2012 F1 retirements and penalties



DriverAccidentTechnical failureNCDQDNQDNSW
Sebastian Vettel0100000
Mark Webber1100000
Jenson Button1100000
Lewis Hamilton2300000
Fernando Alonso2000000
Felipe Massa1000000
Michael Schumacher2500000
Nico Rosberg3000000
Kimi Raikkonen0000000
Romain Grosjean6100000
Paul di Resta0100000
Nico Hulkenberg1100000
Kamui Kobayashi2200000
Sergio Perez4200000
Daniel Ricciardo1000000
Jean-Eric Vergne3100000
Pastor Maldonado3200000
Bruno Senna2000000
Heikki Kovalainen0100000
Vitaly Petrov0200010
Pedro de la Rosa1300100
Narain Karthikeyan3400100
Timo Glock0100001
Charles Pic0500000
Jerome D’Ambrosio0000000

NC: Not classified (did not complete more than 90% of the race distance)
DQ: Disqualified
DNQ: Did not qualify
DNS: Did not start
W: Withdrawn


DriverTotalQualifyingDrive-throughStop-goPost-raceTime added
Pastor Maldonado10810120
Sergio Perez531100
Michael Schumacher431000
Sebastian Vettel4120120
Jean-Eric Vergne321000
Nico Hulkenberg321000
Pedro de la Rosa321000
Romain Grosjean320100
Mark Webber3200120
Charles Pic3200120
Bruno Senna312000
Lewis Hamilton220000
Nico Rosberg220000
Kamui Kobayashi211000
Felipe Massa211000
Narain Karthikeyan2010120
Kimi Raikkonen110000
Heikki Kovalainen110000
Paul di Resta110000
Jenson Button110000
Daniel Ricciardo110000
Vitaly Petrov101000
Fernando Alonso000000
Timo Glock000000
Jerome D’Ambrosio000000

Post-race: Time added after the race
Reprimands, fines and penalties not served are not includeded

9 comments on “2012 F1 retirements and penalties”

  1. Hm, @keithcollantine, seems the first table has some mistakes. Surely both Grosjean and Massa retired due to accidents, not a technical issue. Not sure about Hülkenberg, but as far as I remember he had damage from the collision with Webber that put him out of the race.

    1. Also HRT’s should be DNQ

    2. @bascb That was fixed a while ago, forgot to mention.

  2. Perhaps the 1st table could have a “retired due to collision” or similar column as there are arguments for Grosjean and Massa’s exits to be either or both “technical failure” and “accident” and both could be misleading, though arguably correct!

    Also would it be possible to record grid drop penalties and reprimands on the penalties table?

    Finally, Kovalainens grid drop penalty that he got hasn’t been added yet, is that because it was awarded post race so only gets added when he actually serves it (the next race)?

    1. @wigster

      Also would it be possible to record grid drop penalties and reprimands on the penalties table?

      Grid drops are (see the qualifying page for more); reprimands aren’t because I haven’t been able to rely on the FIA providing documented details of all of them in the past. That may change, however.

  3. When is this data correct from?

  4. I knew Pastor Maldonado will get mostly penalties from rough driving.

  5. How come race ban to Romain is not included in Penalties?

    1. @sularif There isn’t a column for race bans because they’re very rare – none were issued in the 17 seasons prior to 2012.

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