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As some of you will know from last week’s Hungarian Grand Prix live blog, I’ve got a very special event coming up soon – I’m going to be married next Saturday. After that I’ll be taking a week and a half off to go on honeymoon with my wife-to-be.

In the meantime the site will be looked after by Cari who’d been doing the Monday round-ups for the past few weeks and has already written some content for including this retrospective on Patrick Depailler.

The usual mix of news and features will continue including some content written by myself, and I’ll be back in time for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Glock looking around for 2011 (ITV-F1)

“We’ll see. If there is an opportunity at Renault, I don’t know at the moment. I’m not that close talking to them.”

Long road back for Villeneuve (Toronto Sun)

“Former world champion Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve would have preferred to race on the old course at Watkins Glen on Saturday. That would be the 5.43-kilometre Grand Prix course where his father Gilles Villeneuve won his only U.S. Grand Prix back in 1979, and not the shortened 4.06-km course that NASCAR will race on Saturday for the Nationwide Zippo 200.”

Gallery: Ayrton Senna revisited (The Cahier Archive)

New pictures of Ayrton Senna published.

It’s not Mark’s helmet..’ it’s mine! (Red Bull)

“Following his victory in Spain, Mark threw his crash helmet into the crowd and the 17-year-old Barcelona student got to it first?? but not without a struggle. ‘I did have to fight to get the helmet,’ said Oriol. ‘A man who didn’t catch it tried to take it off me when I was on the floor. At that moment, my father helped me stop him and all the crowd shouted that it was mine!’"

Comment of the day

DK is planning a last-minute trip to the Belgian Grand Prix. Can anyone help him with his queries?

I decided that since my birthday is August 29th, I’d go see my first ever Formula 1 race in the flesh. I’m coming over from the States and am staying in Brussels.

What is the best way to get from Brussels to the track by train/bus? How long does it usually take? I have Bronze tickets for Sunday because I’m spending the other days in all different parts of Belgium. Also what are the usual costs for the buses? I’m guessing I should prepare for some pretty heavy crowds?

I couldn’t be more excited for this race, if anybody has any tips or advice on where to stand or eat or any miscellaneous piece of advice I’d greatly appreciate it.

I apologize for being overly inquisitive as I am still new to Formula 1 and its excitement. Please help!

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Don your novelty moustaches and have a good whinge to celebrate Nigel Mansell’s 57th birthday!

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  1. Congratulations Keith!!

    1. I concur!
      Congratulations Keith. I hope you and your bride have a wonderful day and terrific honeymoon.

  2. Congratulations Keith. Have a good one. I presume you planned the wedding to coincide with the F1 summer break?… Nice work!

    1. If it was me, I’d schedule it to clash with the Valencia Grand Prix…

      1. But it doesn’t clash with any of the F1 races. Congratulations Keith.

    2. Congratulations Keith!

    3. Me thoughts exactly!

  3. Congratulations Keith Collantine and your bride to be.
    i wish you all the best.

    1. Congrats Keith, don’t have too much fun
      (Or he might not come back :[)

      I jest!

  4. Congratulations Keith, don’t worry, we’ll wreck the place errrr I mean keep the high quality level of comments up while you’re gone.

  5. The fight for the second Renault seat for 2011 is going to be fun. Assuming Schumi stays on at Merc, it’s the only half decent seat left up for grabs. Although, saying that, Renault/ Benetton have never really managed to run two competitive cars at once in their history, so perhaps it’s a poisoned chalice?

    Presumably it’s going to be a fight between Petrov, Glock, Sutil and Kovalainen, with a few potential outsiders like Klien, Grosjean, Kobayashi etc. I hope Sutil gets it, he’s been excellent this season, and it’s about time he moves on from Force India or his career will stagnate.

    Who do you guys (and girls) want to get the drive?

    1. If im honest, i think Glock deserves that seat a lot more than Sutil…

      1. Sutil to Merc, Koby to Renault, Petrov to Sauber (needs sponsors). Imagine that- Sauber-Lada!

        Parente—–> HRT
        DiResta—–> Force India
        Maldonado—> Sauber
        Pérez——-> Virgin
        Filippi—–> ?

