Top prize goes to Zing Zang in Predictions Championship round eight

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Zing Zang's podium predictions was spot-on

Zing Zang won round eight of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship – coming out on top of a three-way tie on points with two other players.

The ‘guess the pole time’ tie-breaker decided the ultimate winner and Zing Zang’s guess was 0.005 seconds closer than runner-up Choltz’s.

Zing Zang wins a copy of “The Lotus Story” on DVD while Choltz claims a picture of winner Lewis Hamilton from Motorsport in Print.

Suffolkpunch tied with them on points but didn’t get close enough to the pole position time to win a prize. However they have the highest overall score in the championship of the three, moving up to 16th on 66.

And spare a thought for Bellof who would have been the first person this year to get a full 50 points for a perfect prediction – until Jenson Button passed Fernando Alonso for second!

Scunnyman slashed Arpi_’s lead to a single point in a round when many players scored in double-digits.

See below for the standings in full. Predictions for the next round will open in the week preceding the Grand Prix.

Find statistics on the Predictions Championship so far here: F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship race-by-race statistics

The prizes

This year we’re giving away a pair of prizes every race weekend.

On top of that at the end of the year the top 12 finishers all get prizes – and whoever scores the highest overall will be going to the 2011 British Grand Prix. Here are the prizes in full:

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2011 British Grand Prix

The person who scores the most points in the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship will win grandstand tickets to the 2011 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

This is the first time we’ve offered F1 race tickets as a prize at F1 Fanatic and I hope you all agree it’s a fitting reward for the F1 expert who can best predict who will be on top in 2010.

The grand prize winner will receive tickets to all three days of the 2011 British Grand Prix with reserved grandstand seating for the race.

Second place prize: An F1 painting of your choice

The second place finisher in the championship will win an F1 painting by Rob Ijbema.

You get to choose which F1 driver, present or past, will feature in the painting. Or you can pick one of the other motor racing paintings on Rob’s site Car-a-day.

Runners-up prizes: Autocourse 2010-2011

The ten players who finish in third to 12th positions in the championship will win a copy of the 2010-2011 edition of Autocourse.

The highly respected journal of Formula 1 and other major international four-wheeled racing series is published at the end of every season.

This year the publication marks its 60th anniversary edition.

NB. 2009 edition cover used for illustration

Race winners prize: The Lotus Story DVD Box Set

Duke Video are supplying the prize for the player who gets the highest score in each round.

With the Lotus name returning to F1 in 2010 what better prize than a DVD box set showing the history of this great team. This four-disc set “The Lotus Story” chronicles Lotus’s participation in F1 from the company’s beginning in 1948 up to its F1 withdrawal in 1994. (Please note this DVD is in PAL format).

Duke are also offering a special promotion exclusive to all F1 Fanatic readers – whenever you order from them you can get 15% off using the promotional code F1Fanatic at the checkout.

Race runners-up prize: F1 race winner print

The second place finisher in each race will win a 40x35cm print of the race winner

This prize is supplied by Motorsport in Print.

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43 comments on “Top prize goes to Zing Zang in Predictions Championship round eight”

  1. its nice that the unpredictability of F1 is illustrated through the use of this table :). Its definitely not a procession anymore

    Rather annoyed though, i thought i’d done much better this time than i actually had! only 13 points :(

    1. im doing this the first time, not good with it aswell but there is alot to be learned frm it, so yeah next year, itll be big time :D :D

  2. In my first entry, I am already in place 1.479!!!!!!
    Horacio baby stay cool!!!!!!!

    On a serious note: congratulations to Zing Zang and Arpi_

  3. My best score moves me up to 178th! Keith, I know you aren’t eligible to win, but are you taking part at all for fun?

  4. My best score of 17! How?! I bet Rosberg for pole and Schu for the win…I was fully expecting a zero! Ah well, equal 210th…slow and steady…

  5. Oh man, a bad round for me – only 3 points.
    I underestaimated the McLarens and Fernando Alonso.
    I thought Hamilton’s aggressive style of driving would have ruined his tyres and not let him finish in the top-5.

  6. I’ve gone up to 164 :D Thank you Mclaren for being predictable, thank you RBR for failing, thank you Massa for having another unlucky race at Montreal.

    Now to get to number 1…

  7. If I had time, i’d try to see if I really am the lowest rank to achieve to score at every single race. With 7, I equal my max. How on earth can’t I scor an better?

  8. I’ve given up on actually trying to win anything, instead I’ll just constantly curse Red Bull by tipping them for a one two, so far so good then.

    1. graham228221
      15th June 2010, 15:39

      I’m doing exactly the same thing! I’m now making predictions for really boring races, in the knowledge that whatever happens I will never ever get close to the actual result.

