When they were young

Four rookie drivers made their debut in last month’s Australian Grand Prix, and acquitted themselves with varying degrees of success. But how well did the rest of the grid fare on their debut races – did they show glimpses of greatness or opening night nerves? 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps Michael Schumacher, Jordan Ford – … Continue reading When they were young

Montoya’s injury

Juan Pablo Montoya’s indifferent start to 2005 is not calculated to improve with the news that he will not race in Bahrain, still nursuing a shoulder fracture incurred while playing tennis. Frustratingly for McLaren they have still not modified an MP4-20 to fit their taller and preferred third driver, Alex Wurz. Instead, their second test … Continue reading Montoya’s injury

Editorial: Come get some

Premiership footballers are latest thing corrupting the nation’s youth. Apparently the sight of angry, impassioned sportsmen raging at referees over decisions that have gone against them is warping the fragile little minds of Britain’s junk food-stuffed sprogs. Some teachers and parents are even going so far as to suggest that football be screened after the … Continue reading Editorial: Come get some

Doin’ it for fun

Once upon a time not so long ago, Formula One drivers could be seen in action nearly every weekend; in non-Championship Grands Prix, Group C Sportscars, Touring Cars or even just thrashing a Saloon Car for a bit of fun. But why no more? Even in the mid-90s Giancarlo Fisichella intermittently alternated between the International … Continue reading Doin’ it for fun

Bookshelf Essentials: F1 – The Autobiography

There are no shortage of coffee-table F1 books, resplendent with exquisitive photography and teeming with statistics. But Formula 1: The Autobiography, though huge, offers something more: The history of F1 in the words of the drivers themselves. Walk into any second-hand bookshop and in the motorsport section you’ll probably find a few dozen different ‘encyclopedias’ … Continue reading Bookshelf Essentials: F1 – The Autobiography

Ferrari offer testing truce?

According to Autosport-Atlas Ferrari have decided to cancel their testing session at Silverstone in June. It is a response to the near-universal criticism of their refusal to pursue cost-cutting reductions in testing. However there is still no sign that they will back down from their two somewhat contradictory stances on testing: that their reduction in … Continue reading Ferrari offer testing truce?

Schumacher drives F2005

Michael Schumacher has finally gotten behind the wheel of the F2005 and immediately after getting out of the car told the journos from Autosport-Atlas and that this was the super-fact, razor-sharp machine that would allow him to renew his crushing domination of F1: “This car has been driven quite a lot, it’s not as if … Continue reading Schumacher drives F2005


Autosport online have launched their new site incorporating the former Atlas F1 pages as a massive web for F1 fans. We take an exclusive look at what they after to offer, and weigh up whether it’s worth parting with your hard-earned cash for… Autosport began offering a basic subscription service last year, which gave access … Continue reading Autosport-Atlas