        1. Sutil at Mercedes and Kobayashi at Renault would be the ideal scenario. Or- even better- Kobayashi at Mercedes! Now this is getting silly…

          1. The only thing I “Know” about F1 is that if you think of the most silly thing possible, you only need to wait a week…..

            I rather hope Schumi keeps the seat… If nothing else he causes rather heated debates.

    2. I think Petrov will keep the seat for the connection to the Russian market seems important to both Genii and Renault.

      If not i would love to see Sutil there, as i think it’s the right time for a step up.
      For Kovalainen and Glock, i think it’s better to stay at their current teams for another year. That way they can show some off with giant killing drives into the points if opportunities arize next year. And in 2012 there will be a lot more movement on the market to get to a good spot.

  6. Congrats Keith and have a great day plus your honeymoon.

    Hopefully Sutil gets the Renault drive, I think he has more to give in a better car.

  7. Congratulations Keith!…

    have a nice honeymoon!!!

  8. About the helmet owner… those people can really be annoying!… i remember i went with my father to a race when i was 6 years old… after the race, we went to the podium, where drivers throw caps to the public… i catched one!

    but 2 big guys were also trying to catch it… they knocked me down… i lost the cap and started crying…

    my dad almost took their eyes off!! i was 6 and i was rammed just for a stupid cap… i never attend podium celebrations because of that… i get annoyed with that kind of people…

    1. It’s truly disgusting, How dare they act so stupidly and so selfishly, I can’t imagine what goes through those peoples mind.

      Btw congrats on the cap, assuming you dad got it back for you.

      1. We were at the open day for my football team, and the players were kicking signed footballs into the crowd off fans, in front of me a young boy was pushed over and landed in the next row off seats when an adult barged him out of the way to catch the ball.
        Some people have no manners!
        Thankfully the person who did get the signed football gave it to the crying child.

  9. Wooooo…

    One week away!!!!

    How exciting!

  10. Congrats to Keith and his wife to be. Hope the weather is good for you on Saturday for you and your guests.
    Hoing anywhere nice for the honeymoon?

    I’m sure we’ll all still be here when you get back and not left in droves lol. Carli will do a magnificent job in your absence, though i bet you hope not too good or you will be a little obselete.

  11. Congrats Keith and the soon-to-be Mrs. Collantine! We’ll try to take good care of the ol’ website, I just can’t guarantee it… but here’s to you and your future wife from me and the gang of F1 Fanatics!

  12. Congratulation to Keith & all the best wished for their happy life. It seems like the mid-summer break have helped Keith the most other than the F1 teams.

    Also good wishes to DK who will attend his first F1 GP. & Oriol for that hard fight he had.

    Glock do deserve a better drive than he is now, I think Sutil may stay with Force India for another season as the team is improving & their partnership looks promising.

  13. Congratulations Keith & best wishes to you and your wife to be. I guess I missed the memo about it last weekend. Anyhow I have not doubt the site should be fine without you. If you there is anything you need in terms of the site I would we more than happy to help.

    -Lord Stig

  14. Congratulations Keith

  15. Hey, keith ..congrats…btw is your wife-to-be an f1 fanatic too? Bcoz that would be a match made in heaven…

  16. Congratulations Keith. Please find here some congratulations cards for you:



    Good luck next 14th… and for the rest of your life!!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Keith and your wife-to-be! Was it hard to arrange the wedding for the middle of the 3 week break? I hope the honeymoon will not be covered by a live blog.

  18. Congratulations Keith and the future wife (what’s her name please). Enjoy yourselves.

  19. Nathan Bradley
    8th August 2010, 8:00

    Congratulations Keith!


  20. Congratulations Keith!

    My Best Wishes to both of you for a great future ahead!

  21. Congratulations Keith..

  22. congratulations!
    By the way:
    I’m marrying friday (yes it’s the 13th, but we’re not superstituous), hope yours will be as nice as mine!

    1. Congratulations! :)

  23. The beginning of the end…

  24. I think it should be Sutil should get the Reno job.He has performed brilliantly this season and he should leave Force India if he wants his career to progress.
    On a diffrent note,Congrats to Keith and I wish the best of luck to you and your new wife!
    Also congratulations verstappen!