  9. One big score and I’m up to 10th! That made my day.
    I had VET(pole) & then HAM BUT VET ALO WEB.

  10. Oh dear. I’m definitely the Sauber of the championship. Not too shabby when I do predict, but I’ve had 2 DNFs now…

  11. How did I manage to get three points this round? I thought I got everything wrong. But there I am in 734th place, doing really well by my standards.

  12. Haha I would have predicted the winner right for once but when I was submitting I didn’t realise the first field is for pole, so I put Hamilton on pole but then left him out of the top 5, believing I had already chosen him as the winner:D I’ll take my time next time:)Still up to a respectable 58th place:)
    Congratulations to the winners!

  13. Forgot to enter this round. D’oh!

  14. Thanks Keith for sparing that thought!! Wouldhave won if not for Button this round:( way up the table now though…..

  15. Bad race for me, damn Mercedes are too slow

  16. Man, I’ve been consistently getting 3 points or more every time, but I can never seem to get anyone in the right position!

  17. Yes! An improvement! Best score since Bahrain :D

  18. sighhh….i guess my predictions didnt go through…i did em from my phone. i even saved em in my memo pad so i could remember who i picked….vet vet ham web but sch. guess its too late now huh keith?

  19. Guilherme Teixeira
    15th June 2010, 18:40

    Second best scoring round for me, which was good as I lost a lot of ground at Turkey. From 22nd to 13th this round :)

    I was hoping for Alonso to crash or whatever, so I could score around 30 points. Well, maybe I’ll be more lucky next round.

    I need to score a big result at least in one race though…

    1. And you’re a Ferrari fan. See how competitive this game makes people. You forget all loyalty :P

      1. Guilherme Teixeira
        15th June 2010, 23:10

        You’re right! Actually this year I’ve been supporting more the drivers I predict here than those I really like! :P

  20. 308th…hmm not bad i guess xD

  21. I got zero points, but I’m sure I put Hamilton first and on pole =/

  22. Dropped to 8th. Weak round from me, courtesy of Red Bull’s and Renault’s strategy errors and mechanical problems of the former.

  23. Wow, 58th!

    I’m a little annoyed. I got Hamilton for pole and win, but Kubica let me down. However, on the “for fun” facebook group’s contest, I got the podium spot-on – if only I had duplicated my prediction there here!

    1. Haha! We’re together on the 58th now :)
      *high fives*

  24. Another 5 points!!!

    hooray! :D

    1. me too, but i should have put the impulsive choice in pole and the win, and it might have been more.

      See you next time!

  25. I got 4 out of the top 5 finishers right, but only Hamilton in the correct place. Will I ever get a two digit score in a single round?
    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  26. I’m in the middle of nowhere in 252nd position with an incredible score of 42 points.
    Well, I’m going to be as optimistic as Alonso thinking I still have options for the champioship!!
    Valencia…there we go!!! For 48 points!!!

  27. Jumped up to 13th! Wow!

  28. It’s my best score until now. Counting that 3 times that I didn’t play because of a informatic virus, it’s quite surprisingly that I’m on 538th place.

  29. Whee! Up to 191! I got lucky this round, that’s for sure.

  30. Mr. Zing Zang
    16th June 2010, 1:38

    Woo hoo! I’d like to take this time to thank all you guys, Keith especially for bringing us this wonderful website. I’d also like to thank Jenson Button, I’m not really a fan of his, but because of his “peskiness” I said what the heck he’ll be up the front with my two favourite drivers Alonso and Hamilton so I just put him second. Vettel is vettel so I put him fourth knowing that Webber is a very unlucky guy and the RedBull is not good with tyres over a long period.

    I dedicate this one to all the Hamilton fans across the globe.

    1. Congratualtions, nice work with the choices made.

      I scrapped Hamilton for pole at the last minute and now come to regret.

    2. Congrats! I love that it had to come down to the pole time!

      Thanks for running the contest Keith.

  31. this is my first race, and i got 21 point.
    it seems i am a good rookie.
    i just need a better car :)

  32. I keep scoring small points (3-7 a race) but now have started to fall back in the standings while others make better prediction.

    Help, i need an aggressive improvement strategy. Let’s hope i can cut out the errors and make the improvements work, or i risk falling back further to below 350!

  33. It’s funny how this competition changes your allegiances.

    As a Brit who used to live in NZ a Lewis/Jenson McLaren 1-2 was the perfect result, but when I saw Rosberg was 6th I started dreaming up an elaborate way for my top 5 to come right… Alonso to try and take Button, putting himself out of the race and dropping Button down to 3rd behind Vettel!

  34. I have the strong feeling that with a couple of Chandok’s wins and poles I will be quite well in the Championship.
    Fingers crossed.

  35. Jonathan Proctor
    17th June 2010, 19:13

    Why did i get 0 points for Canada, I couldn’t enter my prediction on the website so emailed it to the address stated.

    (i picked lewis for pole and win)

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