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The first five Formula One cars raced by Michael Schumacher feature among the most recent grand prix machinery present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Schumacher began his F1 career with a single race in the attractive Jordan 191 at Spa-Francorchamps. Despite retiring on the first lap with clutch failure, he showed so much promise in qualifying he was immediately signed up by Benetton team principal Flavio Briatore – to the deep chagrin of Eddie Jordan.

The next four cars Schumacher drove were Benetton. He won one race each in the B192 and B193, then claimed the first of his record seven world championship victories in the blue-and-green B194 in 1994.

He beat Damon Hill to that title but two years later the Williams driver clinched the title in the Renault-engined FW18, which is also running at Goodwood this weekend.

Although current Formula One cars cannot run at the event due to testing restrictions, several teams are running their 2011 chassis, mostly with their latest liveries.

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14 comments on “Schumacher’s first cars & recent racers at Goodwood”

  1. The FW18 is among the most beautiful F1 cars ever. And I would love to see B194’s brilliant traction control in action.

    1. I agree, that Williams is one of the best looking F1 car anyone has built since they started putting wings on them – I feel sorry for kids who are growing up now as they’ve had nothing but a load of butt-ugly cars to look at for the last decade and I can’t imagine ever wanting to cover my bedroom walls with posters of the current cars with their ugly noses, snow plow front wings, high rear wings and messy bodies.

      And they should be able to use the traction on the B194 considering it was there for “demonstration purposes” :-)

      1. The Williams year is certainly not butt ugly even if it does have a sex toy dangling from the front. It almost doesn’t matter what the car looks like when it’s painted in a Martini livery.

  2. Think Ferrari is an F10 rather than F60 if I am not mistaken. Note shark fin engine cover, nose shape/position and longer wheel base.

    1. The thing is, Ferrari has been defacing older cars for a while now. It could very well be a F60 chassis, with an F10 nose and engine cover. I’ve seen an incarnation with the F-Duct engine cover, but a clear F60 nose as well.

      Heck, Marc Gene tweeted a picture recently of an F300, with the Marlboro stickers on their original spot on the engine cover, but the rest is a 2014 livery (I’m not sure about the front wing being a 1998 one either, but the 1999 and 2000 had a delta shape, so it can’t be that).

      Between ‘putting current liveries on old cars’ and photoshopping tobacco sponsors out of pictures, I don’t know what annoys me more from the oldest F1 teams.

      1. McLaren ran a couple year old car today with 2014 livery. it is not Ferrari defacing cars, it is usually just keeping sponsors happy, every team does it at promo events.

      2. @npf1 what an atrocity…!

  3. yep pretty sire that’s an F10 not an F60

  4. The Jordan 191 and the Benetton B194 remain my personal faves… The Ferrari ain’t bad either.

  5. Is that an RB7 with RB8 parts or just an RB8?

    1. Looks like the RB8 to me.

  6. is there any way to find out what time Sebastian buemi did in the redbull? I think that rund might have been faster then heidfelds record.

  7. You’ve got to love the mid-90s cars when they were so low and wide. And, although I wasn’t that fond of the 2009-2013 cars, the 2010 cars were quite pleasing on the eye with the F-ducts. Those cars had some downforce!

  8. “… several teams are running their 2011 chassis, mostly with their latest liveries.”

    Stop the madness!!

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