Barrichello’s 300 races in 50 pictures

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Rubens Barrichello won’t care to remember his 300th F1 race, which lasted less than a lap.

Fortunately he has many better memories from his 18-year F1 career which has made him the first driver to reach a triple-century of races.

Take a look at some of the memorable moments from his career in the pictures below.

Barrichello has actually participated in 301 F1 race weekends. But he failed to qualify for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix for Jordan after being injured in a crash during qualifying.

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Images (C) LAT (Top, 1-7 & 14-15), Ford (8-13), Ferrari spa (16-17 & 19-25), BMW ag (18), Honda F1 Racing (26-39), Brawn GP (40-45) and Williams/LAT (46-50)

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40 comments on “Barrichello’s 300 races in 50 pictures”

  1. I saw there was a bit of “argument” about whether it was 300 Grand Prix starts (because of things like not taking the second start of a fully restarted race), so if he wants to have a good memory of his “3ooth Grand Prix” perhaps there’s a bit of poetic licence to be applied to his memory/statistics :-D

    1. Helmet and overalls said 300 GP’s, not necessarily GP starts…

      1. It’s either 301 GP’s or 298 GP starts (since he didn’t start in two races in 2002 and did not qualify in one race).

        Spa ’98 counts because he actually started the race, but did not take part in the restart.

        1. It’s 298, plus two in which he qualified, but didn’t race due to mechanical problem. Plus one when he didn’t qualify, but I don’t think we should count that one.

  2. Ah the 90’s when F1 cars ran nose to tail!

  3. Cheers Keith…

    Brings back a lot of good memories (and some heartache) from over the years…

    Shame Canada 95 didn’t get a look in. Sure, there was some luck in that result too, but it was his first P2.

    Perhaps that instead of the random Verstappen pic, eh? ;)

    1. Haven’t got a Canada ’95 I’m afraid but have changed the other picture.

  4. The helmet in Interlagos 2008 was Ingo Hoffmann’s (12-time brazilian stock car champion) one. He used Tony’s at Monaco-2006, as seen above.

    1. Fixed the caption, thanks.

  5. Its amazing to see how many different cars, teammates and circuits Rubens visited during those years.

    I do hope he will gett to win another race with Williams before he calls it quits. It would be a nice goodbye and see you back again to Williams.

  6. Haha that last pic with the other drivers at the 300th GP celebration looks soooo weird!…

    Look at Robesberg’s arms! and look how WEIRD Hulkemberg looks :D!

    1. Yeah, some clear lense distortion visible there :)

    2. Taken with a wide-angle lens. Strange choice by the photographer.

  7. Can you put in a picture of the 257 GPs benchmark….?!

    1. And by that I mean a pic of the car… did put in a pic with Patrese, I know.

  8. Nice set of pics Keith! He has had a lot of memorable moments, and I hope he will have at least one win with Williams before he retired!

  9. A great wander down memory lane, thanks Keith. I remember that a friend of my parents worked for Sasol in the early 90’s and got to go to the South African GP in 1993. Knowing what an F1 nut I was (at the tender age of 9) he gave me the “Sasol Jordan Yamaha” hat he was given in his goodie bag…I didn’t take that thing off for about 3 months! Great memories!

    1. I’m currently on holiday in the South of France and took a day trip to Monaco today. After walking the GP circuit, we passed a bar which was displaying a Sasol Jordan from 1993 – Thierry Boutsen’s, not Rubens’ but nice to see it.

      And I’ve just remembered the last time I’d seen a ’93 Jordan – it was the one Barrichello drove so well in the wet at Donnington. I’d bumped into him in the pits at an F3 race at Thruxton the weekend before the European GP (he was still sharing a house with some fellow Brazilian racing drivers and had come along to support them) and he’d come across as a really nice guy.

      Funny how these old memories pop back up…

  10. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    1st September 2010, 20:30

    The easiest driver to like in F1 ever!

  11. Keith: your picture says: “2001 A1 Ring, making way for Schumacher”.
    I am pretty sure that infamous team order scandal was in 2002, not 2001…

    1. Similar thing happened in 2001, but that time it was about 2nd place.

      1. Oh… I didn’t know. Sorry !

  12. Seeing all this it seems like he was never happy in a championship winning team (Ferrari & Brawn). I hope he continues for two years in Williams & develope that car to a race winning machine.

  13. Did absolutely nothing interesting happen in the gold/yellow jordan era?

    1. The article’s about Rubens Barrichello, though…

    2. Rubens left the team before they turned to yellow.

      1. I’m very sure he didn’t. If I’m not mistaken he and mr. Brundle drove for them in the golden Benson and Hedges car.

  14. why was he ‘handed the win’ at indy in 2002?

    1. Schumacher already had the Championship wrapped up I think.

      1. Either that or this was the race that Schumacher tried to make a dead-heat photo-finish, but mistimed by like a tenth of a second.

        1. That’s the one…

          1. Could be either the dead heat or handing back a win after the events earlier in the year. No proof either way.

  15. Am I the only one who liked the look of the Earth car?

  16. Would have been nice to have a picture when he through his gloves into the sea at Singapore (2008 I think) – remember that one? That was a classic Rubens comedy moment that made me smile.

  17. Nice to see so many photos. Congratulations!

    I started watching Formula 1 in 1991, but its from 1993 on that I have more consistent memories. So I almost can’t remember Grand Prix Racing without Rubens, except for three or four images from two years before (Senna winning Brazil 91, Senna riding in Mansell’s car after a failure, Senna letting Berger pass in Japan 91, Senna winning Monnnaaco 92…)

  18. I think he often open his mouth too quickly when he should think things through more. But the guy is anyway solid gold: a really cool guy and I admire him a lot. As someone pointed out: the nicest person with a race seat! I have 50% to thank him for turning me back into a F1 Fanatic, since it was the wonderful work that took place at Brawn GP which got me hooked again. And although I´m happy with Jenson´s title, I was cheering for Rubens…

  19. Noticed a small error. On the 6th picture, shouldn’t it say that he crashed in practice?

  20. Some good pictures which i enjoyed looking at

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