2010 Canadian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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Hamilton leads at the start while Petrov exits stage left
Hamilton leads at the start while Petrov exits stage left

Find all the F1 Fanatic Canadian Grand Prix coverage in one place below ?ǣ from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


Canadian Grand Prix review – Hamilton heads McLaren one-two in Montreal thriller

Rate the race: Canada – So far the Canadian Grand Prix is gaining even higher ratings than the last race in Turkey!

Schumacher unpunished for Massa move – Stewards hand reprimands to Kubica and Alguersuari

Championship points after Canada – Hamilton takes lead in drivers’ championship

Canadian Grand Prix result – McLaren’s third one-two of 2010

Canadian Grand Prix analysis – Full race data

Canadian Grand Prix fastest laps – Kubica sets first, second, third fourth and fifth fastest laps!

Canadian Grand Prix stats and facts – Hamilton is fifth different championship leader

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Canadian Grand Prix

McLaren race review – Hamilton wins despite more pit stop problems
Mercedes race review – Schumacher slumps to 11th as Rosberg takes points
Red Bull race review – Webber holds position behind wounded Vettel
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Renault race review – Petrov?s tough race
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Canadian Grand Prix qualifying – Hamilton beats Red Bulls for third pole in Canada

Hamilton gets reprimand but keeps pole – Hamilton stopped his car on his way back to the pits after qualifying to ensure he had enough fuel left to give a sample

Liuzzi happy after best qualifying result – Liuzzi was later moved up to fifth on the grid

Did running low on fuel give Lewis Hamilton pole position? No – The shortage of fuel in Hamilton’s tank wasn’t enough on its own to give him pole position

Webber loses second place on grid – Gearbox change penalty for the Red Bull driver

Canadian Grand Prix grid – Vettel moved up to the front row thanks to Webber’s penalty

Canadian Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Red Bull?s tyre gamble to beat Hamilton


Fittipaldi joins Canadian stewards – Two-times world champion advised the race stewards

Button fastest in Canada first practice – A quiet first session at the circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Canadian GP Practice 1 interactive data – Renault show strong straight-line speed

Vettel heads second practice in Canada – Teams struggled to keep life in the super-soft tyres

Canadian GP Practice 2 interactive data – Super-soft tyres cause lap times lottery

Hamilton leads the way in final practice – But no time for Karun Chandhok

2010 Canadian Grand Prix ?ǣ F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme (Video) – pre-race information

Live blogs

How we saw the Canadian Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Canadian Grand Prix Live Blog
Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog
Canadian Grand Prix Practice 3 Live Blog
Canadian Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog
Canadian Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog

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  • 13 comments on “2010 Canadian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review”

    1. What a great weekend for F1, and a superb job done by you Keith and everyone at F1Fanatic. I really enjoy reading your articles.

      Check out Petrov taking out Pedro De La Rosa in the background of the first picture :)

    2. Sure it was a great weekend for F1, looking for more like this would be great for everybody.
      I was expecting something like what happened apart from the tyres issues. Mclaren and Ferrari would be as strong as RBR and maybe Renaut and Mercedes too.
      Hamilton and Alonso proved one more time they are the best drivers out there but Button, Webber, Vettel and Rosberg did what they were supposed to do.
      Massa had no luck but his pace is too far of Alonso´s.
      Next race in the “streets” of Valencia should suit again Mclaren and Ferrari more than RBR which is good for the championship.

      1. And if your a Mclaren or Ferrari fan!!

    3. The old drop.io site no longer seems to work. Is there a way to offer my videos and pictures from the weekend here?

      1. Thanks Eastman – you can use this one: http://drop.io/f1fanatic

    4. Whoa this is comprehensive, good stuff!

    5. I haven’t commented here since before the race because I’ve been too depressed after the Canadian GP 2010. It was terrible. At least it was as a Felipe-fan watching Swedish television. As if the result wasn’t bad enough. The way the commentator spoke Felipe down was terrible. He blamed him for every incident on track, or at least for the start incident (“Massa is punching Liuzzi 3 times, what is he doing, poor Liuzzi’s race is over”) and the Schumacher incident (“Is Massa trying to pass on the grass, typical him”) before watching the incidents twice. None of it was Felipe’s fault. Janne Blomkvist, I lost all my respect for you this weekend.

      The way Felipe fought back was amazing until MSC just changed back to the ideal line and braked extreamly early. Poor old Felipe. 2010 is the worst season I’ve watched, or at least the most painful.

      1. Felipe is a gentleman,one of the few.The commentators do not realise the harm they do by criticising and blowing up every little fault… Newcomers to F1 would mentally carry those negative critisms throughout the season…if they decided,as many do,that F1 is the sport for them to follow.

      2. Oh I don’t know OEL I think the last corner in 2008 was excruciating nevermind Felipe’s accident last year.

        felipe hasn’t had a great year this year but take heart by the performance he gave on Sunday. It was reminiscient of Silverstone and Aus 07 where he was at the back but fought on. Valuable points were lost but he gave a highlight of the race with that overtake with Sutil, showed he could find and when he could he put in very good pace. The season’s long. I’m sorry your commentator doesn’t sound a fan of him though!

        1. I felt sorry for Felipe… it just seemed from the start he was in trouble… it was amazing to watch as it was my first GP and I was sitting right on top of that incident… and Schumi’s move was appalling in my view… his tyres were destroyed, I think he was on 22 laps on the soft’s at that point and he just pushed Felipe on the grass… very cheeky! I managed to get a piece of carbon fiber off the track from where the accident happened.. :)

        2. Mr Blomkvist really don’t like Felipe. When his engine blew in Hungary 2008 he sounded a bit happy. And in Australia 2007 he and the expert said Kimi’s performance was very strong and that he showed who was Ferrari’s No1. Despite the fact Felipe started last and finished 6:th. That’s actually when and why I decided to go for Felipe after Shumi retired. Well, at least Felipe showed he still is one of the best when it comes to climb from the back of the field, no matter what Blomkvist say. He mentioned Alonso is very strong at coming back and said Felipe’s performance was poor. But there were no safety car period in Canada this time compared to Alonso’s first lap safety car in Monaco!

          At least, one of this seasons best moments came here: Felipe Massa’s fantastic manouvre on Sutil!

          1. And I forgot to say, it’s nice to have your support in painful moments like this!

    6. fantastic coverage, as always! thank you!

      speaking of coverage, what i’m paying rupert murdoch for has reached a new low. news corp/fox/speed’s level of commitment towards the production of the f1 telecast is now absolutely minimal, and consistent with news corp’s philosophy of achieving the lowest common denominator possible. the telecast had neither pre- nor post-race shows. in that 1:58, there were 14 commercial breaks between 2 and 3 minutes long, and very poor reviewing of missed action. to add insult (literally) to injury, the commentators (only good part of the show) are directed to address the audience as if viewers have never seen f1 before.

      this is the antithesis of first-class coverage offered by the bbc and of what fox/speed offers for other sporting events, including another motorsport series.

      this was likely the best race in a very strong year for f1, and fox’s show did nothing to make fans out of “casual” viewers. if bernie is serious about growing f1 in the states, he MUST force fox’s hand in stepping up their game.

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