2013 F1 qualifying data

Qualifying results: table
Qualifying results: graph
Starting positions: table
Team mate comparisons
Q1, Q2 and Q3

Qualifying results: table

Where each driver qualified for every race, before penalties were applied.

Sebastian Vettel2.051192331322211121211
Lewis Hamilton3.2134142221111125233455
Mark Webber3.892558454310324314124
Nico Rosberg4.42664111421144625623142
Fernando Alonso6.16533356610859576881163
Kimi Raikkonen7.447729459946811131096
Romain Grosjean8.168116117131985371334417736
Felipe Massa8.21425662216127710467558159
Heikki Kovalainen9.5811
Nico Hulkenberg9.8911121014151111151012113118776410
Jenson Button10.631088101491411913698121010131315
Daniel Ricciardo10.681413713111210668197913161110117
Sergio Perez111510121297121413913814111199714
Adrian Sutil12.63129138138871511121415141713181716
Paul di Resta12.72915117101717121851617151212121212
Jean-Eric Vergne13.63131715161210713161418101216181414168
Valtteri Bottas15.05161816151714317171620181617131516913
Esteban Gutierrez15.681814171816191518141721171091416171018
Pastor Maldonado16.3717161417181613161815171518181518151817
Giedo van der Garde19.7421222121191522212120141920202120191920
Jules Bianchi19.8919191820202120202021152121212219202021
Charles Pic19.8922202019221818191919222019192021212119
Max Chilton2120211922212021222222162222221922222222

Qualifying results: graph

Where each driver qualified for every race, before penalties were applied.


Sebastian Vettel1192331322211121211
Mark Webber2558454310324314124
Fernando Alonso533356610859576881163
Felipe Massa425662216127710467558159
Jenson Button1088101491411913698121010131315
Sergio Perez1510121297121413913814111199714
Kimi Raikkonen7729459946811131096
Romain Grosjean8116117131985371334417736
Nico Rosberg664111421144625623142
Lewis Hamilton34142221111125233455
Nico Hulkenberg11121014151111151012113118776410
Esteban Gutierrez1814171816191518141721171091416171018
Paul di Resta915117101717121851617151212121212
Adrian Sutil129138138871511121415141713181716
Pastor Maldonado17161417181613161815171518181518151817
Valtteri Bottas161816151714317171620181617131516913
Jean-Eric Vergne131715161210713161418101216181414168
Daniel Ricciardo1413713111210668197913161110117
Charles Pic22202019221818191919222019192021212119
Giedo van der Garde21222121191522212120141920202120191920
Jules Bianchi19191820202120202021152121212219202021
Max Chilton20211922212021222222162222221922222222
Heikki Kovalainen811

Starting positions: table

Where each driver started every race, after penalties were applied.

Sebastian Vettel2.051192331322211121211
Lewis Hamilton3.4734192221111125233455
Nico Rosberg4.26664111421144624623122
Mark Webber5.422522774543103241314124
Fernando Alonso653335669859575881063
Felipe Massa7.95425492116117710466557139
Romain Grosjean8.118116116132275371333417636
Kimi Raikkonen8.357102845108468111399622
Heikki Kovalainen9.5811
Nico Hulkenberg9.631112101415119141012113117775410
Jenson Button10.471078101491410913698111010121514
Daniel Ricciardo10.53141371311121156819791216119107
Sergio Perez11159121287121313913814101198719
Adrian Sutil12.68128136138861511121715142213171615
Paul di Resta12.9591511510171722121851517151212111112
Jean-Eric Vergne13.37131715161210712161418101216171413148
Valtteri Bottas14.89161816151614316171620181617131515913
Pastor Maldonado16.0517161417171613151815171418181518141716
Esteban Gutierrez16.321814172219191517141721161081416162017
Giedo van der Garde19.3221222120181521212020141920201920181820
Jules Bianchi19.6319191819202019191921152121222119211921
Charles Pic19.8422202018221818182219222019192021192218
Max Chilton20.5820211921212220202122162222211822202122

Team mate comparisons

This is calculated by comparing the best times of a pair of team mates in the last part of each qualifying session where both set a time.

DriverBeat team mateAverage gap to team mate
Nico Hulkenberg18-0.816s
Jules Bianchi17-0.585s
Sebastian Vettel17-0.51s
Daniel Ricciardo15-1.049s
Valtteri Bottas12-0.348s
Lewis Hamilton11-0.158s
Charles Pic11+0.151s
Paul di Resta11+0.311s
Kimi Raikkonen10-0.299s
Fernando Alonso10-0.224s
Sergio Perez10+0.24s
Jenson Button9-0.24s
Romain Grosjean9+0.17s
Adrian Sutil8-0.311s
Giedo van der Garde8-0.151s
Nico Rosberg8+0.158s
Felipe Massa8+0.224s
Pastor Maldonado7+0.348s
Jean-Eric Vergne4+1.049s
Mark Webber2+0.51s
Max Chilton1+0.585s
Esteban Gutierrez1+0.816s
Heikki Kovalainen0+0.928s

Q1, Q2 and Q3

DriverEliminated in Q1Eliminated in Q2Reached Q3
Sebastian Vettel0019
Mark Webber0118
Fernando Alonso0118
Felipe Massa1315
Jenson Button0811
Sergio Perez0118
Kimi Raikkonen0215
Romain Grosjean2413
Nico Rosberg0217
Lewis Hamilton0118
Nico Hulkenberg0109
Esteban Gutierrez1063
Paul di Resta4105
Adrian Sutil3115
Pastor Maldonado9100
Valtteri Bottas892
Jean-Eric Vergne3124
Daniel Ricciardo199
Charles Pic1900
Giedo van der Garde1720
Jules Bianchi1810
Max Chilton1810
Heikki Kovalainen011


Grid position penalties incurred by each driver.

Qualifying PenaltiesTotal Qualifying Place Penalty
Sebastian Vettel00
Mark Webber213
Fernando Alonso00
Felipe Massa28
Jenson Button13
Sergio Perez15
Kimi Raikkonen25
Romain Grosjean110
Nico Rosberg00
Lewis Hamilton15
Nico Hulkenberg00
Esteban Gutierrez28
Paul di Resta00
Adrian Sutil05
Pastor Maldonado00
Valtteri Bottas00
Jean-Eric Vergne00
Daniel Ricciardo12
Charles Pic220
Giedo van der Garde110
Jules Bianchi218
Max Chilton15
Heikki Kovalainen00

Last updated after the Brazilian Grand Prix. Data reflects penalties served, not penalties pending for a future event.

6 comments on “2013 F1 qualifying data”

  1. Italian GP – Maldonado started 17th

    1. Never mind me, I’m insane – it was Sutil

  2. It’s amazing to think that Maldonado, occasional Quali Star of last year, has an average quali position this year that is better than only Gutierrez and those in the newer teams.

    1. I suppose that is attributed to his motivation getting sapped, seeing that Williams is now in no-man’s land: Too fast for the backmarkers of Caterham and Marussia but too slow for the rest of the mid-field. It is understandable, considering that he went from winning a race last year to merely scrapping with his teammate on most occasions.

  3. Alonso should be at 9 times beating his team mate, you forgot to include Korea it seems.

    1. No I didn’t, as it says:

      This is calculated by comparing the best times of a pair of team mates in the last part of each qualifying session where both set a time.

      Massa did not set a time in qualifying in Monaco. The same applies for the Marussia drivers in the same session.

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