vans selling food, everything from Burgers &Chips to fish, pies etc. Just round the corner is the Pub (more of a barn) you can only drink purchased drinks here but it was only £3/£3.50 per pint which I thought was ok, they also have entertainment on here some nights.

    Last year new shower blocks were built and to be fair I never spent long waiting for the toilets/showers but that’s because I went late/early.

    The complain I suppose most people will make about this campsite is the size and number of people, but that’s what I loved about it…..so what if I had to wait in line at the bar (never more than a few minutes)

    The camp site is so big, that I’m sure it would take ages to walk to the main entrance from the back, but there is a tractor that does the rounds. I arrived on the Wed night and was around 7/8 minutes walk from the gate near stowe.


    Sitting in Village A this year, right at the top of the stand, brilliant view. Just hope it doesn’t rain!


    Right I’m all booked and paid, just mananged to get one of the last tickets for Club with camping at Woodlands lively, yay! see you all there :-)


    hi guys new to the site !!!
    going to my first british gp in july couple of questions about woodlands tho….. is there anywhere for people to charge camera batteries if you dont have an electric hookup….

    and when do most people arrive on site… we are aiming to get there thursday afternoon as its a bit of a drive from geordieland… will we be in a reasonable spot ??

    thanks for the help guys stu


    Paul – Windmill is good for Becketts too.


    @stustephens no where to charge stuff I’m afraid, I had big problems with my I phone last year, would charge for 15 minutes in my car but battery would be dead within the hour so I could tweet anyone.

    Plenty of space on Thursday, they are still squeezing people in on Sat morning!


    I like the idea of camping @ Windmill for it’s proximity to Becketts but they don’t take bookings and due to our childcare we can’t get there until 7-8pm on the Friday night so I guess it’ll be rammed by then

    Excuse the ignorance but is there a site you can actually reserve a 3-night pitch rather than being left with what ever’s not occupied after everyone else has arrived on Wed/ Thursday?

    I am thinking Whittlebury might be good as it’s close to Becketts too but go on their website and I just end up getting confused on which part is going to be best. We’d like lively but then to escape to our tent and get some sleep without too much background noise – albeit beer deafness always helps. Wonder if I may be asking a little much?!




    If your a member of the camping and caravaning club then there are other campsites; I went to Hilltop Cottage @ Brackley (01280 700629) two years ago with my in-laws (they also brought 4 dogs in their motorhome); nephews and my wife.

    Only 2 of my in-laws and myself went to the GP but they only booked around this time of year; so if you dont mind a 10min drive (in opposite direction to incoming silverstone traffic) then i found this to be good (I have no attachment to this camp site and this year i am staying at woodlands because i am going with 3 other mates).


    I am going to Silverstone this year my first ever grand prix :) got weekend tickets for Corpse A the only thing i’m not sure about is where to park if you purchase park and ride or to park at the track any suggestions?


    For the last couple of years we have camped at Litchlake Farm, marvellously close to the circuit, it runs alongside the main road that leads to the main entrance, it has plenty of amenities, fast food, shops and showers, and a pedestrian bridge takes you over the road. It is a big site so no probs getting booked.

    If you book Luffield you can be in the circuit and your seat within 10 minutes, so it is ideal for us oldies or anyone with mobility problems, especially as you are on pavements the whole route.

    We have stayed at Whittlebury Park, which is excellent, but the path from the park is rougher walking of 20/30 minutes and brings you to the Copse gate.

    Hoping this is helpful, with everything so expensive it’s good to get it right.


    For those of you who do not know, Silverstone Golf Club offer very convenient camping. I have stayed there twice in the past and can recommend it. Just go to their website to book….You can also sneek in the back road via Dadford, very easy.


    I actually really like the idea of Silverstone Golf Club. You can even book breakfast and an evening meal in the clubhouse and it looks quite close to Becketts where our tickets are.

    The only thing putting me off is the reviews here http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/reviews.asp?revid=6666
    albeit there are only 3 of them and one is from 2007


    I thought this would be the appropriate place to tell you that I was a runner-up in the Silverstone Media Awards prize draw! I got an email this morning asking for an address to send a “goody bag”. Keith included a link to the voting page back in December, and I took it upon myself to vote for F1Fanatic in a couple of categories. Looks like it paid off :)


    Any special tips for keeping beer cool for the entire weekend whilst camping at woodlands?


    Congratulations @estesark!

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