  25. Congratulations Keith and best wishes to your bride to be. Hope you have a wonderful day and future together. The honeymoon will provide you with some much deserved rest too!

    Good luck Cari with the site too!

  26. Congratulations Keith to you and your bride to be. Enjoy the honeymoon (good thing they have the summer brake, eh) and rejoice having a understanding partner.

    I am sure Cari will manage the site updates in the mean while and promise not to make to much of a mess of the comments while your not there.

    Verstappen, congratulations to you as well: Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk en nog vele gelukkige jaren toegewenst

  27. Congratulation Keith and best wishes for next weekend. Hope the sun stays out for you!!

  28. The only person I think could/should replace Petro is Glock. He’s the only one I can say is in a car he doesn’t deserve. Kovy probably can do better but I think he’d be good for Lotus in the long run.

    Sutil has great race craft at times. His defensive driving was wonderful and it’s rare he gets to show it off because rarely is anyone behind a Force India. However, if there’s one thing Petrov has shown it is race craft too.

    Sutil didn’t even blow Fisichella away. Fisi is good but if Sutil’s a hot young talent he should have at least made Fisi think about retiring. The majority of their time together Fisi finished ahead (excluding DNFs which Sutil had lots of). Fisi was the one who bagged pole at Spa and challenged for the win.

    I’m not saying Sutil is bad as he clearly isn’t but Renault could be a winning team again and I just don’t think Sutil has shown enough. He’s doing good this season but is that because it is genuine or because he now has a teammate who is rubbish mostly?

    Petrov has the race craft, beat Kubica last weekend who is so highly rated and is only a rookie. Give him some more time and he could be something good. Sutil or Glock or whoever could be good in the short term for points but for longer term perhaps Petrov is worth the wait.

    1. Ideal setup:

      Mclaren: Hamilton/Button
      Ferrari: Alonso/Senna
      Renault: Webber/ Massa
      Mercedes: Rosberg/Hulkenberg
      Redbull: Vettel/Buemi
      Williams: Barrichello/Glock
      Force India: Sutil/Di Resta
      Suaber: Kobayashi/ Di Grassi
      Torro Rosso: Dani Clos/Alquesuari
      Lotus Racing: Kovaleinen/Trulli
      Virgin Racing: De la Rossa/ Sam Bird
      HRT: Yamamoto/Ide

      This would be awesome, and HRT can get what they want – Japanese drivers with no ability and lots of money ;)
      Maybe not 2011 because drivers are already signed up, but 2012 Drivers list – you seen it here first.

  29. Congratulations Keith! Great teamwork there! :)

    I vote for F1 to take 1 month off so that you can get you honeymoon as it’s supposed to be done – 1 month. I think we all can wait for you :) and the whole F1 organization definitely owes you such a favor.

    Enjoy you magic moment!

  30. Congratulations Keith!

  31. auguri Keith, viva gli sposi (as they say here) allthe very best to you and the future Mrs F1 fanatic.

  32. Congratulations Keith. Best Wishes to you and your

    Hope you and your guests have a great day.

  33. Congratulations Keith.

    Have a great break and do remember to come back to us !
    We’d all be lost without the best F1 website pro
    there is !

  34. Congratulations from Canada Keith! All the very best for the future!

  35. Already the rumours are beginning to fill the low news weeks in F1. Paddocktalk dug up the rumour that Heidfeld will test the pirrelli tyres on a Toyota car.
    Only this time they add, that the test will be this month and they will use the TF109 instead of the car developed for 2010 in this test.

  36. Allso seems Adrian Newey will have to take it slow, after having been to hospital for “precautionary checks” after a big crash in the Ginetta G50 Cup at Snetterton.

  37. Congrats keith! Hope the wedding goes well and hope you have a lovely honeymoon. :D

  38. José Baudaier
    8th August 2010, 23:41

    Hey Keith, congratulations. Best wishes for you and your fiance.

  39. Congrats Keith!

  40. Congratulations Keith!!
    Wish you a happy married life.
    Would understand if your daily roundup come in later than usual :-)

  41. Mark Hitchcock
    10th August 2010, 20:58

    Congratulations Keith, have a great day (and married life!).

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