Trulli: “We’ve exceeded expectations”

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Jarno Trulli says Lotus are doing better than they expected in 2010 and believes the team will be even stronger next year.

Speaking at the Goodwood Festival of Speed here said:

To be honest I’m enjoying it. We have exceeded our expectations in terms of achievement because considering that we have joined the club of Formula 1 teams very, very late in the year the team are doing a very good job.

When we went to the first race we weren’t entirely sure where we would finish, and we finished with both cars. Later on I was a bit unlucky but the car is improving and the team are getting better, stronger and bigger.

In terms of a performance were were a second off and now we are a half to three-tenths. And we will get some more with the next updates so it’s looking up.

Now things are shaping up and they’re looking good for next year. You probably don’t see it but I can see from inside it’s looking promising for next season.

The way they operate is not like a new team. We have experienced people and experienced engineers. We are shaping up and we are preparing for next year but we knew that this year would be very hard.
Jarno Trulli

Trulli isn’t ready to pass judgement on the revised Silverstone circuit, scene of the next Grand Prix, as he’s only seen it on television so far:

I did take a little look on the TV when the Moto GP was there but no more than that. So I’m keen to go jogging or cycling next week before hitting the track with my Lotus.
Jarno Trulli

Trulli is visiting the Festival for the first time and is driving the car Emerson Fittipaldi won the world championship with in 1972. He said:

Everyone who has been involved in motor sport in the last 50 or 60 years knows about Lotus. Obviously I was young but I still remember the black and gold car with Ayrton and Elio de Angelis.

I think it’s crazy that there’s so many people here when it’s not even a racing event, it’s a demonstration event. You don’t only see the cars, you see past Formula 1 drivers and drivers from the whole world of motorsport.

This morning I was having breakfast and next to me is Michael Waltrip, the guy who let me drive a NASCAR for the first time a few months ago in the US. He said: “They invited me and it’s Goodwood so you have to be here.”

I want to enjoy this day, I’m not here for racing I’m here to see the people and feel the atmosphere. So I want to go out there and enjoy my driving a see the people waving and also feel the car because I’m driving an old Lotus 72.
Jarno Trulli

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9 comments on “Trulli: “We’ve exceeded expectations””

  1. shouldnt ‘here’ at the top be ‘he’

  2. Lotus didn’t set the bar too high, did they? Making it to Q2 at least once, or getting a point would be a modest ambition. Beating HRT and Virgin is barely an achievement.

    1. It was there pre-season ambition. Now they’ve acheived it there ambition is clearly nicking a point an beating established teams.

    2. Well considering HRT and Lotus got there F1 entry months and months before Lotus i dont think its such a bad target tbh, they only designed that car in 6 months compared to the 10 or so for the other teams.

  3. I think with a bit of luck Lotus will be well into the midfield next year, I can certainly see them overtaking Sauber and Toro Rosso.

  4. TheGreatCornholio
    3rd July 2010, 20:06

    I’d have to say that given the lateness of their entry they’ve done a great job. They certainly appear to be the most professional of the new teams and they’ve reduced the lap time differential between themselves and the midfield down quite nicely. I do think they made a great choice when they picked Jarno and Heikki to drive from those available as I’ll bet they’ve put loads into the development of the car! Great to see them doing well. I’m a real supporter of the new teams as i think they’ve added so much to this season but for some reason (i’m not sure why) i always look out for Hispania first!

    1. I’m very impressed as well. They are making consistent improvements, and are clearly the best of the new teams. I also have to admire their early decision to pony up, and actually provide a salary for a couple of experienced F1 pilots. Who knows … with a bit of luck, they might even score a point or two this year. Hope so!

  5. Will Lotus score a championship point this season?
    i think YES if they keep improving their car & may be they need a little bit of luck for them.

  6. I’d be very sceptical about them getting a point, It would be nice but, the odds clearly are against them.

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